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  1. ^^Great report, Joe. This renews some of my excitement about the ride now. Why would it have to be spectacular? Do you only ride the spectacular rides when you visit a park? Yes, yes I only ride spectacular rides at parks. Seriously, was the real meaning of that sentence that hard to comprehend? I said that I don't see it being "terribly spectacular," meaning, I'm not expecting it to be something really special. Is it a sin to say that I'm no longer as excited about this ride as some?
  2. I'm really on the fence on this one. Even if it is smooth, I don't really see it being terribly spectacular. I hope I'm wrong. I really hate that style of restraints though and I can't imagine it being terribly comfortable. We will see though. Hopefully I will make it up to the park before the end of the season.
  3. ^^No prob. Oh yeah, I forgot about the winters. I hate Indiana winters, but I'm sure they aren't bad compared to many places. The thing I don't like about them is how up-and-down they are. One day, it'll be 25 degrees and snowing, then the next few days it'll be -10 with the windchill and absolutely brutal, followed by a day where it is nearly 50 and all the snow turns to a muddy sludge. Then, repeat that process. Honestly, it really doesn't snow that much though. Usually, there are only 10-15 days where it snows to a point that you need to actually shovel your driveway and pathways.
  4. Except that was Shermer, IL. A little bit of Matt movie history: in the scene where Ferris shows up to pick up his girlfriend, I am running around in gym class behind him. I couldn't tell you which one, but I'm back there. Also, the house he runs through towards the end was my best friend's. His Dad is actually the one who yells, and you can briefly see my friend in the kitchen. Ha yeah, a buddy of mine who is from Northbrook had mentioned to me that they filmed the movie at his high school (Glenbrook North). And who knew that one of our own was an extra in Ferris Bueller's Day Off! That's pretty cool though.
  5. Hey, up until this past January, I had lived my entire life within an hour of Indianapolis. I actually lived in urban Indianapolis from 8/06 to 12/07. It's a nice medium-sized city. It has all the luxuries of a major city, but with fewer people and less hellacious traffic. The downtown area is also very nice and seems to impress a lot of visitors. As far as areas to live, if you can afford it, the Carmel/northside area is the most popular, but also the richest and most expensive. Another popular, nice area is the Plainfield/Avon area on the west side. Honestly, if I were to live in Indy, that's the area I would choose to settle down in. Depending on how far out of the city you want to live, Greenwood is another nice option. It's a fairly large city that is about 20 minutes to the south of Indy, but not quite a suburb. I've had family there my entire life and I've always really liked the area. Try and avoid most areas within the 465 Loop unless they are on the northside. The nicer neighborhoods and schools are outside of the interstate loop. A lot of the schools within that loop are IPS (Indianapolis Public Schools) which are reportedly quite dreadful. Well respected high schools in the Indy area include Carmel, North Central, Hamilton Southeastern, Ben Davis, Lawrence Central, Cathedral (private), Bishop Chatard (private I believe) among others. I recommend Center Grove in Greenwood as well. The city is also very sports oriented. Indy is home to the NCAA headquarters, and because of that, the men's basketball Final Four is held every four years in the city. The Indianapolis Colts are also very popular, and auto racing has put Indy on the map for the last 100 years. It is actually known as the racing capitol of the world and is home to the highest single-day attendance sporting event in the Indianapolis 500. With the exception of the Colts, life in Indiana revolves around basketball (watch the movie "Hoosiers" with Gene Hackman and Dennis Quaid). High school basketball games are social gatherings in most towns and everybody loves either IU or Purdue basketball. Basketball is to Indiana what football is to Texas. Hope that helps a little. Let me know if there is anything else in particular you would like to know about. That is just a brief synopsis of some things.
  6. Mhmm Chicago hot dogs. What I would give right for a hot dog from Portillo's or Superdawg right now. So good. Really cool TR, Cameron! It makes me miss Chicago quite a bit. Bueller....Bueller...
  7. Yeah, there you go! 'Cause an incident will never happen on any other ride besides King Kahuna, so no need to avoid any of the other rides in the world! Seriously, rides are machines... they break... sometimes in unusual positions or places. It's part of it.
  8. ^Hey man, that's a step up from what the gay kids in my high school had to deal with. Most of them were just called derogatory names and ignored. Well, that is about the "gayest" thing you can legally do in high school, is it not? I'm not saying that your peers are justified in their comments, but it's hard to argue that you don't act gay if you kiss your boyfriend in the halls. It doesn't matter if it's "sometimes," because high school kids will dwell on anything that they can. Personally, I don't see why kissing a companion in high school is necessary. I never cared to see it, which is why I never did it. Again, I'm not supporting your ignorant classmates because I'm sure they display affection publicly. I just personally don't care for any of it, no matter what your sexuality may be.
