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  1. My hometown is East Lyme, Ct. so Hartford, New Haven and Providence RI are all about the same distance away.
  2. Mine are Jr. Gemini at CP, because I had no little kid to ride with, Wildcat at Rocky Point because we never got to it I guess, And Black Widow at Riverside (Now SFNE) bacause I was too scared to climb the stairs. (I was only 7 at the time)
  3. 1: NITRO- Six Flags Great Adventure 2: Superman:RoS- Six Flags New England 3: Maverick- Cedar Point 4: Millennium Force- Cedar Point 5: Storm Runner- Hersheypark 6: Top Thrill Dragster- Cedar Point 7: Kumba- Busch Gardens Africa 8: Montu- Busch Gardens Africa 9: Wicked Twister- Cedar Point 10: Mantis- Cedar Point Some Honorable mentions: Lightning Racer, Phoenix, Boulder Dash, Magnum XL 200, Kingda Ka, Medusa, Superman: Ultimate Flight.
  4. It's just weird bacause I don't recall any B&M footers being circular. They look like Mavericks footers with a different bolt configuration.
  5. I don't see why people think they are B&M footers. I was looking at the footers for B&M's like Apollos Chariot, Nitro, Dominator, Scream and more and they're all square in shape. Then I looked at the footers for Intamins like Colossus, The Rides of steel and maverick and they're all circular like the ones in the picture. I'm leaning towards an Intamin here.
  6. It was awesome, my new #3. It only lets up if it slows in the tunnel (which it did for my ride) and you don't feel the trims after the launch at all. And I can't forget: They appointed our seats the other day, we got the back!
  7. They probably wouldn't work on gasm as well as several other rides with loops that bring supports awfully close to the track. peoples hands would get smacked.
  8. Well, you'll be at CP on my birthday! I'll be there just two days later.
  9. When are you guys going to be at Cedar Point? There's a chance you might be there when I am.
  10. DUDE another seahawks fan! NFL: Seattle Seahawks NHL: Boston Bruins MLB: Boston Red Sox NBA: don't follow much, but Boston Celtics MLS: New England Revolution
  11. Just to throw this out there, I'll be there from the evening on the 12th through the 15th.
  12. A long time ago the whirl-fly idea was drawn up, but was never made.
  13. I have a roller coaster idea, but I keep a secret, sorry.
  14. You'll never catch me in any store like that. Kohls is where it's at! The whole "distressed" ripped up jeans thing is one of the dumbest things I've seen.
  15. The only problem I see with batman is the last corkscrew. other than that it's just short, but not that bad.
  16. pathetic: SFNE SFNE SFNE 1 park, 3 visits after this summer's over, it'll be: SFNE a few more times, Lake compounce CP CP CP CP Knoebels SFNE some more.
  17. I just got back from a Rascal Flatts/Jason Aldean concert.
  18. Maybe they meant done construction-wise, not as in operational.
  19. Liable to change after knoebels: 1: NITRO- Six Flags GAdv 2: Superman:ROS (SFNE) 3: Millennium Force 4: Storm Runner 5: Kumba 6: Montu 7: Lightning Racer 8: Magnum XL 200 9: Top Thrill Dragster 10: Boulder Dash
  20. in this order: SFNE (several times), Lake compounce, Cedar Point, Knoebels
  21. lived in: Maine, Connecticut Been to: Vermont New Hampshire Massachusetts Rhode Island New York New Jersey Pennsylvania Ohio New York Maryland Delaware Virginia West Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Georgia Florida
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