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  1. ^I'm sure a few of us on TPR will go ahead and tell you that Auburn isn't the place to go. Clemson definitely seems like a pretty awesome place. I really wanted to go there a few years ago. But hey, if you transfer to Alabama, you won't have to root for the losing team in the football season opener at the Georgia Dome.
  2. I have to go with Express by Jarmor. It had a solid layout, was very smooth, and I found the fewest flaws in this ride. I'm not going to critique for now. If that's expected though, then I'll be glad to edit this post and critique the rides.
  3. However, he also said this: If he means just at KI, then its not saying much. If he means at a CF park in general (even if he means outside of CP), then that's saying a lot. You could always tell the scoop to somebody else who could anonymously spill it for you (or not spill it at all and just keep it for personal info).
  4. You didn't happen to catch wind of when they might finally spill the beans on this project, did you?
  5. Yeah, I was really disappointed when Minardi closed shop, even if they were the perennial losers. They represented the little man, and did so for such a long time. I saw an interview a few weeks ago with Paul Stoddart where he mentioned he is exploring a return to F1. It would definitely be interesting. The budgets in F1 really are absurd though. I really hope the FIA continues to make efforts to limit costs. $400 million dollars a year is just ludicrous.
  6. Isn't it amazing how Cedar Fair holds CP to such high standards, and then doesn't give a rat's ass about the rest of the chain? Funny how that works. Nice report, dude. I'm in complete agreement about pretty much everything you were annoyed about. The park is just really bland. There are so many places where it lacks shade and nothing sets it apart from other parks. To me, it is "meh" in every sense of the word. I must have seriously missed something the day I went to Carowinds though, because everybody seems to love Afterdeck and I just didn't see it. Out of all the B&M inverts I've been on, I rank it the worst behind Silver Bullet. Granted, the worst B&M invert is still a pretty good coaster, but it just didn't offer much for me. The day I rode it, it was forceless and died out after the batwing. I guess I need to give it another try. It sure looks amazing. Me either! However, both were open during the days I went. I just didn't feel like waiting three hours to ride them. So, maybe I don't like Setpoint rides? Again, awesome TRs.
  7. I know Matthew is working at CP this year, so its possible that he has moved to Sandusky for training and has limited internet access. During my time of indentured slavery at the park, we were limited to 20 minutes of internet time with a dial-up connection. So, it might be a while.
  8. That's pretty sad the Action Track fell to such despair. I had no idea, though I kind of took a hint since they haven't had the World of Outlaws for a while, if I'm not mistaken. I haven't actually been to the track in probably 7 or 8 years. Glad to see the place is heading in a positive direction though. Nice work, man. That's pretty awesome that Davey Hamilton and Brian Dorsett are involved, too.
  9. As Spaceace mentioned, you can already do this. Just go to the search feature and type whoever's posts you're wanting to find in the "search for author" section, then pick which forum you want to search.
  10. That seems a bit overkill, does it not? I've had guy friends make moves despite knowing I was straight, but I've also had girl friends make moves despite knowing I was not interested. It's practically the same thing to me. However, I don't steer clear of girls I'm not interested in just because of a few bad experiences. It seems a little absurd to write off all guys just because of one negative experience.
  11. I wouldn't mind having a place where we can say our favorite steel coaster, wood coaster, and park, similar to Thrillnetwork.
  12. 17/20, with probably three or four dumb luck correct answers.
  13. Here is my entry. Name: Corrupt Height: 149.5 ft Length: 2494 ft Top Speed: 64 mph Inversions: 3 Corrupt.nltrack Euro-Fighter Contest: Corrupt Corrupt-080501153826000 (Custom) (3).bmp Corrupt
  14. Last minute question, does the tunnel test include the ground itself or does it not matter so long as the train/car obviously doesn't come in contact with it? Thanks. Mine will be uploaded later tonight.
  15. So when you say "any record," does that mean just any overall record, or would that include "tallest invert" or "fastest stand up" and things along those lines? Count me in for this contest.
  16. Sorry for the late notice, but I won't be submitting a coaster. I've just been too busy with other things to work out all the kinks in my ride. Sorry for the trouble.
  17. *Deleted for personal reasons*
  18. We actually discussed this in my English class a couple of weeks ago. I used to wonder the same thing, especially seeing how I was one of those people that never wanted my favorite bands to get too big. The class concluded that its largely because people feel that the band, in a sense, is their own. They discovered that band, and because not many other people know of them, its almost as if it's a unique characteristic for that person. Therefore, when the band becomes widely popular, people feel as if they are losing a part of themselves, or something that made them unique. I can understand why people would be bummed about it, but as you said, that doesn't make their music less good, unless they sell out of course... coughOARcough. But to add something to the debate that my class didn't discuss, I get bummed out a little because the live experience changes drastically. I love going to see the smaller bands I like simply because the live show is so much more intimate. For some, I could be at the very back of the venue and still only be 50-60 ft away. Even if the venue is medium-sized, it still beats an arena or a huge amphitheater. So that's an extra reason why it bums me out, but at the same time, I'm usually happy for the band and I can't say it "ruins" it for me.
  19. I've only been on five so I won't vote in the poll, but out of those five (Riddler, Tatsu, Scream, Batman, Silver Bullet), Riddler is far-and-away the best. It just occurred to me... why is this in the random section?
  20. I completely love them. While the floorless nature only affects the view in the front, I still enjoy not having my feet rest on anything in the other rows of the train. No matter where I'm sitting, it still makes me feel more free.
  21. Awesome video, Robb! Definitely thought it was cool how many one second long clips fit with the lyrics right at that moment. I can't imagine how much work that takes! Well done. I've purchased my copy.
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