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  1. We could get a serious gambling ring set up on predictions for when each step of the life cycle will occur. $5 says step 3 will occur within the next two hours.
  2. Joe, that post just made my day. For insurance purposes, let me go ahead and purchase one "The splashdown sucks," one "the colors suck," and two of the "The trims suck" please. In all seriousness, I'm incredibly excited about this ride, mostly because KI has been my home park all of my life and it's nice to finally get a major-caliber coaster that likely won't blow balls in five years. Yes, I will admit that there is a small part of me that is a Kings Island fanboy, but I'm not about to start claiming this is going to be a definite top 10 coaster next year. I'm not going to make any claims other than that I think it will be a lot of fun and a solid ride. Oh, and the splashdown sucks. ---------------------------------------------- EDIT: I'm blind. Thank you, supertrooper. My bad, angryemobeaver.
  3. I think the Beast still holds that title. Not to mention all of the Chance Toboggans of the world.
  4. Never. And probably never will unless it's a child I actually know. If I can ride a kiddie coaster without a kid, I'll do it, but all in all, I'd rather have a lower coaster count with mostly quality, serious rides instead of a higher coaster count littered with 10 ft tall coasters that are all pretty much the same. Plus, when you're an adult male, there is a certain level of "creepy" and "potential child molester" threat involved when trying to get a stranger to let you use their kid so you can ride a kiddie coaster, often times in a kid's area. So yeah, I'll ride kiddie coasters, but I won't go out of my way to do it.
  5. Well I don't think Wes meant that as an actual name, I say the "Laser snake horse on fire" thing was just a cheap shot on Cedar Fair's coaster names. Poppycock, my good lad. Wes obviously is in the know on this situation. Just add up the clues: 1. A teaser sign at the park mentions that "infrared detectors are in use," a sign that we are dealing with some spiffy technology. Score one point for "laser." 2. The media package mentions that "the park strikes back," and also has a bottle of "serum." We usually think of a snake as "striking" when it bites, and a serum would be used to prevent death from snake venom. Plus, eye of the creature in the crate definitely resembles the stereotypical snake eye. Score three points for "snake." 3. The email from Kings Island mentions "letting the horse out of the barn" and teaser signs around the park have said "Ride Sally Ride," an obvious reference to the song, Mustang Sally. Score two points for "horse." 4. It has already been revealed that the ride will end with a splashdown, which obviously would represent the laser snake horse's fire getting extinguished. Score one point for "fire." Add them up and what do you get? Laser Snake Horse on Fire! Cedar Fair is obviously trying to redeem themselves after creating embarrassing names such as Flight Deck, Drop Tower, and Night Hawk. Wes, thank you for leaking this insider information.
  6. I think there are a lot of hints that strongly point to that, but more and more hints seem to suggest a snake theme as well, like "The parks strikes back in 2009" as well as the serum in the media packages. It would be kind of cool if they made it a member of the Beast family, but given that it is Cedar Fair, I'm no longer expecting anything creative that might be linked to the park's history. Maybe I'm wrong.
  7. Sort of. The airtime is intense because, yeah, it's 120 degrees so you're really getting tossed out, but the tossing isn't quite as abrupt as, say, Maverick in the back seat or Mystery Mine over the first vertical drop in the back seat. I don't know if that makes sense or not. Either way, it's still a pretty intense feeling.
  8. X-Flight/Firehawk takes the top spot for me. Honorable Mentions: Space Mountain (DL) Expedition Everest Hangman (Wild Adventures) Rock 'n' Roller Coaster
  9. Well, I made an impromptu trip to Indiana this weekend, and while there, I decided to make an impromptu trip to Indiana Beach simply for Steel Hawg. It was closed when I first got to the park (around 3) but opened shortly after. I must say, I was really surprised by the ride. If I had to describe the ride in one sentence, it would be "A wild mouse on the verge of overdosing on crack." It was much better than I expected. The pacing was so much faster than I initially thought. The brakes heading down the first drop really don't ruin the effect of the drop. Honestly, I thought they were barely noticeable. The same went for the two block brakes throughout the course; they hardly slowed down the car. The two inversions were cool, but the turns are what really made the ride. The extremely reverse banked turn was wild and the uphill, twisting turn following the first drop was extremely intense. It was just a great, fun ride. On the other hand though, the capacity was horrible. The queue isn't even very long, but I still waited an hour and a half. Granted, I expected to wait a while since it was a Saturday, but I never thought it would take that long given the length of the line. They only had two cars operating and the loading/unloading process was extremely slow. This strikes me as a ride that would operate much more smoothly and efficiently if it had separate load and unload stations. Also, despite the ride experience being very quiet, the lift hill and brake runs are deafening. So overall, it's a really fun ride that I really enjoy, but S&S definitely has some kinks to work out in the concept. This is arguably the most intense part of the ride. It is taken with quite a bit of speed, making it very intense. Such a bizarre ride. Makes it look really tall, doesn't it? The downward inline twist was pretty cool and unique. There is an insane amount of hang time before you dive out of this inversion. It's amazing how compact the ride is. It is definitely one of the most bizarre rides I've ever seen. And the support structure made me think of Natalie.
