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  1. Awesome Pictures.. I so cant wait to go and ride Farenheit!!.. 3 more days!!
  2. Going to Hershey in less then a week!! Nothing like camping & Riding Roller Coasters!
  3. Awesome pictures i enjoyed your trip report.. ^^ Dont worry Jay, we will get to Cedar Point soon enough!!
  4. Watched ps i love you.. movie was very sad but it was really cute.. A real tear jerker, dont watch it alone lol.. 9/10
  5. My weekend is starting early. I usually work 3:30-12midnight, but on monday (memorial day) i got the 9:30-6 and then i have Tuesday and wednesday.. I am so happy.
  6. Yay for them getting it back up and running.. Hopefully it will be all good to go when i go to herhsey in a little over a week!
  7. Gas just hit over $4 here in ct where i am. Just paid 4.09
  8. I ditto that sue. So are you and rich going to meet up with us?
  9. Awesome pictures.. I cant wait till i go to Hershey in 3 weeks!!
  10. Saw Harold And Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. Movie was Hilarious. 9/10
  11. That is very sad. I never really understood why anyone would want to commit suicide. But i guess you have to be in a realy corrupted state of mind to do it. Also why at Disney, cant go wrong while being at Disney
  12. Awesome pictures, makes me want to go to Denmark right now so i can ride it
  13. I cant wait to ride VooDoo, this will be my second impulse & im excited.
  14. Farenheit is looking good... cant wait for it to open so i can ride it
  15. gas just went up a lot since the last week or so.. now gas is $3.75 and still rising
  16. I would have totally not been able to make it 41 hours in an elevator.. no food, no water... not very comfy floors. it would just be freaky trying to sleep in there
  17. Awesome pictures mike.. My friends and i are planning a trip to Virginia, and now definitly looking forward to going here as well.
  18. Saw Prom Night last weekend.. it was pretty good, i even had dreams about the movie that night lol overall 9/10
  19. From left to right.. Andrew, Jason, & Me.. taking a funny picture while at SFNE opening day funny hats...
  20. Saw the new clip recently at Great Adventure. I think that the fly me to the moon 3D clip was boring. It was not as fun as Spongebobs In my opinion
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