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  1. Because you were so tired you were awake. Why do giraffes have long necks?
  2. Very well said Mike. He has a great point. Don't keep a negative thing negative. Remember positive memories and keep her in your heart, knowing she's always with you. - Bryan
  3. I went to the Sprint store and wanted the Katana II but they won't have any til this Friday so for now I have a SCP-3200. Nothing great. http://www.mobiles-actus.com/photos/news/SCP300atlantic_blue.jpg
  4. I'm sure there's plenty of girls out there interested in themeparks, maybe not as obsessed as some of us, but it will have to suffice.
  5. I enjoyed the 4th one. I'm currently reading the 5th and so far it's pretty good. My least favorite was Prisoner of Azkaban though.
  6. Don't blame me for picking Saturday, my parents thought that one up.
  7. Ha, I'm only on the Order of the Phoenix, but my brother is halfway through and saying it's boring. Something about them being in a forest and not going to Hogwarts or something.
  8. Python at BGT. It ruined my willingness to live. It's made from children's tears. May it rust and rot away.
  9. I'm not entirely surprised. My mom got pissed when a lady basically pushed me off to put her "princess" on one of the horses on the Merry-Go-Round at MK. A lot of parents at Disney are just inconsiderate and deserve to get the crap knocked out of them.
  10. This man is going to suffer of concussion before he is finished. May God be with his poor, poor soul.
  11. You do realize this turns some people on. Me, I find it disturbing.
  12. ^ I saw an entire show of people riding, then eating, then riding until somebody puked. The remaining won season passes. It was on aways back though.
  13. If you are planning to get everything done in one day, good luck with that buddy. But since you have 2 and a half, you should be fine. 400th post!
  14. I didn't understand it at first but now I get it
  15. ^ I see you like Tiesto. Good stuff!! I have already responded, but I guess it's now to french kissing, which I am yet to have experience.
  16. Last night (this morning I guess) I was on at 2 AM
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