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  1. WOOT!! SFOT fanboy in the house! Sucks that Mr. Freeze was closed, Its been running well for a while. Btw dsc00760_200.bmp YOU FAIL AT ORIGINAL PICTURES!
  2. Saw a thread like this below, looked really fun, and I actually learned a few things, anyway One asks a question, someone else answers and and then asks a question themselves. Here it goes What where the spinning tamales (Now next to the train) originaly for?
  3. That made no sense dude, You hate P!atd, FOB, and Mcr is good?
  4. Wow, there goes my 3 favorite bands... Thanks...
  5. Sob, Im gonna die today. 2 train op on Titan!?! God knows what Mr. Freeze is gonna be like.
  6. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=42093&highlight=sponge+space
  7. The park will open today. Much of the staff is going in by 7 to get everything ready to go. Yeah man, Your Oping Mine Train, Im guessing they closed it? This happens quite a bit, They modified it I believe the last time it really flooded, so Im not really worried. Anyway, It might just be a little scare like last time, everything will be fine.
  8. I did the same thing except with a hair dryer and it was last week, No I was really 6. I tried bungie jumping of a tree, Tied a rope around my belt loop, It worked, But I was stuck hanging about 2 inches off the ground, I was stuck for 3 hours.
  9. Me and my bro used to go out at night with a flash light and darts and try to see were the dart was in the air.. My bro got stabbed the the head by one.
  10. ^ It probably has some auto- stability program in, As in if if it leans to far to one side the legs would automatical raise and move to satbilitize it.
  11. Looks Great! I like the saftey bumper at the top! Anywho were are all the other coasters!? Come on!
  12. Yep The Hard rock park sneak peek is doing that for me also... Huh
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