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  1. If it got refurbed, I'm sure it would be much better than the rust-pile it is now.
  2. Flashback would certainly operate much better in a new location, since the noise won't be right next to the water park, which was why it barely ran before it's recent hiatus.
  3. I say Their hyper. The wide-open feeling is a big reason why Nitro is my #1! but one musn't forget the
  4. I'm 6'2" but the max height for S:ROS at SFNE is 6'4"! And I'm still growing! If I get close to 6'4" I'm seriously going to break my growth plates or something!
  5. Me in the red on Boulder Dash at Lake Compounce last summer!
  6. for sfne It's easily s:ros and for Lake Compounce It's easily Boulder Dash.
  7. I'm Dan, I'm 15 and I'm from East Lyme, ct (aka a place you've never heard of!) I'm a coaster maniac, and I can drive people crazy with my non-stop chatter! I live close to lake compounce and sfne so i go there most. I've rode 57 coasters, and hope to increase that soon! besides coasters, I do crew and play hockey and baseball, I'm a guitar hero master, I play rct3 way too much and play the drums. soooooooo, hi.
  8. I plan to ride every coaster at Cedar Point in our visit this summer. last time we went I was a woosy and rode only three coasters! so I'm obligated to fix that.
  9. the loop-corkscrew at the defunct rocky point in warwick, rhode island. it's the wild thing at the enchanted village in washington now.
  10. riverside/sfne sfgadv cedar point lake compounce hersheypark busch gardens tampa/africa magic kingdom orlando epcot mgm animal kingdom rocky point
  11. wow, costa maya seems quite... disturbing! I'll be on a cruise next week, and I'm going to Cozumel too! I'm going through the jungle in jeeps.
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