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  1. So were going to SFNE this weekend and when seeing if our friend Andrew is going, he said the following "i dont have all this money first i have to get my season pass, then i have to pay to get in thats a lot of money" like dude are you retarded lol
  2. Tomorrow is opening day for SFNE, i cant wait to ride SROS
  3. Sunny and Just about 60 out pretty nice weather for spring
  4. its ok the yankees lost there second game. were coming back to dominate this year!!
  5. good job jay you did good,yeah! lol awesome trip as usual. i think we put like 150 miles on my car that day lol if not more..
  6. No didnt watch it Have you ridden El Toro?
  7. awesome pics so far. im itching to go back there and ride griffon...
  8. nice pictures, i cant wait for opening day. only 11 more days and ill be there
  9. Its so close to being done. i cant wait till my trip to hershey this year!
  10. Its been a while, ct hasnt seen much snow lately. When was the lat time you argued with your brother or sister?
  11. awesome trip report. looking at your food pictures did make me hungry lol
  12. My Coaster season is going to start this weekend
  13. That is the dumbest thing i have ever heard. Your at an amusement park to enjoy yourself, not watch girls shake there pom poms lol
  14. cant wait to go on saturday.. i just hope we dont die in the process haha
  15. no did you order any girl scout cookies?
  16. My knee was bothering me last night. I had surgury on my knee over 2 years ago and it still gives me pain. It's so annoying, the surgury was suppossed to fix it
  17. went to bed at 1:30 woke up at 9:30. slept horrible but close enough to 8 hours
  18. Im going insane. My sister got her wisdom teeth out and she is making way too big of a deal out of it. Get over it already GOSH!
  19. I love how people in my family talk crap about me, When they are at the bottom of the stairs and I can Hear everything they are saying! Flipping Stupid idiots
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