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  1. The new rides really help fill-in a weakness at Cedar Point. Camp Snoopy looks to really improve with the Frog Hopper and Jr Gemini going to that section of the park. Based on experiencing Surf Dog at King's Island, I probably can only ride Pipe Scream once before I start to feel a little queasy. I am unfortunately the same way with Max Air and to a much lesser extent on Sky Hawk. I am really excited about finally getting some flying scooters to the Park, especially if they are snapable!
  2. If you stay off property, just ask the hotel that you'll need late check-in, and they'll be happy to hold a room for you. I would recommend that you stay in the same place on both nights, because it's a pain in the butt to switch hotels while at an amusement park. It's just more hassle than what it's worth. Cedar Point Halloweekend Saturdays are some of the busiest days of the year. You must buy Fast Lane Plus for these days, especially if you are traveling half way across the world. Sundays are much less crowded, but still could be busy. It depends how the parking lot looks when you arrive. If you can arrive on Friday, the crowds are lighter (possibly due to High School Football?) and the haunted houses open only 2 hours after the park opens.
  3. If you don't want to leave the park, the Game Day Grille by Blue Streak is also pretty good. If you have a Cedar Fair Platinum Pass, you can get a whole bunch of discounts on food and lots of other stuff at the park: Check out the 2013 Platinum Pass Perks website: https://www.cedarpoint.com/season-passes And the sweet-looking pdf file: https://www.cedarpoint.com/images/uploads/file/Platinum%20Pass%20Perks.pdf
  4. I'm really excited for Banshee! Inverts are my favorite B&M coaster type and it's about time that another one opens only a few hours away. My sister is moving to the Dayton area fairly soon and this gives me a very good reason to visit her next spring!
  5. I completely agree with Toft's Ice Cream Parlor! Over 50 flavors too! Two other restaurants that I love by Cedar Point are Thirsty Pony and Sortino's Little Italy Thirsty Pony http://rainwaterpark.com/thirstypony/ Such a great sports bar feel to this place and really easy to find. Some highlights are very tasty wings and burgers, oh and a huge beer selection too! You can also gamble with Keno and on televised horse racing! Address: 1935 Cleveland Rd W Sandusky, OH 44870 My favorite is the Thirsty Bam Burger which is a 1/2 pound of fresh beef with fantastic flavor! From the website menu: "Our Signature burger ground with a touch or horseradish and fresh garlic, seasoned with salt, pepper & steak sauce, topped with Swiss & Mozzarella cheeses on Ciabatta bread" Sortino's Little Italy Ristorante http://sortinosristorante.com/ This is quite possibly the best restaurant in Sandusky. The food is fantastic and big portions as well! They can handle large groups with ease. A little fun fact for the gals and gays: In the Woman's restroom in the basement, there is a picture of a lifesize naked Italian man with wooden door covering his privates. If you lift the door, an alarm goes off in the dining room upstairs and the customers all laugh when you walk back upstairs! Address: 1220 Sycamore Line (at the corner of Sycamore Line & Sortino Blvd.) Sandusky, OH 44870 **Note that it's only open for dinner, is closed on Sunday and Monday, and the entrance can be a real pain to find** Pasta Mafia is my favorite dish. From the website menu:“A dish you can't refuse!” Olive oil with garlic and scallions, broccoli, fresh peppers bite size pieces of medallions of steak, tossed with Parmesan cheese cream, and a dash of hot sauce, marinated in Italian herbs and served over fettuccini noodles, topped with basil.
  6. Does anyone know if there was an official statement about Kumba? I'm going in 2 weeks and I've got a bad feeling that it's still going to down...
  7. South of the Border in Dillon, South Carolina From their website: It's super ghetto with nasty bathrooms and expensive, greasy food! www.thesouthoftheborder.com/
  8. Definite: Cedar Point Michigan's Adventure Possible: Six Flags Great America Busch Gardens Africa Unlikely: Indiana Beach Kings Island Waldameer Kennywood Canada's Wonderland
  9. I've only ever had one ride on on Son of Beast (Summer 2009), and that was quite enough pain for me. The first drop was probably the best part of the coaster. After that was just so much jack hammering! SoB made Mean Streak seem glass smooth!
  10. The height restrictions are usually good enough for most rides. The more intense rides should require younger riders to be accompanied by a parent. Here's a perfect example of the second situation: I was 54" tall when I turned 6 years old and was already a roller coaster junkie. My family went to Cedar Point in the Summer of 1994 for a few days and fell in love with the big new ride, Raptor. On the last day of the trip, my mom took me with her on the ride and I could not stop smiling!
  11. I use defensive riding techniques as well. I'm 6'3", so maybe I pull down a bit on the lap bar and don't realize it? Anyway, it's still a fantastic coaster!
  12. ^^^^ What really bothers me on Maverick's restraints isn't the Head/Neck banging, but rather how it gets much tighter on my thighs by the end of the ride. And I am really excited for Gatekeeper! It reminds of Hollywood Dream at Universal Studios Japan with the way is crosses over the entrance plaza. The whole area is going to change for the better.
  13. Maybe this time Cedar Fair will actually use the name Laser Snake Horse on Fire!
  14. This looks like a lot of fun! Brats are so good! And I laughed when I saw the Budweiser trailer in Miller Country!
  15. That presentation was actually really good! Very entertaining and informative to watch!
  16. Great TR! I went to several of these parks back in 2007 and you are making want to have a return trip soon!
  17. HAHA! That's awesome! I laughed through the whole video. If that makes me a big bad hippo hater, then so be it!
  18. People who lack common sense shouldn't have pets.... or children for that matter.
  19. I love everything about Maverick. It has all the best elements one could ask for in a roller coaster all meshed together in a single entity. It's a top 5 ride for me and my favorite ride at the park. The only aspect that I don't like is the restraint system. The lap bar can crush my thighs and the OTSR's can be painful if you don't turn with the ride. Oh, and the seat tries to violate you. But other than these complaints, the ride is wonderful.
  20. Wow! Very impressive! I really to check this out! I love drop towers and I just added this ride to my theme park ride bucket list! Wonder what took SFMM so long to do this?
  21. Steve, did you get measured with your shoes on or off? I'm pretty close to the maximum height limit myself. A ride op took me aside to check my height, but before he could, I quickly took off my shoes and I was just fine. Maybe you could try that next time? And which row has the crazy leg room? The one by the sound system?
  22. Must. Get. Passport. Ignoring the Behemoth in the room, Leviathan looks pretty awesome! It looks like the love child of Millennium Force and a B&M Hyper!
  23. Dinosaur's Alive is going to be a complete cash cow for the company. If this was around when I was a little boy, I would have totally nagged my parents to death until I could see the dinosaurs! And you can control them! Cool! Find me a 6 year boy that wouldn't want to see Dinosaur's Alive. I probably check it out once next year. I would have preferred free, but maybe they want to minimize the amount of people going there at one time and create a better atmosphere? And yay for Soak City actually getting new slides for the first time since 2004! They got a new water play structure back then. Other than that, I honestly can't think of any new slides at the water park since it opened back in the early 90s. I assume that it's going to be one of those head first Proslide mat racers with the tunnels and the hills like the complex at Kings Island. Not too sure where the slides might go... there isn't a whole lot of room for expansion.
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