  9. ^You pretty much answered yourself: There really is no need for extra media attention. Last year's incident was obviously a severe ride malfunction, while this year's incident was obviously the victim's fault. There is no reason to discuss it to death. They can't really find out for sure why the kid went into the area, so what is the purpose in speculating? A stupid kid went into a restricted low zone and was killed when he was hit by the coaster... that's the story. Not really much else to add.
  10. Exactly. There is no known proof. For all we know, we could be on the verge of running out of oil in less than a decade. Nobody really knows for sure. So does that mean we should just keep drilling like idiots as if it is never going to run out? Yep, you're arguing against yourself here. It's not like foreign companies care about our price fixing laws. As you said, "they are charging more and more because WE are willing to pay for it." We are ALWAYS going to pay for it until we find some other energy source, because our nation can't function in its current state without massive amounts of oil. So, as long as we remain hellbent on our dependency of oil, then we will always be stuck in a crude oil conundrum. Seriously, if we know there is a limited supply, and we know the emissions destroy the planet, why aren't we doing more to find alternatives? Personally, it bothers me that our country hasn't placed a greater emphasis on ethanol production. We are fully capable of making it, and countries such as Brazil have proven that it is a completely realistic option. People get their panties in a bunch about the threat of rising food costs due to the use of corn, but there are other options. Most people just assume that corn is the only way to produce ethanol, however, there are actually multiple products that can be used and are potentially better sources. We just aren't investing enough to do more research. Brazil has proven that ethanol use reduces the amount of oil imported. Even if food prices rise, the money spent on both food and fuel would at least boost our own economy. I really don't understand why people remain so gung ho on oil drilling and anti-alternative fuels. At the very least, we should be making more of an effort for the sake of our own economy so that we can become less dependent on other countries, because at the moment, we are nothing but a marionette to the Middle East.
  11. While it's good to hear that things are looking up, it still sounds like this is far from becoming a realization. You already mentioned that he has little money, and I just don't see many investors jumping to build a park in Tulsa, OK. A new park isn't going to bring back the Bell's charm, and I don't see how a guy who apparently has so little money can build a park with a "steel loop coaster" by spring of 2009. I really hope I'm wrong. Keep us posted.
  12. Riddler's Revenge It is seriously in a league of its own. I knew it would be good, but I didn't expect it to make all of the other stand ups look bad. Georgia Scorcher comes in at at distant second, followed by Chang, Mantis, King Cobra, Vortex (NC), and Iron Wolf.
  13. The only one I can think of in recent years would be The Voyage. I was just so blown away and rattled from the experience.
  14. Good grief, why should Six Flags have an extra fence or signage? Why are Europeans smart enough to stay away from rides, even when they don't have fences, but in America, we're simply too stupid? That is the bigger, better question surrounding this whole fence debate. Sorry, I know some of you are just talking about how Six Flags could be in a tough situation if they are faced with a lawsuit, but that's half the problem. We are sitting here conjuring up ways they could be screwed. It pisses me off how our country has become so sue happy. Seriously, it isn't a white picket fence. It wasn't put there for decoration. Why is it the park's responsibility to excessively protect people from their own stupidity? I argue it isn't. The kid did something incredibly stupid and got what was coming to him. That is that. There shouldn't even be consideration for a lawsuit. It shouldn't even be allowed because the idea of a lawsuit over something like this is completely insane in my eyes. However, our nation has sadly became a place that is home to such pathetic lawsuits.
  15. ^You might want to read the very first post of this thread. Anyway, as a person who became hooked on coasters by getting the hell scared out of me on a large/mid-size looping inverted coaster, I'm going to have to recommend Silver Bullet. It's a good sized coaster that does a lot of intimidating maneuvers, but at the same time, the drop isn't that bad and neither is the intensity.
  16. What? Really?? That's odd. Every time I've ridden it, Lightning has won. Honestly, my friend wondered if they designed it with the intentions of giving Lightning an edge since, scientifically, lightning comes before thunder. I guess my experience was just coincidence.
