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  1. hmm.. i enjoy going to burger king and getting a whopper but here are my favs. 1. Red Robin 2. johnny rockets
  2. Happy 19th birthday!! damn i remember when i turned 19 and then was only 2 years ago, dang im getting old lol
  3. im excited about all the additions that hershey is making. went to hershey for the first time last year and my friends and i had a blast. anyways i cant wait to go this year
  4. well since it was too warm here yesterday, the little bit of snow we were suppossed to get turned into rain so its still raining.. bahumbug i want some snow
  5. Wow that made my day. Sad thing is I bet some ppl do some of the don’ts.
  6. Good trip report looks like a lot of fun. I so need to venture out of the U.S for some new roller coaster experiences!
  7. I think it’s going to be a good game but I’m rooting for the patriots. If the giants show up to win it and play there best they have a shot, but Tom Brady has been on his game all year, very little mistakes so its not likely they will defeat the pats. lets go all the way, make it 19-0 Baby!!
  8. This was before I was born so its always good to see how far things have come along. Good pictures I really enjoyed looking at them.
  9. Wow 60 inches is a pretty steep height to sit in the front.. it’s a good thing im not as short as my sister she doesn’t meet these requirements but I do
  10. cool mini trip report, i have a lot of coffee during the day. definitly something that helps me stay awake
  11. Cloverfield! Going to see it tonight I cant wait ps i love you 27 dresses
  12. Omg idol last night was crazy. Only a few good ppl, A few sappy stories too. I think my favorite was the guy that had never kissed or been intimate with a girl and he’s 19! But umm anyways so yeah there was a guy on last night that said he was an American Coaster Enthusiast. Yeah too bad he really wasn’t good at singing he was actually pretty horrible.
  13. Gas- a little less then half a tank to full- $25
  14. awesome trip report, looks like you had a few good days down there at Disney
  15. awesome, never been on one it should be fun. i guess this might be a bi-standard trip this year huh jay?
  16. Yeah no idea lol Wee gholt liokre nmoi snmowe yyeyt ashgaswin
  17. Good trip report. I cant’ believe the last time I was there was when TTD was in its season debut. It is definitely time to go back. Cedar point is an awesome park, I really need to go back. But anyways great pictures
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