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  1. Going by my visits in March to SFMM, DCA, DL, KBF, and Belmont: Best: Riddler's Revenge- incredible layout that never lets up Worst: *Boomerang- Very rough... and rough in unusual places, like the loop. *I'm sure Ghostrider would win this category had I ridden a wheel seat.
  2. So James, would you happen to have any hints as to when the full word on this thing will drop?
  3. Texas Giant would win if it was just a little less homicidal. However, my last ride on it put me down for the count. I was screaming in complete agony just praying to make it back alright. I honestly thought I was going to have to be taken away in an ambulance because the extreme jackhammering was causing such excruciating back pain. I'll never ride it again until I hear they have completely overhauled the ride. My favorite death machine is the Looping Star at Beech Bend. The ride is completely janky and unnerving, but I really get a kick out of it. I was always a fan of King Cobra at Kings Island as well.
  4. While I'd argue that Dominator is a great ride, I'd personally argue even harder that Scream is better. I really think Scream gets a worse rap than it deserves simply because it's a parking lot coaster. I found the overall layout to be more intense and fun than Dominator, though. Just my thoughts on that.
  5. Yeah, that was a bit disappointing. The Lakers just seemed to fall apart in the last several minutes. I'm a bit baffled as to why Jackson didn't have the make more of an effort to foul. And seriously, how did Pierce come back five minutes after being carted off in a wheel chair in apparent excruciating pain? Sure, you gotta give the guy a little credit, but at the same time, it seems kind of silly. Either way, it was a good game. I'm thinking this is going to be a long, hard fought series.
  6. Well, just my views on this: 1. If somebody has the huevos to do a slide like that at a water park, I'd like to think they are able to swim, so if it did fill up for some reason, they could just stay afloat until.... 2. ...They shut off the water. I'm sure the drowning concern wouldn't really be an issue, 'cause they'll probably shut off the water just as soon as they notice the person hasn't reached the bottom. 3. I doubt a flooding slide would last long anyway. I'm sure a few sections would eventually collapse under the weight of the water. So, while you would be screwed, at least it's not drowning! In all seriousness though, that's my opinion on it. Hopefully that relieves your concern.
  7. ^Thanks! Glad you liked it! Thanks as well! That's one of the things I was going for. I wanted a combo of cool turns and hills that produce massive amounts of airtime. I spent a good deal of time just tweaking the hills to make sure the airtime wasn't too weak or too strong (red). I must say, I think it's really awesome how practically everybody went for more obscure or interesting records. I actually hated that I went for the records I did, because it just seems so typical in a contest of this nature. I initially planned to do something else, but I got a vision in my head and just went for it, and F5 is what became of it. So yeah, I tip my hat to all of you for taking the road less traveled. *Yeah, that little paragraph probably sounds corny or stupid, but I just thought it was cool* With all that said, I had a really hard time deciding. All the entries are really great tracks. However, I went with Loose Control. I just thought it was a really cool take on that style of coaster and has a well crafted, fun layout. It's obvious that a lot of time was spent on the transitions, as well as support work.
  8. While I know that 90% of rumors aren't true (unless they are about a Busch park of course), I really hope there is some truth to this. I've been calling for TT's removal for years. They are decent rides, but they take up so much space, make that section of the park so awkward, and are horribly unpopular. I've been hoping for a mini-accelerator in their place, but I would be plenty satisfied with a Euro-Fighter. Either way, that area of the park needs a major overhaul.
  9. Well, first off, Kobe getting booed opening night by his home crowd is completely irrelevant to the argument of whether or not he is better than MJ. I would have probably booed too if the best player in the league was on my team and was asking to be traded. Secondly, why do they need to stop? He is one of the most athletic guys to ever play the game. Jordan made some spectacular plays, but Kobe's athleticism allows him to pull of plays that completely dumbfound me. On top of that, Kobe's stats are staggering and he's in his prime. At age 29, Bryant has already achieved 67% of MJ's point total, 71% of his assist total, and 69% of his rebound total. I grew up watching Jordan during the Bulls dynasty, so I've had a difficult time as well when somebody mentions the possibility that Kobe might be better than MJ. However, the more I think about it, it's hard to deny the possibility. The guys is just incredible.
  10. It is 99 degrees outside. This humidity is going to be the death of me.
  11. They removed the trims!?!?!? Nice TR. It's disappointing to hear so many negative reviews about the Dark Knight. Gotta give SF an A for effort though (at least in comparison to their more recent efforts, or lack there of). And I must say, Raging Bull looks amazing with its new coat of paint.
  12. I present F5, the world's tallest (traditional style), fastest (tie for traditional style), and longest roller coaster in the world. Towering over 321 feet, F5 rips a path 8490 feet in length at speeds up to 95 miles per hour. F5.nltrack F5 Tornado warning... F5
  13. Yep! I was working Raptor one time, when there was a sensor/proxy issue which caused the train to roll straight through the station and back onto the lift hill, where it was promptly stopped. I was responsible for walking up the lift hill to talk to the riders on the train. Nobody really seemed to care, except for this soccer mom in the front row who demanded ride passes for this. I informed her that she was getting a second ride momentarily (in the front row, none the less) but that apparently wasn't good enough for her. I eventually just walked away to another part of the train. After the re-ride she proceeded to chew out the TL and demand ride passes. I couldn't believe her nerve. The husband just stood a little distance away, looking embarrassed. She never did score the ride passes, though.