  17. I would guess that "The South" is quoted for two reasons: 1. People commonly refer to the included states as "The South," more so than other regions in the country, and they take particular pride in being from "The South." You never hear somebody say they are from "The East," "The West," or "The North." 2. "The South" is a historical, yet ambiguous term. "The South" is more of a historical reference than it is an accurate regional representation. It's a term that originated in the late 1700's and early 1800's, back when states like Alabama and Mississippi were still territories. So where do where do we cut off "The South" to the west? Arguably, it's either Mississippi or Arkansas and Louisiana... or maybe Texas? But why isn't southern California or Arizona considered "South"? They are just as geographically Southern as Tennessee or Virginia. And if they are "Western", why isn't Georgia "Eastern"? This historic value and ambiguity that probably gives it quotes.
  18. I wouldn't even worry about wasting the money on a flash pass. Given how much the park has decreased in size in the last year, I would imagine you'll probably be able to knock out the coasters fairly easily on a Friday afternoon. At the very least, you'd get the majority done and be able to come back for those couple hours on Saturday. I've never waited more than 30 minutes for a ride at the park, and that was on a summer saturday afternoon. Depending on how they have Deluge set up, you might not even have to go into the water park to ride it if you don't want. Late in the summer last year, they had one entrance for the water park and one entrance for the amusement park. I'm not sure what your exact interests are, but in my opinion, there really isn't much worth doing at the park besides the coasters, and very few of those are worth re-riding. The only non-coaster recommendations I have are Deluge and the Break Dance. Hope that helps!
  19. Ok, I'm calling straight up shenanigans on the Terminator theme. First, there is no source for this information. After doing a little research to try and find the origin of this leak, and to the best of my knowledge, it came from some random Joe on the forums of ultimaterollercoaster.com. This is all "according to his sources." The exact same lines he posted is quoted word for word in every other major forum, including this one, with nobody questioning the validity of it. To my knowledge, there was no "ACE Banquet recently," however CoasterCon was this past week, and I have never heard somebody refer to that event as a banquet. Second, and quite possibly the most important, Terminator movies are not family films! Every single Terminator movie has been rated R. Why on earth would Shapiro theme a "family coaster" to a film series that, by law, requires its viewers to be at least 17 years old without an adult? So either the Terminator theme report is completely bogus, or I have been giving Shapiro waaaay too much credit. EDIT NOTE: While the directors of Terminator Salvation have mentioned the possibility of the film being rated PG-13, they also said that they won't compromise the film's quality to attain the lower rating. Nevertheless, it still wouldn't make much sense to theme a "family coaster" on a series in which three out of the four films are rated R.
  20. Everything depends on where you ride on a train and what train you specifically ride on. Beast isn't that bad towards the front of the train, while the back row is brutal. And then there are extreme cases like Texas Giant and Boardwalk Bullet, where one row is fairly enjoyable, but the row directly behind it is flat out brutal. I'm sure I could make an extensive list documenting the good seats from the bad seats on numerous coasters. People, including myself at times, don't realize how much a ride experience can change from one seat to another. Because of this, if I have only ridden a coaster in one spot, I try to take that experience with a grain of salt when comparing it to other opinions. This isn't exclusive to roughness either. Most coasters have a considerably different experience between the front of the train and the back, or the left side from the right.
  21. Wait, what? This is the never-ending TR! You can't just call it quits... No, seriously, great TR. You took some awesome photos. Glad you had a good time, dude.
  22. So you'd rather keep a ride for weak historical value than get new, potentially better rides? If the ride was eighty years old, I might have more sympathy, but it's barely ten years old and they never actually duel them anymore. When one side is operating, the other is rotting. There are some cases where I feel like history should be considered. This just doesn't quite strike me as one of them. The same goes for King Cobra. I really enjoyed that ride, but I completely understood when they removed it. The ride's capacity plummeted as extra restraints were added in response to accidents on similar coasters. The last time I rode it, I waited half an hour from the bottom of the station stairs until the time I got on the ride. From a business standpoint, it made no sense to keep the ride. Never mind the fact that the ride didn't set any legitimate records or precedents, contrary to popular belief.
  23. I think I just peed myself. Joking and opinions aside though, I'm really hoping to see construction equipment arrive soon. TT desperately needs to be removed. They are horribly unpopular, making them a huge waste of space and a complete eyesore. There are so many better things that could replace them and greatly improve the park. I really hope their closure isn't just a cost/staffing cutback, but a sign of the future.
  24. Isn't it a little early? The ride hasn't even been announced yet. If there's another camp-out, I'm sure it'll come to fruition next spring.
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