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  1. Well I live an hour from Cedar Point and a half hour from Geauga Lake. I consider them both to be my home parks. But I would say that Cedar Point is by far my favorite park that I have ever been to.
  2. Ohhh! Maybe they'll put trim brakes almost all the way down the first drop like they do on Mean Streak!!
  3. I'm going to King's Island in late June and now I am even more excited!
  4. Ok, so in 2009 we'll see some big changes for Cedar Point. Sweet. Now to what those changes might be is anyone's guess. I really hope that Geauga Lake starts to pull its weight and draws more people. That place still needs more work. I'm assuming that the only reason that Canada's Wonderland draws so many people is that there is virtually no competition and that Toronto is such a huge metropolitan area because that park does not have many good rides.
  5. Since I live in Ohio and since I can't make the time for the whole Mid-west trip, would it be possible if I could meet you guys at Cedar Point/Geauga Lake?
  6. That was a great video...now if I only had the money to visit Alton Towers and experience these rides in person... What were the original theming plans for Air?
  7. I think that I have an actual chance to complete my goals for this year. Wish me luck: 1. Cedar Point (my home park) 2. Geauga Lake (my home park part 2) 3. King's Island 4. Michigan's Adventure 5. Holiday World 6. Six Flags Great America 7. Darien Lake 8. KennyWood
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