  14. Well, I just visited the park for the first time yesterday, and don't really have intentions of going back until they add something significant, so needless to say, I have lots of suggestions. Policies -Switch to a receipt-style parking set up that has a date listed, allowing for same day re-entry. I can sort of understand why they use their current policy, but nevertheless, I was fairly annoyed with it while sitting in my car in the parking lot, waiting for storms to pass. Operations -My friend stood outside in line for 30 minutes while a severe storm was rolling in, just waiting to turn in a locker key and get his $5 deposit back. The reason he waited this long, is because the park decided to mix the locker returns with guest relations. This was absolutely ridiculous, especially considering that many times, while I was waiting with him, there would be multiple persons standing inside the building, but nobody would be helping the people in line. It was very unprofessional. -The lack of tubes over at Neptune's Plunge was extremely annoying. There is no reason to have that few of tubes. There were people waiting at the splashdown pool, just hoping somebody would be finished with their tube and give it up. I can't imagine what it must be like on a busy day. There should be a stack of tubes by the entrance. -Sweep the freaking rocks off the steps and paths of the slide towers! Rides -Remove Acapulco Drop! The was the most painful slide I have ever been on. I will never ride it again. I saw one person who had a gash in their back from it. -Run a real program on Mind Spinder. I kept waiting for it to get going, only to realize that's how slow the park actually runs the ride. It was seriously like an extremely long warm up cycle. There were no forces, and just about everybody in my party was just waiting for it to stop so they could go do something worthwhile. General -Just continue to make aesthetic improvements. The baby blue pavement near the Sky Wheel is a bit janky, and there are plenty of areas that could just use a little love, like some landscaping. -The area/station of Zoomerang could really use some attention. First of all, the ride could really use some grass under it, rather than the dirt/rock/weed combo. The station could really stand to be remodeled as well. I'm not talking about anything extravagant, but even something like what Rampage has would be better. It feels very carny-ish in its current state. -Do something about that layout. The park has one of the worst layouts I've ever seen. There are far too many dead ends, and windy paths (which often lead to dead ends). -Rename/theme Hurricane. I know this is small and picky, but it just looks tacky to have a ride themed to a city night and live music, while simultaneously having the name "Hurricane" with a sign that has a picture of a shipwreck. That makes the place feel like a permanent carnival. Just rename it to "Music Express" or something. That's not anymore generic than the current name.
  15. Hey guys, I've been trying to upload my track since last night but there seems to be a problem with the server. Given these circumstances, can we possibly extend the deadline if the server still isn't working by tonight?
  16. No. Have you ever solved a Rubik's Cube?
  17. Nice TR! There were some really good photos in there that really showed off the park. I'm psyched about going to this place later this summer. Can't wait to experience El Toro and get the third and final "Six Flags Arrow Mega-Looper" credit. I'm now convinced that the coaster design process in RCT was completely inspired by old school Arrow rides like Runaway Mine Train:
  18. Coaster Expedition Volume 10: Midwest Mania USA So, I finally got a chance to watch the Alveys' newest Coaster Expedition installment last night, and must say that it was some of the best $10 I've ever spent. This was probably the most fun volume I have seen yet. Each segment features a perfect combination of park/coaster footage and the outtakes that the CE volumes have come to be known for. If you are more into straight up coaster porn, the video has plenty of great footage with unique views, many of which require special access. If you enjoy outtakes more, well, you are also in luck because this volume features some of the best outtakes I have seen in the TPR DVDs and these scenes are abundant. The segments were masterfully edited. I was really amazed by the number or references the footage makes to the lyrics that are simultaneously heard. There were multiple occasions where I found myself rewinding segment to catch a reference I might have missed. The best example of this is the Indiana Beach segment that is available for viewing on the TPR site. I can only imagine the effort that was required to pull this off throughout the entire video. The DVD had some features that I didn't really expect. The main reason for this is because I didn't read the description prior to purchasing it. I just assumed that I was getting a DVD of all the parks on TPR's Midwest trip. However, it also included two "ghetto fair" trips that were very entertaining, Renegade footage and POV, and segments of the rarely-heard-about-or-seen Adventureland and Arnold's Park. All of which was a pleasant surprise. On top of that, the Bonus footage of Robb and Casey cramming into Toboggan was absolutely crazy and hilarious. Overall, Volume 10 is yet another great addition to the Coaster Expedition collection. I highly recommend it to anybody, whether you are a die-hard enthusiast or a casual park-goer. I don't think anybody will be disappointed. The coaster footage and outtakes offer something for everybody. At the end of the video, I found myself thinking, "I desperately need to go on a TPR trip soon."
  19. "Jumper" (Third Eye Blind cover)- Bedlight For Blue Eyes
  20. ^^Dude, that's not stupid at all. Sure, there's a level where it can reach an extreme, but it takes a LOT to get to that point. I mean heck, that's why pro sports teams are there; for people to enjoy. They allow us to escape the rigors of life and focus on something fun. Everybody has to have their "thing" that they enjoy, and sports teams are a common one. I never knew you were so into basketball. Coming from Indiana, that automatically takes you to a higher degree of awesome.
  21. ^The simple answer would be both. However, it's probably wise to pick one seeing how your face will have already melted off after the first show. I say Orlando.
  22. ^Hmm, yeah. Makes you wonder if they've tweaked the trains a little to accommodate more guests? ^^Well, they might just have a few small indentions on the tips of the "wings" that splash up water. If you think about it, just having the tips of the wings on one side "skimming" the water probably isn't going to have that much of an effect on the velocity of a several-ton train. I'm just throwing that out though. Hard telling how much contact with the water the trains will actually have.
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