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  1. Friday the 13th- really good remake of this movie. if you love horror this movie is definitly up your alley. Derek Mears who played jason did an awesome job portraying the character.
  2. Wow that video & the song together put the icing on the cake for me.. Hilarious!!
  3. I am routing for the steelers. I think it will be an exciting superbowl game though. I've been watching both teams for the last couple of weeks, and let me tell you the cardinals have come a long way; but i think rothlesberger and his team are going to hold it down for the win!
  4. Right now its very cold, gonna drop down to the single digits, and there calling for snow... again
  5. It was such a radom trip for us, yet again most of our trips are random haha anyways that was a fun day p.s- your not much taller then me shorty, we were on a hill
  6. I think the ravens vs titans is going to be a good game. my prediction for that game is the ravens for the win. They are going to run all over titans. The giants vs eagles games, probably a really close game. I want to see the giants win but the eagles are going to the giants a run for there money like the last time they played!
  7. Im almost done with my christmas shopping! Way too many people to buy for
  8. $3 on a bag of chex mix, and $20 on gas total of $23
  9. Last weekend went and saw four christmases. Reese and vince make a great duo combination. Over all, it was a very funny movie 9/10
  10. Keep up the good work Robb your doing great! 14lbs in 21 days is awesome.
  11. paid $1.90 in milford. i can actually fill my car on $20 again, YES!!
  12. Thanks to Ike gas prices are starting to rise. Up to $3.90.. again
  13. Awesome Trip Report! I cant wait to hit up Cedar Point next year, it's calling my name!
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