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  1. I am seriously considering going to Media Day. I am so happy that my sister lives near Dayton! Gotta love free housing! It's disappointing to hear that April and May weekends are very busy. Any one have an estimate on the Fast Pass price for that time of the year?
  2. Cedar Fair: Maverick (CP) Six Flags: Superman: Ride of Steel (Before Bizarro) (SFNE) SeaWorld Entertainment: Montu (BGT) Universal: Hulk (IOA) Disney Parks: Big Thunder Mountain (MK) Parques Reunidos: Boulder Dash (LC)
  3. Since they are less than 15 minutes apart, I wonder if Knoebels is going to work with GCI on their next coaster? A custom terrain woodie on the side of the scenic overlook chair lift hill would be pretty awesome.
  4. I have never seen any of the unique and delicious food items I mentioned at another amusement park. Cedar Point has fried cheese on a stick. It's very tasty! I agree that the other food items are pretty much impossible to find at any other park. Never seen it at CP. Is Cedar Point's fried cheese in a cornbread batter? I *think* that it's the same batter that is used for the corn dogs. Two locations that have had the cheese-on-a-stick in the past are the small food stand near Maverick and the Frontier Land train station (Arctic Junction?) and the food stand just south of Cedar Downs. Now I'm hungry for some fried goodness!
  5. I have never seen any of the unique and delicious food items I mentioned at another amusement park. Cedar Point has fried cheese on a stick. It's very tasty! I agree that the other food items are pretty much impossible to find at any other park.
  6. Definite: Cedar Point Michigan's Adventure Kings Island Good Chance: Canada's Wonderland Six Flags Great America Indiana Beach Unlikely, but still possible: Waldameer Kennywood Holiday World Kentucky Kingdom Beech Bend
  7. I'll do my best to help answer your questions: 1. It's part of the Spring Break season, so I would expect some crowds. I was at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay around the same time last year and crowds were manageable, so I would imagine slightly heavier crowds at IOA. 2. It looks like the one time per ride pass during the last week of March is $49.99 per person (online offer). It costs like $15 more at the park. The Unlimited Express is more and I couldn't find the exact price online. 3. I could not get the Pteranodon Flyers credit in December, as the ride op says that I was too tall and did not have a child under 54". If a child will be in your group, please remember that the line is REALLY slow and is not on the Express Pass (neither is Harry Potter). 4. When I was in Florida last March, I would have been fine going on the water rides, but I had no urge to be drench for the rest of the day!
  8. I picked Option 1. Pros: I don't use Twitter, so having your live Twitter feed is a nice touch. The main article picture is a much nicer size than on option 2. Cons: I don't like the scroll bars on the "Official TPR Updates" and "Theme Park News" sections. It's too much scrolling for my liking The Twitter feed doesn't seem to have a down arrow on the scroll bar. Can you put a direct link to the main forum on the home page?
  9. Ok, so I wasn't going to reply to you until I saw this completely ridiculous statement. Please provide a link to your source. Humans are biologically designed to eat a wide variety of plant and animal material. This makes our species omnivorous. Look at your teeth! They are divided into four distinct groups, which are incisors, canines, premolars, and molars. Each group specializes in a different task. Incisors are used for shearing sharply, canines are used for holding food and tearing it apart (like meat!), premolars are a basically a combination of canines and molars, and molars are used for grinding food into smaller pieces for digestion. Humans can live off plant matter, but they are designed to eat meat and plants. THATS IT.
  10. If you are planning to get the Orlando Flex Pass and don't really intend to visit the water parks, it might actually be cheaper to buy individual tickets. A 3-Day Ticket to Universal Orlando is currently $146.99 (park to park admission) or 125.99 (single park admission). Sea World also has a really neat deal: Get an admission to Sea World Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa for only $99 total! As an awesome bonus, if you buy a Multi-Day Park-to-Park ticket purchase (it's one per order, not per ticket purchased... the wife and I found this out the hard way in December!), Universal is also giving you a coupon booklet full of really good deals including 4 buy-one get-one alcohol coupons! The other coupons are nothing really special, but with free booze, does it really matter? Also, pretty much every vender at the parks and City Walk give you a 10% AAA discount. https://www.universalorlando.com/Theme-Park-Tickets/General-Admission.aspx?intcmp=buytixnav seaworldparks.com/en/seaworld-orlando/Book-Online/Tickets/2for99
  11. Cedar Point is also my home park. Trust me when I say that Universal, Sea World, and Busch Gardens all have rides that will fulfill your thrilling needs. Whatever your family decides, I'm sure that you'll have a great time!
  12. The wife and I chose the Orlando Flex Ticket option when when visited in December. The Flex Ticket has more rides and coasters that we want to experience. Also, I last went to Universal over 10 years ago and they have added a whole bunch of new rides since I last visited, so that was a major deciding factor for us. City Walk is also a lot fun with all the bars, clubs, restaurants, and shops. We spent a lot more time than when thought in the City Walk area. A couple of questions for you: Where are you staying in Orlando? When was the last time visited these parks? Are you planning to visit Orlando in a year or two?
  13. Michigan's Adventure - 1.5 hours Cedar Point - 3 hours Six Flags Great America, Indiana Beach, Waldameer, Kennywood, and/or Kings Island - all about 4 to 6 hours away.
  14. That makes no sense. Wildwater Kingdom is getting six new slides next year. Perhaps you are thinking about another Wildwater Kingdom and not the former Geauga Lake? After the second year of the restructuring of the park, Cedar Fair has added nothing (except maybe some Cabana Rentals).
