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  1. I'm not entirely sure, but pretty positive it's Thunderbolt at SFNE, circa 1941.
  2. My list sucks! And I still haven't rode Toro even though I'm semi-close! 6- Boulder Dash Lake Compounce (my #3 woodie) 7- Phoenix Knoebel's (#5)
  3. Mean Streak. My heart was reeling, I'm not even joking, I was scared that something happened to it!
  4. Also if you look at the pictures of the Intamin Spiral Coaster you can see most of it was powered by tires, even in the elements. It looks like it doesn't freely coast through most of the course.
  5. Shots of my choices: Pink and sea green Mind Eraser Crappy looking T-bolt. There's fresh unpainted wood all over the place now too. On the left of this picture you can see just a little bit of the fresh wood.
  6. If they don't paint Thunderbolt at SFNE now something is seriously wrong with them. Same goes for Mind Eraser (Pink doesn't really go well with it). Flashback could use some as vampire is trying to make a comeback, and maybe next year S:RoS because it's turning pink like ME already did!
  7. MEAN STREAK! Holy $#!+ that ride physically hurt my heart from the constant jackhammering. I thought I was going to have a heart attack! I almost went to first aid after that. Never again. NEVER.
  8. The Body slides at Cedar Points soak city is crazy. Blew away my expectations by a lot.
  9. I don't think it has anything to do with bad upkeep, it's like a car, they'l ave some kind of big problem at one point. they're machines, it's inevitable. Also, the red train is up in the maintenance/storage area by Cyclone and tomahawk.
  10. It would be cool to see them take down just the cobra roll first so for a bit it would be just Batman's top hat.
  11. I've only been on 4: 1- Montu, BGA 2- Batman:TR- GAdv 3- Raptor- CP 4- Great Bear- Hershey
  12. It's a shame to see all of these 1st gens go to the scrap heap. At least I've gotten on two of them. Hopefully Cedar Point's Demon Drop stays around for a little while longer.
  13. My favorites are Power-C, (Dragonfruit) XXX, (Blueberry/Pomegranite) and Energy(Citrus) most of the others are good too.
  14. Elementary- Mustangs Middle- Indians/Hawks (moved) High- Vikings
  15. Any drop tower, espcially Intamin 1st gens. and S:RoS at SFNE, proudly representing my home park!
  16. I don't think Superman is unreliable, I've been there almost 20 times in the past 3 years and it's been closed for the day two days (Once because the area was flooded) and I've seen a "technical difficulties" closing two or three times tops. If you go on a good day, Superman is a walk-on- 10 minute wait. Go on a bad day, and it gets over 2 hours.
  17. It was S&S Screamin Swings, but now after Cedar Point it's maXair and Giant Frisbees. Extreme Airtime, Powerful downward G's and crazy heights! all four rides were amazing.
  18. Batman: TDK at SFNE. The stairs to the station have a gum wall that they do a good job of cleaning now, but before it would get downright gross.
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