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  1. what will happen to the scooby dark rides at the parks that have them in the cedar fair chains?
  2. I"m going to La Ronde for the summer conf and I was wondering how the coasters are when it comes to fat people. My main concern is le Monstre. Will a fat guy beable to ride? I just missed the normal seats on Hydra and had to go to the fat seats.
  3. If it is still running I feel that I still have a chance to ride. So with that in mind the only truly missed credit was the lazer at kennywood. At the time I thought why ride it. I had been on King Kobra at Kings Dominion and it was basically the same ride.
  4. This looks to me not to be a major redo but an expansion into the area left vacant and under utilized when they removed the 20000 leagues attraction a few years back. Also some of the areas seem to be for meet and greets. The only big change I think would be the addition of the little mermaid ride.
  5. If this truly is a Giga (& I have no reason not to believe it wouldn't be) It kind of make sense. Busch Gardens has Apollo's Chariot and I feel that this is a good B&M. CF would be foolish to try and top this ride. Also a 200ft+ coaster on the east coast is not that big of news. Most people in the DE Valley know of Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens and it may not have been that big of a draw if they went the 200 foot route. Also I have a feeling that Busch Gardens has a deal with B&M where they can't build any B&M's close to Busch Gardens Williamsburg. ( I Know Dominator is a B&M but it is also a transplant and most likely would not have been included in such a deal). Anyway I think this is great news. Once they hit 400+ feet I thought that we would never see another 300+ foot coaster although it did take a few years for parks to follow-up with another 200 foot coaster after Magnum was built. Anyway I can't wait for the official word to come and truly verify that it is a Giga coaster and give us the stats.
  6. I didn't think that the wheels at astroworld and magic mountain were made by Intamin. The information that I have seen give the design credit to another(can't remember who but not Intamin) and manufacturer as Garland Steel. Maybe Intamin marketed them? or mabe these wheels were another ride originally made by another concern but rights were purchased later by Intamin (ie Air Race plane rides at Six Flags Georgia and Texas were built after the Brady and Kaye Rides at Opryland, Worlds of Fun and Old Chicago).
  7. We named our first dog Raven. She was a German Short Hair Pointer and very wild. Our current dog is named Comet. I was going to go with Hercules, Comet or Magnum but when we got him he had a star on his back so Comet is what we went with.
  8. I am thinking about buying a new video camera. The one that I currently use is a Sony digital 8mm. I am considering buying a Panasonic Camera that uses a Compact Flash for recording mainly because of the small size. My question is what do you use and If I go with one that uses the compact flash do you know if it is as easy to edit as the Sony which uses 8mm digital tapes. I currently am using Windows movie and Dvd maker to edit. Thanks for any advice.
  9. I was just checking out flying phils web site and came across photos that show that the park is taking down the Big Wheel. They seem to be taking care with the ride so I am hoping that it maybe it is coming down for some much needed painting and repair but with the many changes in the past that the park has had it could be that they are removing it to make room for "vacant lot . . . . the ride". Here is the link www.flyinphilsphotos.com/amusements2.html
  10. my wife and i made it a point to go to the gardens last november when we were visiting family for thanksgiving. something told me that if i wanted to see this park as it stood then i should make the effort. while the old part of the park was very nice, the ride section reminded me more of a carnival set up in a mall parking lot than a amusement park. it was clean and well staffed but a little odd in its position. i know that there is restrictions put on developing the original gardens. i think that the state actually has a steak in this park so this section most likely would not be closed unless approved by the state. that said i wonder if the current "owners" will also be shutting down the island in the sky tower? It is in the original area of the park and most likely considered one of the parks historic attraction. also I really hope that they try to find a new owner for the wooden coasters. I would be a shame to loose these two rides after loosing so many others in the past year.
  11. The wife and I went to canadas wonderland this past week and really enjoyed ourselfs. Neet park. Anyway there seems to have been quite a few changes to the park in the way of theming ( I have a few old park maps) and I was wondering if anyone knows of any sites that have pictures of the park as it look in 1981. Thanks.
  12. I personally would hate to see any park close. Although enthusiasts weren't impressed I would have to say that with the right promotion that this park could take off. I really don't see it taking a big crap like Wild West World in Kansas did. They put together a pretty good offering of hardware although there is nothing record breaking but it is cutting edge for the area (this includes Carowinds and Family Kingdom). If the company that built the park puts it up for sale I really think that it could be picked up by another company. Talking of ownership, wasn't this park built foreign investors using the Hard Rock franchise? If this is the case this may be the reason why big named music groups haven't been booked to perform. Anyway this is just a thought.
  13. The Lex Luthor's Invertatron was originally called the Storm. It was located for a couple of years on Mariners Landing in Wildwood NJ. When it was there it seemed to run on a very limited program which made it run more like a top spin than what it was designed to do. They never seemed to run the arms independent of each other. I think I heard that it was run this way because of New Jerseys stupid ride inspectors.
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