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  1. ^ I know right? Being a displaced Clevelander, I had to do a double take to make sure that WKYC Channel 3 was reporting the information!
  2. I really hope that a proper PC version is released, because I have no reason to buy this game.
  3. I like this water park idea. The water park is very crowded in the summertime and it will definitely help with the capacity issues. I rode those slides on the confusing slide complex last summer. No one really knew what slides that they could ride as only certain colored tubes could go on certain slides. Lines were terrible! Some other items on my Michigan's Adventure wish list: - Connect the Shivering Timbers area to the Thunderhawk area with a pathway in addition to the train. - More off-season maintenance for the wooden coasters. They seemed a little bumpier than usual during the 2013 season. - Run 2 trains on Wolverine Wildcat! The line moves at a snail's pace for a subpar coaster. - Buy the new Vekoma trains for Thunderhawk. The current OTSRs really dig into my shoulders and the head banging is just icing on the punishment cake. - Some sort of thrilling flat ride.
  4. The show looks interesting. I'll need to check it out this summer.
  5. ^^^ Was there a comments section for the awesome cartoon? I could use a good laugh and/or raise my blood pressure.
  6. ^ True. But Power Tower feels weak when compared to an Intamin drop tower. If TTD was repurposed with a drop tower, I would be completely fine if Power Tower was sent to another park in the chain. This trade would make more room for new rides and the park would still have a drop tower.
  7. ^ I'm guessing that he is referring to theming costs (which is pretty minimal for non-Disney and Universal parks), and possibly labor and material costs as well.
  8. This announcement is just incredible! Besides the coaster, drop tower, and go-carts, does there appear to be anymore rides? Making the drop tower to be just an observation tower seems like a giant waste of potential. I would guess that the people who would like an observation tower, would probably be intimidated with the OTSRs and dangling legs.
  9. Is that Bumblebee from Transformers in the fourth picture?
  10. Shouldn't you be learning and not on TRP? The future of America...LMAO Actually, I was in silent reading and my teacher said I could do whatever, since I finished my book.*TPR not TRP Guess HE should've stayed in school and not on TPR Kidding Haha! This is why I am an Engineer and not a Journalist! Lol!
  11. Did the park ever give an official reason for removing Ragin' Cajun? Is Goliath using part of the former site or will it be used for future expansion? It always seemed to have a line when I visited.
  12. You might want to think about flip-flopping Dorney and Knoebels. You'll save yourself about 1.5 hours of drive time.
  13. While I haven't visited Hersheypark since 2007, they have added a 3 good to great Intamin coasters in the past 10 years, in addition to a solid B&M invert, a very fun racing-dueling GCI, a zoo, a waterpark, and the chocolate world. They have a preview plan when you purchase a regular full-day admission ticket, and you get 2.5 hours of free early entry for the prior evening. There's just a lot of things to do at the park.
  14. Any reason that you are not planning to visit Hersheypark, Kennywood, or Cedar Point? All three are great parks that you will probably need to drive past anyway.
  15. What days do you plan to visit? Weekends or weekdays? June isn't generally too bad. Being a seasonal amusement park, July and early August are the busiest times of the year. July weekends the heaviest days of the year, except for October Holloweekend Saturdays. Since the 4th of July is on a Friday this year, that weekend is going to be a complete zoo. The absolute best time to visit is the weekend after Labor Day Weekend. Lines can be very short. I try to go every year on that weekend.
  16. Instead of spending the money for an Intamin 10 Inversion coaster, I wonder why the park didn't decide to build a Mega-Lite? My first guess would be marketing purposes, but after a few seasons I'd rather have an airtime machine than four consecutive inline rolls. Note: I am assuming that the cost difference between the two models is negligible based on their sizes and heights being similar. If the prices are farther apart, then I can understand the thought process.
  17. When I posted the article, I didn't read the comments section, and people really seem to have no idea that these killer whales have zero chance of survival in wild. It's really sad to know that there are so many uninformed people in this country. Also, I can't see this type of legislature being created in Texas or Florida, due mainly to the fact that they are much less crazy than California!
  18. Blackfish strikes again: www.takepart.com/article/2014/03/06/seaworlds-worst-nightmare-calif-lawmaker-propose-ban-orcas-captivity
  19. American Eagle is a good coaster, but that helix turnaround can really kill the awesome pacing of the ride's first half. I've been on the coaster about 5 or 6 times and every time the trim brakes activate and make the train meander around the ridiculously large helix. If the park ever decides to replace the helix with something better, I would not complain at all.
  20. Was part of Camper Village used for the Lighthouse Point project? I thought that this area was a whole bunch of RV sites last year.
  21. Actually, a weekday in May can be surprisingly busy. A good number of schools in northern Ohio (probably southeastern Michigan as well) have class trips to Cedar Point on May weekdays. So you could literally have a dead day anywhere to moderately busy day depending on the number of schools attending the park on the day you choose. Lines probably will be manageable, but don't expect walk-ons for all the big coasters.
  22. Happy Birthday KidTums! Good luck getting to 48 inches by this summer!
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