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  1. not from SFNE or compounce, hmmm Kingda Ka- gadv 2005 TTD- Cedar Point 2003 1/2 new Cheetah Chase- BGA 2004 Storm Runner- Hershey 2004 I will have maverick in August. I think that's all...
  2. Quarter pounder, even though I don't like mcdonalds that much. GO BK! GO WENDY'S! haha
  3. I'd go back to 1996 and go to Riverside (SFNE pre-SF) and rocky point, good memories from when I was younger...
  4. I went on that cruise a few years back, same ship, and I can agree, it was very good and i'd reccomend it.
  5. Well as long as people realize that it wasn't the pool that killed her and it was heart failure than they shouldn't get any bad reps. But in this world, they probably will.
  6. Wendy's owns them both, but I like BK MUCH more than mcD's I only go to McD's for monopoly. The fries at mcdonalds just plain suck.
  7. S:RoS at SFNE on monday, I'm in the top right with my friends Macy and Matt in front of me. Yes, I'm rockin the TPR T-shirt.
  8. Well I'm leaving for SFNE any minute now, we'll see if it was just a bad day.
  9. Does anyone think it will be crowded tomorrow? It is a monday, but school is out.
  10. I wonder why that guy says "I don't feel safe, we have season passes but we're never coming here again" Seriously! If someone's hurt in a car crash do you say "I have a license but I'm never driving again?"
  11. NO NO NO I HATE her. The price is right is my favorite game show by far, but I wouldn't watch it if she hosted it.
  12. I have a feeling disaster transport at CP won't be back next year. two nights in a row I had a dream of it's demise. the first it was really stormy and it washed into lake erie, the second it rolled away and disappeared on a track like a train! the whole ride!
  13. I just got mine no more than 10 minutes ago, and I'll be wearing it to SFNE today!
  14. ^ I can say the same, I love mine. I wrote in all of the newer rides in the list in the back!
  15. Sorry for the Monstrous bump, but i've forgotten to update my park here! here's my more recent projects in the park! More accurate TTD Launch Track Mantis before repaiars Random cool power tower shot Recently rumors about vortex's demise have been circulating around the park... And they were true! Removed for future expansion The new and improved Mantis 2nd half Brake run, transfers and relocated space spiral Shortened magnum 3rd hill, although it will never be perfect with it's real-life shape vortex's replacement is Mean Streak! Di
  16. Gym shorts and Ct. state rowing championship shirt from yesterday.
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