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  1. ^Nah, it was built in '96 with PTC trains. Yeah, the only rides from that class of 2000 that still get good reviews are Legend and Boulder Dash, which... well I'll be damned... have PTC trains now! It's a shame, 'cause at least Boss and Villain were both fantastic during their opening year.
  2. Cedar Fair. I'm just still bitter about how they handled Geauga Lake. Few American parks have as much potential as Geauga Lake had when it was sold to CF, but they still managed to screw it up and close it down. And despite making one idiotic decision after another, they had the huevos to say they tried to make it a success and couldn't figure out why it wasn't getting the results they expected. I can't help but question if they really had ulterior motives when they bought the park. The park, while no massive moneymaker, was quickly growing and becoming increasingly successful while under Six Flags ownership. It seems obvious to me that Cedar Fair saw an opportunity to kill the nearby competition by purchasing the park, wiping out the things that separated it from Cedar Point (Wild life, X-Flight) as so-called business decisions, and slowly letting the park die so they can sell lakeside land for a massive profit. The only "improvements" they ever made were to the water park, which they moved from one side of the park to the other. And coincidently, the water park is all they are focusing on now. Hmm.... Anyway, I'll end this dork rant now. I chose to put it here because it's a dead subject that was only revived in me due to today's auction of the park's rides and news that Villain has seen its last days.
  3. I understand, agree with you, and realize that we wouldn't have the current styles that we do if it weren't for experimentation and gimmicks. I guess the number of concepts are referring to is fewer than I originally thought. The only ones that particularly come to mind are this, the Intamin Ball/ZacSpin coasters, and the idea of putting a "robo coaster" on an actual coaster. To me, the ArrowBatic concept is just an improvement on the invert, and the ThrustAir concept is just an improvement on traditional sit-down coasters. So while I might be making my own argument pointless with this realization, I just don't feel there is a need to really create completely new prototype concepts like the Ball coaster or Power Eagle at this point in time. I'd rather see continued improvements and creativity with the existing styles. Launches and vertical drops have been the "thing" lately, which are just improvements to existing styles. That is the type of thing I like to see. I guess my point is that I would rather see more Expedition GeForce style coasters, pre-fab woodies, progressive coasters like Maverick, unique flyers like Tatsu, and Dive Machines that are longer than 3000 ft before I see coasters with seats that freely flip or ride on the side of the track like a canoe.
  4. For what they are displaying so far, it just seems like a cross between a suspended coaster and a mine train. I think it could be a real hit with families, but I can't imagine them doing too much to make it a 'thrill' coaster. Even if they did, I don't see them exploding in popularity any time soon. Maybe average success. I personally don't really care for coming up with really innovative riding concepts like this. I really wish companies would stick with what currently exists. There is still so much that can be done with the existing styles. Look at how much has been done with the flying concept... not a whole lot. And honestly, I feel like most companies will find greater success if they stick to innovative layouts and improvements of current styles. Think about the concepts that have seen the most popularity in the last several years. Most are simply improvements on the standard sit-down concept, like improved launched coasters (Intamin Accelerators), vertical and beyond vertical drops (Intamin, B&M Dive Machines, Gerstlauer Euro-Fighters, Maurer Sohne X-Car), and arguably floorless coasters (B&M). I understand why companies want to come up with new concepts. After all, it is a business and they all want to create the next big thing. However, it seems like the most successful companies (and most popular rides) are just improving current styles.
  5. ^I never really thought about it like that. I always figured it made perfect sense, seeing how Myrtle Beach is such a major tourist destination, and Hark Rock Cafes thrive off of tourism. On top off all of that, the only major amusement park within a 300 mile radius is Carowinds over in Charlotte. Given the popularity that Pavilion seemed to have, the location made perfect sense. I still think that they have potential to be very successful, but it's going to require them to stay afloat for a few years. For instance, the only people that are going to really know about the park are the locals, and the annual vacationers who happened to notice construction last year. I am fully aware that Hard Rock is nowhere near a power like Universal, however, I still expected a company of this caliber to do some more nationwide advertising, like Universal did with IOA back in '99. I still remember seeing commercials for the park in Indiana when I was in junior high. It is obvious that Hard Rock fully intends to rely on tourism as their major crowd draw, because Myrtle Beach is not a very populous town when the tourists are gone, and South Carolina is not a populous state. Unless the incoming tourists are aware that this brand new park exists, how can they expect them to budget the $250-$300 it is going to cost for a family of four to spend a day there? They just seem to be going about the process all wrong. So yeah, with that in mind, would it not have made more sense to pick a different location that has a larger market as you pointed out? Maybe they are expecting Myrtle Beach to take off like the next Orlando? Who knows. I get the feeling it would have had greater short term success had it been built in a place like Nashville or San Diego. Hopefully Hard Rock has more of a long term outlook.
