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  1. i would have to say that a slingshot would probably be scarier. it flings you fast!! i love to do the skycoaster's, they are awesome
  2. well if you want to count this.. i've donated blood a few times now and they say that for every pint you give, you save three lives!
  3. damn i guess i can consider myself lucky. so far yet this winter i haven't had to scrape ice or snow off my car.. your dog is soo cute!!!
  4. how weird is that.. so california gets snow and yet its rare, and Connecticut thats gets snow, hasn't gotten any yet?? lol
  5. well since my team got knocked out, im rooting for the patriots!!!
  6. well i cant wait for this friday to come, i am going to go see The Hitcher.. im hoping its good
  7. that looks so awesome.. i would ride it, it looks like wicked fun(which is what i voted).. i would ride it in a hearbeat
  8. Griffon is going to be opening up late spring. the construction for it is coming along quite well. if you are looking for new updated pictures buschgardens has posted new ones up on their site.
  9. damn looking at that really does make you appreciate how far coasters have come. but i still would of loved the chance to get to ride that lol
  10. i'm going to have to go with Cedar point like a few of you guys. its just amazing to be coming up to the park and seeing most of the rides before you even enter the park!!
  11. looked like you guys had a pretty good time, even though the park was pretty much abandonned. the obstacle course looked pretty intense lol
  12. i can't wait to ride maverick.. i love cedar point i've ridden every ride there.. so now once maverick is open im going to get that credit tooo....
  13. if its anything like thunder N' lightning at l.c then this one should be good too.. gotta love the breeze in your face..
  14. i would have to say as of rigt now, mind eraser at SFNE... i feel like my ears are gonna bleed when im on it because of all the headbanging
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