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  1. Just say you're from TPR and I'll accept! www.facebook.com/home.php?#/profile.php?id=1548780906&ref=profile
  2. Currently in english writing a paper about Shakespeare great
  3. ^ No because I would still die! Are you sleepy?
  4. Very impressive. Your school has a great drumline! I wish the people at my school were that good... I'm curious, has anybody on TPR marched drum corps? I auditioned for Crossmen this November and made it to second round, but couldn't make those auditions. Next year I plan on trying out for both Boston Crusaders and Crossmen again.
  5. Such a beautiful coaster on beautiful landscaping. Looking forward to this one!
  6. I understand. I don't like Kumba because it doesn't go upsidedown. Kumba at BGT? You might want to recheck that one...
  7. ^ well said. All I can say is that high school can be a lot of fun. Nothing to be worried about.
  8. Definitely. Much better. Just a lot more work
  9. I actually enjoyed the class, especially when you start learning about the Civil War.
  10. The planes are beautiful! Must have been quite the site to see that Qantas B747 fly so low! Looks like you enjoyed your day!
  11. ^ I basically had thirty minutes to research and write a paper discussing who he was, if he published books (and what they were about), and 5 facts about Laissez-faire. So, Scottish philosopher born 1723, worked as Professor of Logic at Glasgow until being appointed chair of moral philosophy. Wrote "Theory of Moral Sentiments" discussing the standards of ethical conduct that hold society together. Also published "An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of the Nations", discussing the effects of economic freedom. Laissez-faire is a policy of allowing events to take their own course, literally translated to "let do" from French. Just a tid bit of info. Better?
  12. ^ I already had to take an English TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills) a month ago, and I still have a math, science, and history one to go through. Trust me, it's probably just as bad as your standardized test. Any fellow Texans on the board can relate when I say TAKS can suck one
  13. ^ punny < looking forward to the weekend V wants to sleep!
  14. He didn't even do anything important. Not like he's the father of modern economics. Exactly! Other than publishing two books on who gives a crap, he was a very boring person. Something about the Laissez-faire economy or somethin... I already forgot. Wait until you're in high school...
  15. Not a huge fan of Airbus, but the A380 is such a beautiful airplane. I'd love to fly on one eventually! Great photos and hope you enjoy your stay!
  16. The girls next to me at school are talking about how bad their periods are... nasty
  17. Currently in World History class having to write a paper about Adam Smith... *yawn*
  18. Cold at morning and night, warm during the day! Houston has bizarre weather
  19. I read and enjoyed the first book and just recently watch the movie. Was sort of disappointed. I just thought it was wayyy over hyped.
  20. ^ is a copier!! < doesn't want to go to school tomorrow V will be famous someday!
  21. Dude, go for it! Drumline is so much fun. Worth the practice, trust me! If you think that's good, you should see our Indoor Percussion group. We're going to the World Championships this Easter break! I hope we do well! I know we will! We won the state championships (last night) in our category with the highest score (of any group that night) of 88.9! -Tatum I wish we had a winter line at my school. I'm considering joining a WGI line that just won first at TCGC this weekend next year.
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