  6. Good point, Jow. On the other hand, at least their Sprite advertisements are less obnoxious and are on a ride with no theming. If Six Flags did it to Scorcher or Cyclone, or even Goliath, I wouldn't care that much. Hell, given that Goliath seems to have some vague, mysterious car theme, it might even fit that! But they chose to do a ride that is deep in the most heavily themed section of the park! WHYYYY!? Honestly, if they picked one of those other rides, I probably wouldn't give a damn, either. I'd probably find it funny actually, especially on Goliath! I'll at least give SF credit though, for trying so hard to get out of debt and improve the parks.
  7. Great TR, Robb! There were some really good pictures in there, and I really liked the sped up footage of Led Zeppelin! I must say though, I'm fairly disappointed with quite a few things in the park. I just feel like there is so much more that could be done in certain places, the biggest of which is the Eagles coaster. As you said, they could have created some really cool theming, but instead, it just looks bland and almost trashy with the weeds and stuff growing underneath. And what's with the kids train just thrown on top of some concrete? That seems so bizarre for a park that did so much theming for Led Zeppelin and spent the extra money on a prototype ferris wheel lift for MaxRPM. Led Zeppelin, ride-wise, is the biggest disappointment though. You can even hear the rattle in the off-ride footage. Is it just me, or were all B&Ms pre-21st century glass smooth with no rattle during their first few years of operation? What have they changed to make so many of the modern beemers rattle so much? From an enthusiast stand point, the ride just doesn't look like it delivers. I don't think I've ever seen a B&M maneuver a zero-g roll that slowly. But yeah, I realize that's from an enthusiast stand point. It's more of criticism of B&M than Hard Rock. And as you said, I'm sure it's great for the public, just like rides such as Millennium Force and Kingda Ka are great for the public. I did really like the theming of Led Zeppelin and Maximum RPM, though. I'll give them that! As a lot of you have said, the park looks like it has a lot of potential! They came up with some pretty cool ideas and I'm excited to see what they do in the future. However, judging by the pictures, there are so many smaller things that can be done... like adding shade or some theming to the ride experience on Eagles. Ultimately though, the park has unlimited ride/theme ideas they could use for future rides, so if Hard Rock is willing to fork out the cash, I'm sure this could really grow to be an awesome park. I'm just not in a hurry to check it out right now.
  8. I have to sort of second this statement. While I wouldn't say they are completely awful, I don't really understand the draw of his films. They are almost predictable because he does the same type of bizarre twists in all of his movies. And many times, the twist just reduces the film's quality (e.g. the nature of the aliens in Signs). And all of his movies are advertised as something they are not. They seem to always be billed as the edgiest, most terrifying films of all time, and they all turn out to be moderately suspenseful dramas. I lost interest after The Village and have refused to see one of his films ever since. I'm still puzzled/pissed off as to why that movie was labeled as one of the scariest films ever created.
  9. My biggest official record is thirteen on Greezed Lightnin' at SFKK during media day, twelve of which were consecutive. Honestly, the only reason why I rode it that much is because they needed people in the trains for the cameras. Unofficially, I'm sure I came close to, if not broke, that record on Goliath at SFOG during Spring Fling '06. I took quite a few spins during night ERT. Not sure if I topped thirteen though.
  10. ^Pretty much beat me to it. ^^While I wouldn't be surprised if it's legal all over the country in twenty years, but your theory is poor. There will always be a people who are against interracial marriage because they are stupid and prejudice. While there will likely be people who are against gay marriage for those same reasons, the majority is going to be against it because religion tells them it is wrong. So I highly doubt we'll ever see a nation that is OK with it because they realized "they are wrong." There is always going to be a large percentage that is opposed.
  11. ^Whoops! Thanks for pointing that out! It should be fixed now. Glad you liked it.
  12. I created my first NL coaster a few months ago. I'm actually really proud of it. I spent a lot of time on it trying to work out all the kinks. It still has a couple of transitions that are a little awkward or jerky, but for what it is worth, there are no red g's. Anyway, it is called Stunt Devil, and is a Premier launch coaster inspired by stunt pilots. It is intended to be a very intense coaster. Stunt Devil.nltrack Stunt Devil Stunt Devil
  13. Oh, I know dude! The Celtics would never do something like get a 24 point lead, say maybe in the 4th quarter, and blow it by getting outscored by something like 31-9 and nearly lose a game at home. Never!
