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  1. So does that mean you ask every park you go to for their permission?
  2. My brother's and I were talking about asking our parents to take a side trip to Cedar Point this summer when we go up to Michigan. We would ask them but we're not sure if it is worth it because of how popular Cedar Point is and the possibility of the lines being horrible. Help me!!
  3. B&M Inverts - Front or middle All else - Middle or back Vekoma - NOWHERE
  4. I have family in Wisconsin. The best thing about it is SFGA a couple of hours away
  5. I went in March last year, I'm not sure if there will be a difference. But anyways, the lines were awesome. Max wait of about 10 minutes for Montu, 20 minutes for Kumba, 15 for Sheikra. But like I said, I'm not sure if April is any different.
  6. According to screamscape.com the new Tony Hawk Coaster is up at Fiesta Texas. Does it look like a waste of money to anybody else?
  7. This looks amazing man. The best I can do with K'Nex is the Rippin Rocket haha. I tried making a custom one once, I spent like a month on it and it sucked. But you're doing a very good job. Keep it up!
  8. Raise that girl up right Robb. Make her ride every single Roller coaster in the world.
  9. No, I'll get malaria. Have you ridden Goliath or Titan?
  10. 1. I stayed at Universal Orlando last year in March and the crowds were fine. The waits for Hulk and Dueling Dragons were about 20-40 minutes. It was awesome. 2. Not much, they're both great shows. Sinbad is more popular though. 3. There's the Blue Man Group theater going up and some secret construction going on backstage. Nothing big. 4. No opinion, go at your own pace. I spent a full day at IOA and a half day at Universal Studios. 5. I stayed at Hard Rock Hotel and it was terrific. It was about a 5 minute walk to the parks. 6. The Pteradon Flyers is a complete waste of time. Flying Unicorn is worth it if you wanna cool off. It has cool mist sprayers in the lines and around that area. 7. I have no clue Hope this helps
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