  10. Well, it is the southside. Nevertheless, awesome report, Matt. As if the pictures weren't cool enough, the numerous Sox jabs made it a great read.
  11. ^That's our nature. It's not like the guy was sincerely criticizing the ride. He was just making a joke about what he'd rather have. I'm in the same boat as you. For 22 years, Kings Island was my home park (just moved south this year) so I'm amped about the new ride no matter what, but that doesn't mean I don't wish it was an Intamin. Yes, some people tend to get a bit ridiculous with the criticizing and speculating before a ride is even open, but it is our nature to criticize and speculate to extent. When you think about it, a person who says they think something is going to suck really isn't any different than somebody who says its going to be awesome, or passes any type of pre-ride experience judgment for that matter. And besides, it's not like parks make these announcements for enthusiasts. They may cater to enthusiasts at the actual events because they know we get off on this type of stuff, but that's not why they do it, especially this early. They do it to get the publicity and get the word out that something big is coming to the park next year.
  12. One last attempt: Location: http://www.themeparkreview.com/sfmm0227/sfmm09.jpg ...sfmm09
  13. I'm doing what TJ said and letting the inner nerd out... Robb put particularly emphasis on GREAT, as in GREAT Coasters International, when describing Psyclone, the former woodie at SFMM; possibly a clue that this GCI is replacing Psyclone. Yet another clue that this has to be SFMM's new woodie.
  14. Maybe I'm thinking into this too much, but THIS is a riddle, and SFMM happens to be home to Riddler's Revenge. And "forellenhof" is a German word, albeit a random German word, but a German word nonetheless. German is the primary language of Austria... home of Arnold Schwartzenegger, the star of three out of the four Terminator movies (rumored theme), as well as the governor of California. So, I'm thinking maybe this is SFMM's new coaster. Yes, I am a total closet nerd.
  15. As much as I like seeing classic stadiums preserved, the real travesty here is that they aren't taking that wrecking ball to the rest of the city once they finish Tiger Stadium. ...Sorry, I couldn't resist.
  16. Freakin' sweet, that's what it is! Seriously, with all of those bunny hops and the low height of everything, that ride has got to be insane! Seriously though, I'm thinking it's probably the rumored WOF coaster.
  17. ^At 20mpg, 120 miles is about a $25 difference every time you fill up the tank. That adds up really fast. Think about how much money you would be wasting every year and what you could do with that wasted money.
  18. I don't know, Colin... No words are necessary. Just Kleenexes.
  19. ^Oh yeah, I'm not expecting them to top GeForce or anything in quality. I'm just stunned that they are actually calling it the biggest announcement in the park's history when the park has had a pretty eventful and significant history... unless this ride breaks some major record or is expected to be an insanely wild ride.
  20. With all due respect Mr. Dillaman, this thread has largely been fueled by you and your "sources." You are just upset because people like myself haven't bought into everything your sources have said. Last week, they were 60% sure the name was going to be "Mustang." As much as I appreciate your 'insider information,' you can't really get pissed at people for not believing every word you say because in the end, you are just a regular Joe like the rest of us. God forbid we be excited about a ride and speculate about it. All I have to say, is that if Cedar Fair is going to have the balls to say this is the biggest announcement in the 36-year history of the park [a history that includes the longest coaster in the world (at the time), tallest and fastest wooden coaster in the world, and and tallest drop tower in North America], this better be incredibly spectacular and beyond what I have been anticipating.
  21. Step-Brothers- 9.5/10 This might be the funniest movie I have ever seen. Given that it stars Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, I figured it'd be pretty hilarious, but this went above and beyond. I haven't laughed that hard in a while.
  22. They are tearing it down and turning the entire surrounding area into a park. This article talks all about the travesty of tearing down Yankee Stadium, this article discusses how taxpayers are financing the demolition, and this page from the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation discusses the entire project.
  23. ^I think he might be pointing out how peculiar it is that Kings Island chose to run this story a little over a week before the announcement. Among all the other clues (shaking box used for SOB promo, "Meanest ride," vids with people running in terror, the eye in the box similar to the eye in the SOB logo), it would seem this could possibly point to the new coaster being a new member of the Beast family. Otherwise, it's an extremely random time for KI to post a story like that.
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