  14. "Walk on the Ocean"- Toad The Wet Sprocket
  15. Agreed. I was very underwhelmed by this coaster. I had heard so many great reviews and it just didn't deliver. However, for me, it wasn't so much that it was too rough, but that it just wasn't that great. It didn't have the numerous pops of airtime that I've grown to known GCI for. It was still a good ride with a great drop, but the never ending turns became predictable for once. It is the uncontested worst GCI I've been on yet. But again, a bad GCI is still a pretty good coaster. Overrated though.
  16. ^I really wanted to like Revolution, but I just couldn't. It was actually the only let down at SFMM for me. The restraints killed it. They were far too awkward and delivered one too many jabs to the head. It was really a shame, 'cause I could tell it would actually be a pretty fun ride if it had a better restraint system.
  17. Yeah, I voted for Tony's as well. Though it seemed a little too much to me, there were no excessive length restrictions. I was a bit dumbfounded by how much he was able to fit in that tiny area, and all the transitions and elements were just so smooth. I can't imagine the time it took to create that. Too much or not, I'm sure I wouldn't complain if it was a real ride. Everybody did a really great job and did some innovative things, but Tony's ride strikes me as the clear cut winner.
  18. Yeah, I'm a bit dumbfounded right now. Sauber has been growing stronger in recent seasons, but I don't think anybody would have bet money a Sauber would be leading the standings after 7 grand prix. And what a story with Kubica... to get his first win at the track where he had his horrendous shunt last year. That was just too great for me. I'll never forget the horror of seeing that crash last year. And I'm going to nominate Felipe Massa as the early favorite for "Pass of the Year." My jaw slammed the ground when I saw him pwn both Kovalainen and Button (or was it Barrichello?) in the Casino Hairpin. That was absolutely amazing. I'm with you, Willski. I personally don't dislike Raikkonen or any of the other McLaren and Ferrari drivers, but it's nice to see the less successful teams do so well. It was great to see Coulthard back on the podium.
  19. Do you not feel that calling Kumba the best steel coaster in the world is over-hyping or overrating it? I'm a huge Kumba fanboy and I wouldn't even dare say that it is the best steel coaster in the world.
  20. ^Seconded. The forces on those rides are just amazing, especially in the first helix on Titan. The sustained airtime of the airtime hill on both is awesome as well. Georgia Scorcher I always for get how great this ride is. After ten years though, it's still smooth as glass and really packs one heck of a punch. It's by no means the biggest stand-up, but I personally feel it is second only to Riddler's Revenge.
  21. Superman Krypton Coaster I had heard so many people say this is the best floorless coaster and I am just completely baffled by this. The drop was pretty cool, but everything else was just sub-par. It just felt too spread out and lacked intensity. Out of the four floorless coasters I've been on, it is the uncontested worst. I don't think I've ever had a coaster fall so short of the hype before.
  22. Hey man, how's it goin'? Don't know if you remember, but I ran into you on the Log Jammer at SFMM back in March. Anyway, I understand what you mean. A lot of people tend to have this idea in their head that you have to design a ride based off the characteristics of the company for which style of coaster you are creating. However, half the point of NoLimits is to design rides as if YOU were the designer... which means you don't have to be characteristic of the company. Some people just don't get that. Sure, it can be fun to try and make a ride as accurate as possible, but it's also fun to push the envelope and do things out of the ordinary. Anyway, I've got some things to consider: -It's a little support heavy in many places. That might be how you wanted, but I would say you have plenty in many places. -While some areas were support heavy, other areas didn't have supports at all, like the flip on the zero-g roll. I would start playing with the nodes to create custom supports. It's a pain in the ass process and is tricky at first, but you get better at it as you go. And unfortunately, it's required (well, as far as realism goes) in most inversions because most of the pre-fab support options cause collisions with the train (like in your last inversion). I understand you're new to everything though. I'm just saying that's something to think about in the future. -The inversion after the mid-course is a bit choppy. Custom inversions are also a really big pain because you have to repeatedly tweak the vertices and test them until the inversion flows smoothly. I don't know if you use it or not, but one tool that really helps make this easier is the heartline display. In editor mode, just go to "display" and then "show heartline" and a yellow line will pop up. In the case of inline twists, you want to get the heartline as straight as possible. -For the effect of realism, you might also straight your mid-course brake. This is easily done by clicking the piece of track you want straightened and then pressing the "I" key. Also, as mentioned, it would probably be good to add a brake run at the end. -Sorry if already know about some of these tricks and tools that I've mentioned. One more that is extremely helpful though is the "smooth" option. Simply select any vertex on your track and then either click "Edit" and select "smooth" or just push "Ctrl"+"G". This will automatically make the transition between the two track pieces at this vertex smoother. It isn't always for the best, but most of the time it really helps. Anyway, hope that's the kind of stuff you were lookin' for. Don't lose the individuality/creativity. Keep coming up with your own innovations.
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