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  1. Dude, go for it! Drumline is so much fun. Worth the practice, trust me!
  2. A big fan of In-N-Out, Chick Fil A, Taco Bell, Wendy's, Panera Bread, and McDonalds. Arby's and Whataburger are just okay I guess IMO Btw, anybody here ever been to Harold's Fried Chicken Shack in the Chicago area?
  3. ^ you guys had such a cool show! Apparently, my school is playing a compilation of The Who music for next year's show.
  4. Sorry about that! ^ just dissed me in the face < is new to this game V is awesome!
  5. ^ likes Six Flags! < can't wait for Modern Warefare 2!
  6. Reason for that? High School Football. I don't believe football has anything to do with it. It's especially competitive up in Dallas.
  7. Good choice on the Ibiza 2001 album! I'm big into trance/house, but I'm starting to get more into the electro genre. Some of my favorite artists - Above & Beyond, Daniel Kandi, Mike Shiver, Jay Tech, Deadmau5, Airbase, Ocean Lab, 7 Skies and Static Blue, Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, Dinka... just to name a few.
  8. I'm pretty sure this is already a thread. At least you did a search though. Mine is Disney's Banana Chocolate popsicle things. Not sure what the proper name is
  9. Not sure if this has been posted but... Beware of mature language! sorry for just the link. I couldn't figure out how to embed
  10. L.D. Bell is definitely the best in Texas. Hands down. Woodlands... meh, they're alright. I go to Cinco Ranch. We used to be amazing but lately we've been sucking haha this was the show a year before I was a freshman.
  11. You have some wonderful shots! I'd love to go on an Alaskan cruise eventually. Thanks for the great TR!
  12. I march snare drum during marching season. Marching band is huge down here in Texas.
  13. Welcome to the forums! Just a tip, you might want to use proper grammar (capitalizing correctly and spelling words correctly for example). It's a pet peeve around here when you have posts looking like that. Just letting you know!
  14. Totally agree with you Wes. I especially hated the Mac Mini thread. Wowww haha.
  15. Depends on which one you have. About 99% of them are pretty good. The b-relaxed one isn't that great. ****500th post*****
  16. ^ Same here. That's honestly the most random thing I have ever heard.
  17. I checked out the nutrition facts on those and its like 40% vitamin b or something. I don't exactly remember it, but I assure Vitamin Water is much better for you.
  18. Soda is flavored carbonated water with a whole bunch of junk in it.
  19. I just finished up a b-relaxed one about 10 minutes ago.
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