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  1. Rockit looks really cool. I have never seen so many unique elements on a coaster before this one. Hopefully the hourly capacity is pretty high for a park that can be fairly crowded in the summertime. Between this, Harry Potter, and Manta, I am much more excited for my next trip to Orlando.
  2. That was a really good article. I'm taking a few business classes in college and it was pretty cool relating what I learned in those courses to the current situation of Six Flags. Shapiro looks like he knows how put the company onto a profitable road.
  3. The name of the restaurant is the Thirsty Pony. You can also bet on taped horse racing. That beer bong is literally 3 feet tall and a nozzle at the end for easy pour-ability. They also added an "indoor waterpark," called Rain, as well (a few water slides and a kiddie area) The place is pretty cool. I try to go there once a summer. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that Breakers Express actually opened as a Holiday Inn Express and then was converted over in the late 1990s / early 2000s. It was never a Holiday Inn Express. It was built by Cedar Point for the 2000 season specifically for guests who wanted a cheaper alternative to staying on the point. I stayed there Labor Day weekend a few years back and it was fine. Nothing too fancy, but we just used it to sleep. Lots of kids but not too noisy. My mistake. But thought that I saw a Holiday Inn Express sign when I was younger. I must have not realized this years ago.
  4. Tomorrow can't come soon enough for an official announcement! You know what would be downright hilarious/cruel, if the B&M track was actually for another Cedar Fair park...imagine all the upset King's Island visitors!!
  5. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that Breakers Express actually opened as a Holiday Inn Express and then was converted over in the late 1990s / early 2000s.
  6. That basically summarizes the coaster in a nutshell I checked out Seabreeze for the first time last summer. I found the bobsled coaster to be pretty cool, unique (to say the least), and surprisingly enjoyable. Watch out for the tree near the beginning!!
  7. I hear ya! Busch Gardens needs to put some Millennium Flyers on Gwazi ala Hershey Park with Wildcat.
  8. It too bad that American amusement parks can't or won't theme their rides like their European counterparts... Nice Pictures!
  9. I unfortunately won't be able to make to be Behemoth Bash. I don't have enough time and money right now to attend...but I look forward to going to a TPR event in the future.
  10. Huh!?!? If Cedar Point only had 600 people, that would be absolutely amazing! That's like ERT on every coaster for the whole day! That would be true if you actually like CP. Other then Maverick I have already rode every coaster there more than enough. So that would leave me to do their amazing flat collection, dark rides, log flume, free water park, amazing food selection, great theming. I would just rather go to Kennywood. I'll give you dark ride, log flume, free water park, and amazing food selection, but I would like to question your ideas on their flat collection and theming. I would love if you would walk through Frontier Land and honestly say that it does not look good. I will agree that Cedar Point is lacking much theming in other areas, however, most other parks also do not have great theming everywhere on their property. Cedar Point's flat collection, while not perfect, is not nearly as bad as you make it sound. Their large flats consist of a Huss Frisbee XL, a S&S Screamin' Swing, and a S&S Combo Tower (2 Space Shots and 2 Turbo Drops). In addition they have dozens of flats that everyone can enjoy. Surely you must admit that Cedar Point's flat collection, while no Knoebels or Kennywood, is better than a good number of parks in the world.
  11. I feel dumb now! When I first opened this thread 6 hours ago, it didn't occur to me that Robb was playing a game with us! D'oh! Well based of the context clues, I am lead to believe that this new GCI wooden coaster is, in my best guess at this moment, heading for SFMM.
  12. Who sent you the e-mail? Maybe that could give you a push in the right direction. The pictures could also simply just be concept art, right?
  13. German Bandit or Japanese Bandit? The world must know the truth!!
  14. Huh!?!? If Cedar Point only had 600 people, that would be absolutely amazing! That's like ERT on every coaster for the whole day!
  15. Your positive review of Steel Hawg actually surprised me. I was completely expecting the ride to be uncomforable and even borderline painful. Thanks for the great trip report!
  16. I don't exactly remember my very first coaster with inversions (either Corkscrew @ Cedar Point, double Loop @ Geauga Lake, or Corkscrew @ Geauga Lake), but I know one of the very first coasters that went upside down: RAPTOR! I rode that sucker in its opening year of 1994 at the ripe old age of 6 (OK I was almost 7 at the time but not quite). I think that I might hold the record for being the youngest person to ever ride that B&M masterpiece. I had the perfect storm of being so tall at such a young age in addition to being fearless. Check out the signature.
  17. For their next coaster project, does anyone else want King's Island to ask Intamin to completely rehab the Beast with their famous Pre-fab wood? It would be great to bring that coaster back to its former glory!
  18. Islands of Adventure by a mile! What more do you need: 3 great B&M's, awesome dark ride, superb theming, tasty food, and 3 top notch water rides. Orlando Perfection!
  19. When I went to King's Island last summer, I enjoyed my ride on Adventure Express. It's much better then the Cedar Creek Mine Ride at my home park, Cedar Point. The terrain and the tunnels make it better and I actually have enough leg room on this coaster! It's not perfect, but it's still fun. Again, I enjoyed Top Gun much more than monorail at Cedar Point...err...Dragon' Iron...um...Iron Dragon. It's fast and aggressive (compared to Iron Dragon at least), but sadly Top Gun is on the short side. I still love it at the end of the ride when it looks like the train is going to hit that pillar.
  20. I think that I can attend (just need to ask the boss for a day off) but I might leave early to try to make it to work on Tuesday in Cleveland. For the locals, how much time can I expect the Toronto traffic to add to the 5 hour drive home?
  21. I would love if there were more Intamin Hypers built in America...such great rides.
  22. I'm definitely going to Waldameer sometime in August, So I thank you for this huge amount of information
  23. At first, I thought that the huge bump on your leg was your knee! What in the world happened to you? Did your get kicked in the leg or what? Did you use photoshop?
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