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  1. I feel very confident that Knoebels will never build a Gravity Group woodie. If you look at their current coasters, all of them were internally developed. The exception of course is Phoenix, which was relocated from Texas. If anything, they would build a GCI woodie, as they are only 15 minutes apart. But if they wanted a GCI woodie, I would guess that one would already be operating in the park. They seem to like doing their own thing. Sorry for crushing your dreams
  2. Glad to see that my baby is doing great!! When I heard the rumors of the park closing, so I decided go give the ride a proper going away present: The last weekend that the Geauga Lake was ever open, I rode Dominator over 20 times! I also shouted "Don't sent it to Virginia!!" after every circuit. I'm gonna miss one of my favorite coasters. Maybe I'll visit it again sometime...
  3. Sound like you had a great time! Hopefully the Ravine Flyer II crew will get better at loading trains when I visit later this month. Oh and a small request: the next time you post a long trip report, it would be a lot easier to read if you would break up the giant paragraph into several smaller ones. Your ideas are jumping all over the place making somewhat challenging to follow.
  4. I don't know how you can base that off an onride POV, but okay...everyone's entitled to their opinion. I actually thought the coaster looked to have pretty quick pacing, especially through the first two hills and the turn around. I think it's going to be a great addition to Waldameer and could possibly be the best wooden coaster in a few hour drive from Pittsburgh. To me, the POV seems to imply a lack of speed on some of the hills, which is why I said the above statement. This is why I used the word "look." Check out the turnaround on the other side of the road. It just seems to die at the top of the hill (Hades seems to have the same problem from the POVs that I've watched, but it could be different in person). I've had this issue ever since I checked out the construction site last year. I'm sure that Ravine Flyer II will be awesome for the park and will a great ride, but I was just stating a concern from the POV. When I rode Voyage, the coaster just had an out of control feeling, and a mostly good way. I enjoyed the sustained speed as the ride grabs you by the throat and refuses to let go. (Random thought: Voyage could have been a better Intamin Hyper than a woodie due to the high speeds and therefore less stress on the wood). I'll find out for myself when I go to Waldameer later this month.
  5. That view from the top of the lift hill is beautiful! I agree that Ravine Flyer II looks a bit on the slow side, but the coaster should not take that long to break in. I would guess that the back car should give some more intense rides for us thrill-seekers. The thrills don't look on par with Voyage level, but it seems to be a great fit for Waldameer, as everyone in the family can have fun.
  6. PETA is too busy worrying about the euthanized racehorse at this year's Kentucky Derby to focus properly on some guy who was stupid enough to punch a camel.
  7. The question that now must be asked is that whether or not the camel punched the guy back!
  8. This is easily the most beautiful water park that I have ever seen! I hope that some day I can check it out in person.
  9. Vekoma SLC restraints are terrible! The shoulder crushing is not very fun. Arrow OTSR are not much better. I generally try to avoid those coasters if possible. I'm also not a fun of the lap bar on the Cedar Creek Mine Ride at Cedar Point. When the bar is lowered, I haven't found a way to contort my legs to easily pass underneath the restraint without screaming in pain, which is why I no longer ride this coaster. On the other hand, the restraints for Maverick fit perfectly on my shoulders making for quite an enjoyable ride.
  10. Great photos of a beautiful theme park! Thank you for getting me all psyched up for my visit to BGE next summer!
  11. This might sound a little odd, but Rockit reminds me a lot of Maverick at Cedar Point in regards to the fact both coasters contain a bunch of really cool and unique elements all on the same ride. There's no dead spot on Maverick and there shouldn't be one anywhere on Rockit. Universals new attraction sounds like an awesome concept and will probably be executed pretty well, however, I would have more confidence if Intamin was doing the project instead of Maurer-Sohne. The ride should be quite popular with everyone and I guess that I will have to experience Rockit when I travel to Florida again in a couple of years.
  12. Wow! That ride looks insane! It looks real hit or miss though, in my opinion.
  13. I definitely want to go, but I am not sure that i can get the time off work I probably need at least one, maybe two, days depending went I leave the park. At least I have a Cedar Fair season pass to cut some of the costs if I do attend. Hey Robb, do you have any idea what the latest date is when we can tell you the answer?
  14. Screamscape is guessing that the 1.5 arces are being using for a Sesame Street children's area. www.dailypress.com/news/dp-local_busch_0305mar05,0,6140812.story
  15. Isn't that a quote from the James Bond movie, Goldeneye? But back on topic, a European version of Jungala seems to make the most sense.
  16. Truer words have never been spoken. All 3 of those rides are amazing! I went to Knoebels last summer and I had a great time at the park. Phoenix is still quite smooth for being so old and has airtime out the wazoo. The bumber cars are, by far, the best ones that I have ever ridden. They seriously have the power of a freight train (I have the bumps and bruises and cuts to prove it). And the flyers are so unbelievably easy to whip that it's just crazy.
  17. Definites: Cedar Point Waldameer Kennywood Michigan's Adventure Geauga Lake (Does that still count?) Maybes: If I have the time Kings Island Holiday World Darien Lake Zoombezi Bay (Formerly known as Wyandot Lake)
  18. My sarcasm meter just went haywire! Yeah! Who can stand that old waterpark!
  19. I submitted my ballot yesterday. I had to put Dominator at Geauga Lake 1st as I would really never have a chance to ride one of my favorite coasters again And I had some awesome marathon sessions on it this year! My Top Five: 1.) Dominator @ Geauga Lake 2.) Superman: Ride of Steel @ Six Flags New England 3.) Millennium Force @ Cedar Point 4.) Montu @ Busch Gardens Africa 5.) Superman: Ride of Steel @ Darien Lake
  20. I totally agree with you. I went there about 6 years ago and thought that the place was terrible. A taco that would cost you 50 cents at Taco Bell cost me $3.00 at this dump. I went into the restroom (big mistake, especially since the stalls looked like jail cells) and almost gagged! I will never step foot into this tourist trap again!
  21. New Gravity Group Woodie in China? From Screamscape: www.screamscape.com/html/world_news.htm#China Their status quo of one coaster a year had to continue somehow, right?
  22. Transformers:The Ride? From Screamscape www.screamscape.com/html/industry_news.htm#Universal Seems like a pretty cool idea
  23. Jeez, there's not even a reference to pirates in that name!
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