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  1. Bad, very very bad, This makes me glad that SFOT doesnt have room for a SLC.
  2. Im not going to wait till marraige. (assuming I have the chance)
  3. That looks great! I like how its going to be forested!
  4. ^ Since the loop is big, It woudlnt be as bad as you think
  5. Yep, The past few years I got away with an old 2006 cup but I tommarow I'll have to buy a new one. But you do get free refills all day the day you bought it so thats a perk. Personly It doesnt matter, I like collecting the cups anyway.
  6. ^ Wait, With the time change isnt that like the middle of summer?
  7. Actually I got them to, Just took a look a it again and yes they are there.
  8. Wow.. Im still a virgin so, Man that made me think...
  9. I wouldnt say my Lgs is crappy. I don't even know how many times I droped it! Put considering I have never been to Japan I'll have to trust you on that. P.s I havent seen a Razor in about a year!
  10. Er, I guess about a week ago sigining a check, Yeah I know who uses checks anymore. When was the last time you were truly tired?
  11. I am probably going to get a nose peircing. Does it hurt to bad?
  12. Wait.. 15-Gs can kill you. That pretty close for comfort!
  13. ^ Yep, Same in Texas. Its like hell for gays here. When they say its a choice I always say " Why would someone choose to be criticized and have what they are a common insult?" What a shame the worlds coming too.
  14. ^ Wow. I havent seen a Nokia in years. You know your stuff Wes.
  15. Be more creative with the coasters names. Other then that it looks great!
  16. Meh.. Hate to breack it to ya, but I dont believe so. But you got the New 4d ride to look forward too!
  17. Ok, heres my story. Over the past 4 years I've gone through 7 phones, Yes 7. 1. had my phone in my hoody pocket, tried to flush toilet, slid out while bending, succesfully flushed, has not been seen since. 2. Fell. 3.Fell. 4. Got washed in washing machine on accident. 5. Fell. 6. Fell out of rollercoaster. 7. Just died for no reason. My current phone has stood up for the test of more then a year. This is a tough one.
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