  15. I completely agree. Compared to other waterparks, Soak City just feels so dated. The only slides that were added in the last 15 years were a mat racer and a water play structure. A water coaster (or two!) or a Proslide Tornado would really be welcomed to the park. And I wouldn't worry about the swim-up bar. I have a feeling that it's a huge cash cow for the water park.
  16. Cedar Point and Holiday World. It would be located at Cedar Point's location on Lake Erie. Cedar Point would finally get some good woodies, an amazing waterpark, and a shooting dark ride!
  17. Besides the coasters, you absolutely must go on Transformers The Ride 3D! The wife and I liked it more than Spiderman. I also agree with a few other posters and suggest Men in Black: Alien Attack. It's easily my favorite shooting dark ride!
  18. Parks that the wife and I visited this year: Cedar Point Michigan's Adventure Busch Garden's Tampa Bay Universal Studios Florida Islands of Adventure Sea World Orlando Top New Rides 1. Transformers the Ride 3D @ USF 2. Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit @ USF 3. Manta @ SWO Top Re-Rides 1. Maverick @ CP 2. Shivering Timbers @ MA 3. Kumba @ BGT Top Rides Overall this Year 1. Maverick @ CP 2. Shivering Timbers @ MA 3. Transformers the Ride 3D @ USF
  19. Here's mine! The Click and Drag Ballot Helper is seriously fantastic and makes life so easy! After about the first 20 or so, its all pretty much at the same level... Rides that I generally might ride again if there is a minimal line. I'm thinking that my top 5 will change after going to SFGAm in the summer. --Generator: Jordan's Ballot Helper 2013 (wood)-- --Ballot: a572f7d8219-- --donbenko50370@hotmail.com------ LOCATION IN NEXT LINE (Please LEAVE THIS LINE IN BALLOT) ~"East Lansing, MI, USA" NAME IN NEXT LINE (Please LEAVE THIS LINE IN THE BALLOT) ~"Donald Benko" RANK THE FOLLOWING RIDING SENSATIONS <-LEAVE Abrupt Airtime_____________________________,y,y,1 Sensation of Speed_________________________,y,y,2 Out of Control Feeling/Directional Changes_,y,y,3 Floating Airtime___________________________,y,y,4 Positive G's/Loops_________________________,y,y,5 Lateral Forces_____________________________,y,y,6 COASTER NAME PARK LOC <-LEAVE My Favorite Steel Anypark Anywhere **,y,y,1 Boulder Dash Lake Compounce CT,y,n,2 Phoenix Knoebel's PA,y,n,3 Shivering Timbers Michigan's Adventure MI,y,y,4 Ravine Flyer II Waldameer PA,y,n,5 Kentucky Rumbler Beech Bend KY,y,n,6 The Beast Kings Island OH,y,n,7 Viper SFGAm IL,y,n,8 Blue Streak Cedar Point OH,y,y,9 American Eagle SFGAm IL,y,n,10 Lightning Racer - T Hersheypark PA,y,n,11 Lightning Racer - L Hersheypark PA,y,n,12 Racer Kings Island OH,y,n,13 Twister Knoebel's PA,y,n,14 Big Dipper (SBNO) Geauga Lake OH,y,n,15 Sea Dragon Jungle Jacks Landing OH,y,n,16 The Grizzly Kings Dominion VA,y,n,17 Grt Am Scrm Mach SFoG GA,y,n,18 Gwazi-Lion Busch Gardens-Tampa FL,y,y,19 Georgia Cyclone SFoG GA,y,n,20 Jack Rabbit Seabreeze NY,y,n,21 Mean Streak Cedar Point OH,y,y,22 Thunderhawk Dorney Park PA,y,n,23 Thunderbolt SF New England MA,y,n,24 Cyclone SF New England MA,y,n,25 Little Dipper SFGAm IL,y,n,26 Gwazi-Tiger Busch Gardens-Tampa FL,y,n,27 Comet Hersheypark PA,y,n,28 Rebel Yell Kings Dominion VA,y,n,29 Wolverine Wildcat Michigan's Adventure MI,y,y,30 Hurler Kings Dominion VA,y,n,31 Predator Darien Lake NY,y,n,32 Wild One SF America MD,y,n,33 Wildcat Hersheypark PA,y,n,34 Wildcat Lake Compounce CT,y,n,35 Comet Waldameer PA,y,n,36 Woodstock Express Kings Island OH,y,n,37 Ghoster Coaster Kings Dominion VA,y,n,38 Zach's Zoomer Michigan's Adventure MI,y,y,39 Roar SF America MD,y,n,40
  20. These aren't humans we're talking about here, they are humans from Ohio........ Don't forget about all the guests from Kentucky and Indiana!
  21. Sounds interesting. I wish that we were given more information or pictures or anything. I planned to visit Canada's Wonderland for the first time next year anyway, so I'm happy that they are receiving a new "attraction" for 2014. Maybe is a preview for Cedar Point's dark ride in a year or two.
  22. 90 mph drop ride? Sign me up! These are so much fun and always leave me smiling! Now if Cedar Point could make something similar...
  23. This alone makes me want to take the TPR Mexico Trip in 2015. Now that I'm out of college, I'll finally be able to afford my first one!
  24. Rocky Mountain Construction is building an incredible wooden coaster and its only 4 hours from my house? I might actually buy a Six Flags season pass!
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