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  1. Absolutely: Cedar Point Michigan's Adventure Probably: Kings Island Six Flags Great America Waldameer Kennywood Conneaut Lake Park (assuming that it still exists) Maybe: Canada's Wonderland Indiana Beach Holiday World Kentucky Kingdom Beech Bend Some New England area parks The wife and I are planning our official honeymoon to Hawaii next May. This trip will use about half of my vacation days. As a result, we will probably will stay within a day’s drive of Michigan. My sister just recently moved to New Hampshire for a job, so I might visit some parks in the region.
  2. Oh wow! I was probably going to visit the park for the first time this season in the next few weeks. I recently moved and now I live about 4 hours from the park. After reading all these previous comments about the crowds and operations; now I'm not so sure. A few questions for those more familiar with the park: Is it worth my time and money to visit this month or should I just wait until next season? I was planning to buy a Flash Pass on a Saturday. Which one is the best bang for the buck? The costs are Platinum $120, Gold $80, and Regular $45. Thanks!
  3. So are the rumors of the park having really small crowds the weekend (or this year's case, Sunday) after Labor Day true? I'm thinking about visiting on Sunday September 7th and I hope the stories are real!
  4. Disney: Magic Kingdom? (I haven't visited a Disney Park since 1997) Universal: Islands of Adventure Six Flags: Six Flags Great America Cedar Fair: Cedar Point Non CP Cedar Fair: Kings Island SeaWorld: Busch Gardens Tampa Independent: Knoebels EDIT: Parques Reunidos: Lake Compounce (For some reason, I thought that LC was still indepedent.)
  5. Meijer sells 1-Day tickets for $49.99 and 2-Day tickets for $87.99.
  6. The coaster seems to be coming together quite nicely. I love the theming on the train! We need more of these unique family coasters in the States.
  7. I think that it's fair to say that the vast majority of posters on TPR had no idea either. I agree about the nice animal displays. Maybe Kolmarden is trying to become the Busch Gardens of Sweden?
  8. I wonder why the locals don't complain about the park operations. I guess that don't know any better?
  9. ^ The floorless trains would require heavy station modifications. Now that I think about it, I don't think that there is enough room for the drop floors that would be needed. I would still be quite happy if sit-down trains would be used instead. I'm not quite sure if either idea is even possible due to the riders being in a seating configuration for which the coaster was not designed. Really, either one is a huge improvement. The layout is pretty interesting and forceful. It would be so much better with more comfortable trains. The ride usually seems to only use two of the three trains, but I believe that this is a result of load times and not ridership numbers.
  10. I already discussed my ideas for Michigan's Adventure, so I'll share my Cedar Point thoughts. Already Confirmed: Finish the Hotel Breakers remodeling. Best Guess for next year: dark ride from the same company creating the one for Canada's Wonderland. Wish List for the next few years: - Mean Streak. Either a RMC rehab or a compete new wooden coaster. - Water Coaster and other new slides for Soak City. - Drop tower attached to TTD and send Power Tower to another park that needs a thrill ride (Michigan's Adventure?). - Use this newly opened space for a family coaster or flat ride. - Sit down or Floorless trains on Mantis.
  11. Rankings (including former parks) Great America (2001, 2003, 2007, and 2010) - Great coaster and flat ride selection. Nice Theming. Good operations. Park layout is very simple. Awesome free waterpark. Receiving a much needed elite coaster this year. Ohio/Worlds of Adventure (Geauga Lake) - I visited the park every year from the early 90s to when the park closed in 2007. I absolutely love Batman: Knight Flight (now Dominator at Kings Dominion), which I believe is the best B&M Floorless Coaster. It could have really used the rumored hyper coaster to round out the collection. I always liked the water park and animal exhibits. Six Flags seemed to try too hard to compete with Cedar Point and the park lost some of its charm. It would be interesting to see how the park would look if Six Flags still owned the park. New England (2007) - Only reason to visit is for Superman/Bizarro. The rest of the coasters are average. Slow operations. Good flat ride selection. Nice theming. Over Georgia (1997) - This was the opening year for Batman, which I loved. I also enjoyed Mindbender, Dahlonega Mine Train, and Viper. Nice theming and it still has trees! I would probably rank this park higher if I visited more recently. Darien Lake (2007) - Slow operations. The only coaster worth a re-ride is Ride of Steel. The park does have a good old school flat ride selection with some very unique options. Hopefully the Lake Monster rumors are true! America (2007) - I was only there for a few hours on a summer night. Superman was down when I visited, but my family had a great time riding Two Face and Joker's Jinx .
  12. It looks great! I wish more waterparks in the USA looked this nice.
  13. Again, I will tell you that "gimmicks" don't impress me. It's very rare that I get excited over the worlds ..est, ..est, ..est, ANYTHING... How often is it that something that tries to break records ends up being the world's best in a category? Magnum? Ugh, Magnum is AWFUL. I would not even THINK about going out of my way for that ride. (Sorry Magnum/CP fans, but it flat out sucks.) I usually skip it on visits to Cedar Point. (And my knees & thighs thank me!) About 50% of Magnum is waiting to see if you'll ever get over the lift. Magnum isn't even in my top 5 coasters at Cedar Point, but when it opened in 1989, it was revolutionary.
  14. I'm willing to bet that when the park receives a shiny, brand new coaster, that everyone will forget about the closer parking area. At Cedar Point, the very close parking lot costs $25 and I can't recall anyone complaining about it!
  15. Robb is just having too much fun being a giant tease!
  16. I just found the Midnight Syndicate statement that you referenced on a certain Cedar Point fan site.
  17. I enjoy the competitive aspect of the shooting dark rides. Many people like to compare their scores at the end of the ride. With that said, the Spiderman and Transformers rides are my absolute favorite dark rides. From the dark rides that I have ridden, they are just in a league of their own.
  18. It sounds like Cedar Point is getting a pretty interesting Halloween show this year. If I had to guess, I would say that the show will be located at the Luminosity stage. It could also go to the Goodtime Theater, but Luminosity stage makes more sense to me. http://screamscape.com/html/cedar_point.htm Here's the information about the show from the Midnight Syndicate website: midnightsyndicate.blogspot.com/2014/03/midnight-syndicate-live-to-launch-at.html
  19. ^ I agree. That log flume looks really good. Also, the Vekoma SLC layout looks interesting as well.
  20. Is it going to Kolmården Wildlife Park (Kolmårdens Djurpark) in Sweden?
  21. ^ I just received the same email about 15 minutes ago. It looks like that we need to spread the word!
  22. Cedar Point. Nothing else really even comes close. It looks like an island dominated by roller coasters!
  23. So, I completely agree with Six Flags on this issue. "Are you able to ride?" signs are everywhere in the park, on the park map, and on the website. It's not the park's fault that he decided not to read them. The article's comments section make Six Flags sound like an evil corporation that hates veterans, but one of the commenters (ModerateRepublican) actually sided with Six Flags and had some good points.
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