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  1. I'm going to second that. I'd give Mindbender and Goliath a try in the front, but don't miss out on the back either. And as everybody else has said, don't miss Monster Plantation. I recommend Shake, Rattler & Roll as well. It's an indoor scrambler loaded with black lights and blaring music.
  2. ^Speaking of hats, I have one you'd probably appreciate. And as for the topic, I rock a 1996 Honda Prelude, which is in desperate need of a wash and waxing. That'll be on the to-do list once the semester ends. Too bad Game 7 wasn't a little more eventful...
  3. Yeah, I have two sides to this. They opened for Less Than Jake at a show I saw in November 2003. The crowd was into it, but honestly, they were the worst band I had ever seen live in my life. They were constantly swinging their guitars in loops and jumping off the walls, but were completely oblivious to the fact that they sounded like excrement. It was awful. Fast forward two years later, when I'm flipping through the channels and saw them in a music video on TRL. I crapped a hammer. How did these no talent ass clowns make it to the big-time? Fast forward two years later to this past summer. My girlfriend at the time loved FOB and really wanted to go see them, so, even though I couldn't really stand them (music is fine, but the '03 show ruined my opinion of them), I bought us two tickets to see them in Chicago. Honestly, the show was unbelievable. As mentioned, the pyro and all the effects were pretty freakin' sweet, but they actually sounded awesome. It made their studio stuff sound bad. I was fairly blown away by the 180 they pulled during the time between the concerts I went to. So, while the summer show I saw was awesome, it doesn't surprise me at all that they were bad during the show you saw in Clemson. Given the wide mix of reviews I've heard, they seem to be a hit-or-miss concert.
  4. Hahahaha. Was that the guy who said that "based on this POV, I don't see how Nitro could have any airtime"? Yep! Here, let's get small refresher...
  5. You have got to be kidding me. I count 26 trash cans in this picture. I'm all for keeping the park clean, but I'm sorry, this is just overkill and makes the place look ridiculous! Nice pictures though, JZ.
  6. Other... I personally can't get enough of Robert Randolph. The guy is just unbelievable on the pedal steel guitar. I've seen my share of concerts, but nothing has ever come close to being as amazing as his.
  7. No offense, but this is the kind of snobbery I can't stand. It's not an either/or situation. People can still care about something, but maybe not on the same level. Just because I eat meat doesn't mean I don't care at all about animals or the environment. It's arrogant arguments like your's that carry the negative stereotype and make it seem like vegetarians think they are better than everybody else.
  8. In my opinion, there is hate due to a stereotype. Similar to how flamboyant gay men give gay men an often negative stereotype, outspoken vegans give all vegans and vegetarians a negative stereotype. My guff with vegans comes when they try and make me feel like a bad person for eating meat. If somebody has that much compassion for animals, then that's great. Honestly, I can understand that and think it's noble. However, don't tell me I'm a douchebag or heartless for eating meat. Those people that argue it's wrong are those that create the hate and the negative stereotype. Eating meat is a natural activity and I just find it funny when vegans tell me I'm a bad person for eating animals, even though some of the animals they are trying to protect eat other animals. As much as I hate the typical "Food Chain" argument, it's sort of true. So yeah, if that's somebody's thing, then great. However, to me, it's like sexuality or religion: Don't throw it in anyone's face. Now, obviously, it's a two-way street and you're the victim here where it's been thrown in your face. But for me, I'm not going to wave a piece of steak in front of a vegan just to taunt them. I keep to myself, until the opposite argument is thrown at me. Then, there is a problem.
  9. I don't really get that argument. The face value might be higher, but prices are the cheapest they've been in years if you simply buy your tickets on the SF website.
  10. Yeah, I REALLY hope somebody forgot to put an 'S' in there for some reason.
  11. That's awesome news and doesn't really surprise me. I can only see it getting better really. Compared to my experiences in the past several years, I've been nothing but blown away by all the Six Flags parks I've been to this year, save one. And even the one that wasn't a good experience was still exceptionally clean and nice. People (including myself, at times) may complain about things like the locker nazis, but overall, I think the SF brass is really figuring things out and have a bright future.
  12. I've actually had this conversation before. I was talking with some friends and they pointed out that the cobra roll has become so popular, that it's almost like the new 'vertical loop.' It has become so overused that it has lost its novelty. I don't really understand why companies don't experiment more with inversions. There is so much to be done, but so many companies, particularly B&M these days, seem content with what they have.
  13. I don't need to add anything to this. This is just as bad as the guy that said MF is better than Nitro, based off the youtube videos.
  14. Silver Bullet is ten times better than Batman clones if you compare them on rcdb, but that doesn't make it ten times better in reality.
  15. "Dixieland Delight"- Alabama Can't wait for football season this fall.
  16. ^^We complain because we're used to having an average price of about $1 a gallon. Prior to 9/11 and the war, $1.20 would have been considered insane. Once we became involved in the war, the price just shot up and hasn't come down since. It only continues to get higher. Yeah, compared to the rest of the world we're lucky, but we are always living in the past so our prices are always going to be too high for us.
  17. 1) Acrophobia (SFOG) 2) Drop Tower (KI) 3) Oh! Zone (Lake Winnie) 4) Pitt Fall (Kennywood) 5) Skydiver (Castles 'n' Coasters) Honorable mentions: Big Shot (Stratosphere) Double Shot (Indiana Beach) Superman: Tower of Power (SFOT) Demon Drop (CP)
  18. It really freakin' pisses me off when I can read a friend like a book, and when I call them out on something shady, they get pissed at me for accusing them of it over "nothing." Then, after half an hour of arguing about how they are so easy to analyze, they end up admitting that I was right in the first place! Just give it up! You suck at hiding your thoughts and emotions! Don't get pissed at me for it! It also pisses me off when I travel somewhere and make plans to do something with an old friend, only for them to blow me off. And when I ask them about it, they just ignore it for a few months, only to message me later telling me how it's been so long since we've talked (still no acknowledgment). And after messaging them within 24 hours of the original message, I still haven't received anything back, and it's been a week later! It lastly, it pisses me off when I letter a friend pour their emotions out to me and try to give them advice for a week. However, once their issue is resolved, do they ask what's going on in my life? No. They even acknowledge when I've had a bad day, but don't even ask why.
  19. There's no competition, easily Maverick. Dragster is fun and all, but it doesn't do much. It's very thrilling, but as far as a "roller coaster" goes, it's pretty lame. It's like a drop tower; really thrilling, but only for a few seconds. Maverick, on the other hand, is an awesome, complete ride. The ride has a sweet beyond vertical drop, inversions, airtime, a launch, and some insanely intense turns. The thing is just rambunctious and one of the most well rounded coasters I've ever been on. The two rides are on completely different levels in my opinion. Personally, I could probably name at least five other coasters in the park that are better than Dragster.
  20. Does anybody else find it slightly ridiculous that both of the 2008 THBSs were announced back in September and weren't even up and running on each park's opening day? It seems especially ridiculous given how fast they are able to throw them up. I don't know, I'm not trying to flat out bash Six Flags. For all I know, it could be Gerstlauer's fault. However, it just seems a little absurd that two coasters that were announced early last fall didn't even start construction until almost a half year later. Anyway, nice TR, dude.
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