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  1. Nickelback Fall Out Boy Rihanna Anything popular with teens
  2. Jaws was pretty lame. Jurassic Park was superior. There's your answer.
  3. I have a Sony 1080i HDTV downstairs and it looks fantastic. My brother also hooked up the Xbox 360 to it so we spend alot of time downstairs.
  4. This park looks fantastic. I especially like how you are presenting it in the "under construction" fashion with cranes and such. Very nice.
  5. spaceweather.com/index.php If you're still up or see this tomorrow night go outside and look up. I tried last night and saw 1. I have tried twice this night and saw 1, mainly due to clouds. But if you're away from the city and it's cloudless you should see some meteors!
  6. My brother just keeps his out right by the TV. No problems.
  7. I don't think letting it cool for a half hour will put all the fried parts back together
  8. I'm doubting these are even your pictures.
  9. Prolly shouldn't endore this but just torrent it.
  10. Fraps is the easiest. I've also heard of Game Cam I think it's called. But I recommend Fraps, it's a great program.
  11. Sounds like you had a better trip than me to SFGAm But I agree with you, Viper is a great coaster. My problem was I sat on the right side and my leg almost got severed during some of the turns! haha I thought American Eagle was a great coaster (except for that pointless brake and turn thing towards the end). I had heard it was boring but it was great actually! Great trip report!
  12. Ummm....score for you because you now have an awesome furniture store located near you.
  13. This is like the 4th time I've posted on this thread. But yeah, I'm waiting a kiss that is actually meaningful and pleasant.
  15. I'm a big fan of trance (Megara vs. Dj Lee, Above & Beyond, Paul van Dyk), but I also like Dave Matthews, old Linkin Park, Yellowcard.
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