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  1. That little roller coaster is more evil than it looks, it began a string of pain and misery. It was the first Togo coaster!
  2. S:RoS SFNE Maverick Behemoth (Back outside seat is disgustingly awesome) Nitro Millennium Force (First drop is the only good part )
  3. I saw the Mighty Mighty Bosstones last week in New Haven, it was pretty awesome. I'm too anxious for Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly on back-to-back nights in March!
  4. Indeed it is, To rehab the hub (being a very integral part of the structure) it obviously needs to be almost completely disassembled. And it has been confirmed by the park on GADV online and GA History that it is just an extensive rehab.
  5. Although I do believe the great young Bruins team kicked the veteran Red Wings in the face 4-1 earlier this year.
  6. I have some from a winter tour of Lake Compounce last winter: Zoomerang from the maintenance area One of the then brand new cars for Ghost hunt in storage. Zoomerang cars in storage. The old Hershey Wildcat trains that were put on Boulder Dash. Another angle of Zoomerang, around the Zoomers Gas N Go car ride. Fresh train in the shop. Zoomerang wheels in the shop. The chassis of a Wildcat car. Nerd shot! The "hall of mirrors" in Ghost hunt. A figure inside Ghost Hunt. Some Wildcat cars and the older Boulder Dash cars sto
  7. Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Dropkick Murphys at McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket, Rhode Island is my best hands down. Second would be Mayhem festival.
  8. Ahh yes Buca di Beppo. We went there as a team to celebrate the end of the week I was in New Jersey for Rowing Club Nationals! That place is pretty wild, our team just called it biccadipiccadiboccitabeppo (or words to that effect) Glad to see that crazy place didn't cause a gain Robb!
  9. The challenge is to get the gallon down within an hour, then hold it down for at least an hour after the last bit is consumed. I tried last year at a camping trip, and got all but the last inch on the bottom of the jug down in 50 minutes. I just couldn't get the last bit down, I felt it coming up before I tried to swallow, so it ended there. I at least kept down what I had drank!
  10. I was waiting for the day the show would come to SFNE, but my Girlfriend's homecoming is this Saturday. Still, have a great time! Your trip was epic.
  11. Let's give it a try! Striking fear into fools who want to retrieve their oh so precious headware.
  12. Well I finally have a girlfriend, it feels awesome!
  13. Even though The Lake is one of my two home parks, (It's equidistant from me as SFNE) the only time I went this year was for an pre-season tour. Seeing these pictures and hearing how great it's running this year makes me really anxious to get out there, especially if it's getting trimmed for next year like I heard.
  14. The City Museum looks insanely fun! That's a place that I'd like to check out sometime. I've always wanted to climb through a whales ass!
  15. 1: El Toro 2: Superman:ROS(SFNE) 3: Behemoth 4: Nitro 5: Maverick 6: Top Thrill Dragster 7: Storm Runner 8: Kumba 9: Montu 10: Wicked Twister Honorable mentions- Boulder Dash, Gemini, Millennium Force, Kingda Ka, Lightning Racer
  16. S:RoS at SFNE and El Toro are the most to me epic for certain. Other great ones I've encountered are Phoenix and Maverick. Nitro and Behemoth (At least in the back) and Gemini were also amazing, but had less intense and more plain fun floater that I love.
  17. 1: Maverick 2: Dragster 3: Wicked Twister 4: Gemini 5: Tie between Raptor and Millennium.
  18. I really wish I could go to this, but I'm arriving in Canada the next day and going to CW the next week after I'm done rowing. Bummer.
  19. Well don't bash it too much. You shouldn't have been expecting perfection.
  20. Huss GIANT Frisbees. More specifically the only one I rode, Maxair at CP. So much airtime, looking straight down 140 feet!
  21. Time for an update: 1: Superman:ROS (SFNE) 2: Nitro 3: Maverick 4: Top Thrill Dragster 5: Millennium Force 6: Storm Runner 7: Kumba 8: Montu 9: Wicked Twister 10: Mantis
  22. My local ghost park is Rocky Point in Warwick, Rhode Island. When it closed in 1996, they had an auction and whatever wasn't sold was left. The entrance sign is still there. The actual park now.
  23. ^What, do you think the park's a dump? I doubt anyone would agree with that...
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