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  1. Man I used to play this game so much. Unfortunately, once I got Vista, it wouldn't run. I don't remember what kit I used but I remember it being a great game. Wish I could still play it!
  2. That's gotta be fake. About 90% of those are on the list of what to do while in a Walmart (or K Mart in this case). It's all over the internet. Anybody know what I'm talking about?
  3. ^ Sorry. I thought you were trying to make a really lame joke.
  4. Someone help HIM (jfleming) before he hurts himself
  5. Ironic? Yes. Funny? I don't believe so. I'm very sorry if what I said seemed rude. I just don't think the situation should be taken in a humorous manner. It was not my intention to come off that way.
  6. ^ As he said, Sony Vegas is a great program to edit videos. I don't use HD videos myself, but it's very quick and easy to edit whatever you want. Doesn't take long at all to learn. As for the cameras themselves, I'm of no use. Sorry
  7. http://baconhead76.mybrute.com fun game!
  8. No matter what happens, suicide isn't funny. I find it pretty disturbing that you would laugh at that.
  9. ^ oh my gosh we're playing that show next year.
  10. Great TR, I love Chicago! Haven't been since summer though. Already miss it
  11. Yeah, there's no f-bombs, but sh!t is said a few times.
  12. There's some strong language in the campaign. As for violence, other than killing people, it's not so bad. It's not bloody and gory. I think it should be rated T.
  13. I think it would be cool if we had a TPR Cod 4 team haha Or two teams from TPR play each other. If anyone's interested, mines Baconhead76
  14. ^ I'm not sure about his school, but the practice schedule at my school is 4-6:40 on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. It's not everyday
  15. Do not currently have one! Do you like chocolate milk?
  16. Lots of drummers here! Btw, to the person that is trying out for Teal Sound, good luck! That's a very good corps!
  17. Please let this thread play out. I expect some good laughs
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