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  1. I was a bit nervous before I first did one of those tall and steep body slides. (Specifically Cannonball Falls at SFNE) Once I got past my first ride I loved it!
  2. I really enjoyed Maverick, so I'm looking forward to riding this at some point. Who wants to climb the enormous spiral staircase on the lift? I'd imagine it'd feel like it goes on forever!
  3. I was at the park today too, it was a very nice day to be there. It seemed really crowded at first but it wasn't all that bad. I got on S:RoS 5 times!
  4. Mean Streak is my least favorite of all 73 coasters I've ridden, (Yes, it's worse than jiddy coasters to me) This is no GP exaggeration, my chest was hurting after that ride (around my heart!) from getting thrown around so much. I was terrified, it felt like a freaking heart attack. You'd have to pay me to ride that thing again.
  5. I wasn't a finalist. I submitted the name perigrine, since they're the type of falcon that dives straight fown for their prey really fast. Oh well i guess.
  6. I tried to climb up a slide (I was too young to be doing that in the first place!) and of course fell and knocked out my front row of teeth. So when the adult teeth grew in abnormally early, there were quite disproportionate to my head! It took a few years to not look like a beaver.
  7. SFNE- Paint Superman, Mind Eraser, Flashback and Thunderbolt. Extend skyride to other end of park, and put on cars that fit more people.
  8. Boulder Dash @ Lake Compounce back in August. Springs almost here!
  9. Me and my family are going to CW this summer, I'll have to see if we can go on that date!
  10. The reversed chain dog that holds onto the holding chain doesn't drop until it gets to it.
  11. I really hope that new Dash twist is high banking on the turnaround, that turn always hurt like a you know what! Even with fresh track.
  12. I remember seeing that princess ship when we were in cozumel in December '06. I actually was at the same dock your ship was at. And in the same store. and I went by that Mcdonalds. and...
  13. I agree with what everyone else has said, this looks like it'll be a top notch coaster.
  14. Ozzy Osbourne/Rob Zombie on Saturday. Third row floor seats!
  15. I agree with Millennium Force. Just too many curves, not enough hills! A coaster of that size with just three air hills? Still in my top ten, but it could have been sooooooooo much more.
  16. I've been going crazy with people mixing up words and misspelling. For example: DuEl= Fight/combat, as in a dueling coaster. DuAl= Two, as in the duEling coaster has duAl tracks. Also: Brake- A device for stopping moving objects Break- To shatter, destroy, etc.
  17. Not at all, not a drinker. Does literature class suck?
  18. Python- BGA The Chiller- SFGAdv* Loop/Corkscrew- Rocky Point* *=Not totally dead, yet!
  19. Scratch my previous post, it's Wildcat at Lake Compounce, 1927.
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