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  1. It's a dollar per thing of Vitamin Water (in some places it's more. I've seen it $1.60 at Jamba Juice and $1.25 at H-E-B). It's flavored water that is great for your body. That is not bad deal at all.
  2. The first one I had was Focus (strawberry something) and I wasn't really hooked. I got hooked when I had a Energy one during school and I actually felt awake and could pay attention in class. So I drank one of those throughout the day everyday. Now I bring a different flavor to school everyday. I'd recommend the Formula 50 for your first try, it's a light artificial grape taste.
  3. These have been pretty popular for awhile around in Texas and I never understood why until I actually had one. They're quite tasty. Alot of people say they taste too watery with little flavor, but most people I know think they're great. I personal favorite is the Energy Citrus or Dragon Fruit Power C. Anybody else like this stuff? P.S. I am aware this is a very random topic, but it's in the right section.
  4. I'm just saying that he's atleast putting an effort towards earning his money, you should give him credit for that. I agree that he isn't really pushing to stay in one place though, and switch jobs because one is "boring".
  5. I say stop giving him crap. Atleast he's wanting to work for his money, instead of prying of daddy's salary like most teenage girls these days (though you're not really a girl, so that was quite irrelevent)
  6. I think one of the guys on bass drum line skipped drumline rehearsal and marching practice to play Halo 3, but he claims he was "sick".
  7. ^ Wow. Keep your negative, ridiculous comments to yourself bro. And ^^ This is my 700th post! iji jsdonjtsdt wudshansdsjt tpok degf hjomnkewrokke
  8. Sorry, I actually have a life. Actually no, I'm kidding. I'll get it for Christmas. I don't have a 360 yet.
  9. Can't stand her. End of story. P.S. I LOVE how my school district doesn't block TPR =]]
  10. Nickel Back sucks....and I sooo agree. cfdvfrdcjui m, m,kijun mjhgtb hhahahaha....wow
  11. Ahh, don't have a 360 yet so I'll be waiting until Christmas Day for my copy
  12. Alright I'll do the entire thing also Pre-school - Mickey Mouse class Elementary - Hawks Middle - Bobcats High school - Cougars
  13. ^ my brother got Halo 2 for Vista and said it was mediocre. It's not worth going out of your way to upgrade to Vista just for the game was his comment.
  14. I spent $600 on new parts for mine and it runs fine. You don't need to spend 1000's of dollars on a computer. Just be smart and do your research.
  15. Cinco Ranch Cougars Last year I was a McMeans Bobcat
  16. I really love the compact feel of this park. Keep us updated!
  17. Facebook because it's not full of viruses, 10 year olds saying theyre 100, pages full of junk (though I must say, some of the applications are really stupid), and it's very organized.
  18. I'm a fish at Cinco Ranch... yeahh I realize I don't belong in this thread.
  19. Sounds like an amazing experience but I don't think many people on the internet will donate money for a high school. Sucks, I know, but best of luck to you guys.
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