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  1. Cut him some slack. It's just a random thought. My only complaint is where it would go.
  2. I usually have dreams where the alarm clock goes off and I take a shower and get ready and go downstairs and it's only like midnight.
  3. IMO, I really don't care. I didn't much for the show (the reruns atleast, I prolly wasn't alive for the real series).
  4. Katy is getting pretty large but Houston wins the competition.
  5. I like my schedule. I get my boring english class over first. I have a long 2nd period study hall which is awesome. I have a great algebra teacher for 3rd. Drumline 4th. Spanish 2 5th which I dont really like. Lunch (meh whatever). W Geo is boring but its not too bad. Then IPC last but it's getting better now that I'm meeting people. We only have 2 floors in my highschool and all my classes are in the same area except algebra but thats not too far away.
  6. Awwww, I'm so sorry! You had such a cute dog =( I am deeply sorry for your loss.
  7. My first day was meh... Didn't have a problem finding my classes except Algebra which on the other side of school. In most of my classes I'm with alot of slackers that really don't care which pisses me off. I have lunch with my girlfriend and some of my junior high friends. Tomorrow will just be worse.
  8. My turn I suppose... I have no clue where any of my classes are until homeroom tomorrow But I'm taking: Algebra World Geo IPC Spanish 2 Band (drumline) English A period of study hall (I know people taking 3)
  9. My first day of school (and high school) is tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to it because I've heard great things from upperclassmen. When does anybody else start or if you already have when did you?
  10. That was the point. How ever long it takes you to walk to your door and back. How does Aquafina make your body happy?
  11. Cause thats how they roll. How many of each animal did Moses take on the ark? (this is pretty easy if you look really carefully)
  12. Haha long time ago When was the last time you had pie?
  13. I played for about a year and quit.
  14. Cigarettes are vile and need to be illegal.
  15. I've heard people talking about this before. I'd love to see a clip somewhere!
  16. My brother rode with flip flops on DD and didn't lose them.
  17. "What's better than a perfect ten" How about a themepark nearby now that Astroworld is toast?
  18. Sun Chips, bread with sorghum molasses, bread with Nutella. Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, Vault, Pepsi Max
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