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  1. ^ Yes, it is open. Bassicly the same as before but t the new sign and those tables. I haven't eaten there before due to the fact its always packed.
  2. That would suck if you accidently let the doors shut on your... you know.
  3. Part 2 SFOT 254.bmp And Heres a random kiddie train! The end, hope you enjoyed SFOT 251.bmp And then somehow we ended up in Looney Toons Land.... SFOT 239.bmp Heres a creepy scarecrow we found out in the middle of nowwhere. I WANT YOU CHILDREN!!!!!!!! SFOT 223.bmp SPLOOOOSH! SFOT 222.bmp Damnt slow down! SFOT 221.bmp Wait for it.... SFOT 220.bmp Wait for it... SFOT 219.bmp Multi Burst Mode ON! SFOT 215.bmp Yay! It's migrane again! SFOT 189.bmp Nerdy and Proud. SFOT 181.bmp We headed over to El Asereradero SFOT 177.bmp Texas Giant Migrane SFOT 175.bmp Crowds....
  4. Howdy, I go every weekend to SFOT, this time Im deciding to do a Tr. I think riccoaster will post some below also. Ok day, not to crowded the lines on Freeze and Batman sucked, but it was ok, today was a picture taking day. And then I ran into my ex, Rachel.... Imagine the awkwardness that incured. Anyway, fun day, just chillin' at my home park. Onto the pics. SFOT 174.bmp Ditto SFOT 173.bmp No Comment. SFOT 168.bmp Later that day, I lost that hat Im holding! SFOT 160.bmp I WANT ONE NOW. SFOT 161.bmp Quote Richard A.k.a riccoaster: Lets go eat at that Chinafoodland SFOT 151.bmp Ok, thats better SFOT 150.bmp Ok so this is what, the third pic with a Stop car in it? SFOT 148.bmp Drop SFOT 142.bmp Hi Shockwave! SFOT 140.bmp We then rode its older brother, Mine Train, and it hurt just as bad SFOT 133.bmp I did get this shot, so It wasn't 100 percent bad. SFOT 131.bmp This is gonna hurt like Hell. SFOT 127.bmp Crap. SFOT 126.bmp Then cause all the lines sucked, we rode Mini Mine Train SFOT 115.bmp Wheels and stuff. SFOT 114.bmp Hello Flashback Monster! SFOT 112.bmp From the brake run looking back SFOT 108.bmp Judges train with riccoaster's shoulder screwing up the shot. SFOT 107.bmp Titan and Texas Giant SFOT 106.bmp Onto Judge. SFOT 104.bmp 3 coasters and 1 train. Look through the Oil thing SFOT 099.bmp Hey! Another Superman Car in teh upper left corner! Btw, this was taken on a very spinny Cloud Bouncer, so gimmie some kudos ! SFOT 098.bmp Trackage. I licked one of those pieces! SFOT 097.bmp It gets really close to the Oil rig SFOT 096.bmp I love you. SFOT 095.bmp Halfpipe thats not there but we know its gonna be there... through the trees SFOT 094.bmp It's for the workers, Lol SFOT 093.bmp Station. Kinda small compared to SFFT's. SFOT 092.bmp Artsy... Kinda SFOT 090.bmp Brakes.. I think SFOT 089.bmp Superman and THBS SFOT 088.bmp I'm gonna ride Tony all day long.... SFOT 085.bmp A Failed shot of Freeze and THBS SFOT 087.bmp Mhmmm SFOT 084.bmp Hey, That's what I came for. SFOT 083.bmp If you can't tell, yes there is a Superman car in that picture.
  5. Where was that post? Haha, Thanks for quoting me though.
  6. Me and riccoaster are making a 30 foot suicide water slide, I think thats what they call them.
  7. Before I die, I want to be quoted on this thread.
  8. Wow, that looks fun! Coasting that close to the water in a flyer....
  9. Hey, I recognize that Ren Fair, Scarbrough right? I really wanna hit up Wolf Lodge, but don't you have to stay the night?
  10. Is it possible just to join you all at just one park?
  11. For drastic mesures, pull out the cd's that came with your computer, and one of them should be able to reset the whole computer. Hope this Helps - David
  12. Here you are Teacups, not exactly the same but it's pretty close! Yum.....
  13. LOL, thats funny cause it's true. Here in Texas I wakeboard on the lakes, its kinda fun..
  14. Yeah! What the hell is Matthew for anyway!
  15. Cool, almost looks like a Coaster Dynamix model. I'm gonna head out there soon!
  16. Oook back on topic, no hard feelings, right? Anyway, I've meet Johnny Knoxville and Steve- O once.
  17. A&W is were its at! I tried making a Root Beer Cake, like a Coca Cola Cake, and it was actually pretty good!
  18. Yep your right, every good writer has hate sites dedicated to them! Anyway, Here's a conversation with Ann, and Bob Mckeown from CBC Lol, right real smart lady.
  19. Another Tornado today, this one was real good too, tennis ball sized hail! Actually caught a glimpse of it!
  20. Meh, I don't have many hills around here, so its kinda hard to coast. Besides, I surf, and its kinda the same, but theres nothin' better being out in the big blue..
  21. Ofcourse I hate Carrot Top, but Dane Cook is AWESOME
  22. Becuase in society we aren't supposed to be naked! Why are I?
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