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  1. Awesome Post. Brings back a lot of good memories. Thanks for sharing
  2. I have a 4 day week and then im off for 2 weeks!!
  3. my condolences go out to the families who have lost their children, especially the one family who last both of their sons.
  4. a few weeks ago when was the last time you washed your car?
  5. Saw Step Up 2 last night. It was a good movie. if you like the first one you will def. Like this one too. 9/10
  6. awesome trip report. Geauga lake looks like a great park to go to
  7. My sister thinks i need to jump to her every command.. def not get a life cuz im not taking it anymore!
  8. Saw over her dead body. movie was pretty good, had some pretty funny parts and was better then expected.
  9. Thanks for that Shane. i loved the pics, keep adding more its very interesting to see things back in the day
  10. Nice new pictures its coming along quite nicely omg I am dying to ride a good wooden coaster right now
  11. Raining and seasonably warm, its about 40 degrees if not more.it just sucks its raining
  12. Lol cinnamon, and then wings what a combo. Anyways that was hilarious thanks for that it made my day
  13. I so don’t want to be at work today, anyone wanna trade jobs lol
  14. ^ haha that one was pretty funny. the justin timberlake commercial was one of my favs. him getting dragged all over the place
  15. i cant wait till my friends and i go to kennywood this year. it will be my first trip there, im so excited.
  16. i cant wait for the off season tour. was there a few weeks ago to get my season pass and i cant wait for the season to start.
  17. yes, go pats! do you like to read books?
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