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  1. Funny that you mention that, Robby, Tyler and I are all Gator fans, while our fourth roommate absolutely hates them. Every once in a while, he makes the mistake of badmouthing Spurrier, to which I point out how he, along with the rest of this campus, has an unhealthy obsession with a man who has been dead for 25 years. Of course, I'm wise enough not to carry this conversation outside of our apartment, since I'm sure my life would end immediately if anybody else heard it. Yeah, plus the fact that you like those POS restraints on B&M hypers. Hersheypark will be up late tonight!
  2. They already retracked it before this season and its been running MUCH better... at least it was up until June.
  3. This honestly says a lot to me about SF's management. It's along the lines of what they are doing to X2 and now SROS. They are showing that they actually care about their current attractions. To me, that's almost as good as putting in a brand new attraction simply because it demonstrates how dedicated the management is to providing a high-quality experience. It's definitely a change of pace from the old management that just plopped rides down in random open spaces.
  4. Day 3, Part 2: Kennywood! So after having an awesome, but cold and wet morning at Waldameer, we jumped back into the car and took off for Kennywood! Now, to be honest, I have a hard time not hyping up this park. It has an awesome, retro atmosphere and is filled with cool, unique rides like Noah's Ark, Kangaroo, and the wooden coasters. On top of that, it is home to Phantom's Revenge, my personal #1 steel coaster. I had always wanted to experience the place at night, and this trip, I would! We arrived at 6pm, which allowed us to take advantage of their starlight package, and we owned the park in the following four cold, rainy hours. Since we arrived so late in the day, we were relegated to the top parking lot. For those of you unfamiliar with the park, it is built on the side of a mountain, so they actually have three different parking lots that are built on different levels up the mountain. Those on the highest parking lot actually have to take a ski-style chairlift back down the hill to the park entrance. Well, after experiencing a night ride in the rain on Phantom, possibly the single greatest coaster ride I've ever experienced, we made our way to the chairlift for the long ride back up to the top parking lot. It had been raining for a good couple of hours and the temperature had dropped to about 50, so we were already pretty cold and wet. However, halfway up the mountain, the lift suddenly stopped. We figured that they just had to stop it to help somebody get on, but no, we waited and waited for what felt like eternity. The steady rain we had been enduring suddenly turned into a downpour. We could see people in the cars below us pointing and laughing. All we could really do was take it and laugh as well. After a few minutes, the chairlift finally restarted, but it didn't really matter because, by that time, we were completely soaked from head to toe. It was truly the icing on the cake to our cold and rainy, but awesome day. We drove the entire three hours to our hotel that night with the heat on blast, but we didn't really care because it was just one of 'those' experiences that you have to laugh about. Enjoy! Sorry for some mediocre-at-best pictures. A large Hershey update (with good pictures, I promise!) is next! Again, pardon my crappy night time settings, but I thought it was cool how the ride looks like it has no supports. Story time. So on our way up the chairlift to the top lot, we got stuck in a torrential downpour. The chairlift literally jerked to a stop and it just started to completely pour... and it was about 50 degrees outside. A couple minutes later and the chairlift finally restarted. Hersheypark is next! And again, the reaction on the way back into the station says it all! Get to West Mifflin, PA! Robby demonstrates the way to properly ride an 85 mph roller coaster in the rain. Forgive my crappy camera, but I feel like this picture shows what we thought about our night ride on Phantom. Incredible drops, great speed, and down right violent airtime! I'm telling you, listening to pop music does something to you. We uncontrollably broke out into interpretive dance. "I'm not gonna write you a love song..." I was joygasming at the thought of a ride on Phantom in total darkness... in the rain. Though I had been to this park multiple times before, I had never been during the night... something I always wanted to do. It is a completely different place once night time falls. And having underestimated the ride, the other guys came off pretty blown away after experiencing the ludicrous double-down in the back seat! We all came to the conclusion that this is pretty much the greatest ride logo ever created. Fortunately though, Kennywood isn't a Cedar Fair park, so they really didn't care if it is pouring rain or not! No lightning? No problem! And then came the rain and temperature drop. We tried to seek refuge in the Racer line, but the rain just blew in sideways. Andrew was the only one smart enough to pack anything heavier than a t-shirt and shorts. Robby is a closet rapids enthusiast. Unfortunately, the rapids were also down for the night. This is just too much greatness for one photo! Turns out, you aren't allowed to ride by yourself on Thunderbolt, so Andrew scored a ride with one of the ride ops! If it had been a Waldameer ride op, we all probably would have been fighting for the seat, but it was a dude from Pittsburgh. Having got the modern steel coasters out of the way, its time to hit up those classic woodies. Unfortunately for Andrew, Pitt Fall was down all night. I was pretty bummed, since it is one of the best freefalls in the country, and Andrew just LOVES freefall towers! On an unrelated note, that sky definitely does not look promising! After Phantom, we went ahead and knocked out Exterminator, the indoor Reverchon spinning coaster. This ride is pretty cool simply because it is so heavily themed, but we had an insane ride because of our uneven weight distribution from only having three people. We all got off stumbling due to extreme dizziness. For lift hill enthusiasts, this has to be that kinky, hardcore type porn. Kings Island and Cedar Fair reps need to take notes on what Kennywood did here. They took an aging coaster that was turning to crap, tore out the majority of it, and rebuilt it into a dfferent ride that is insanely awesome! And then sends you through the most intense airtime I have ever experienced! At this point, none of us have ridden SROS at SFNE, but that would change a few days later! So if you want my opinion, you'll have to tune in for that update! I mean, seriously, it drops off the face of the earth... "Smile Robby. You'll thank me later." It's no real secret that I'm a huge fan of Phantom's Revenge. In my personal opinion, it is the best steel coaster in the country, and I was hyping it considerably to Andrew and Robby. Phantom's sweet twisting drop just towers over the park! Ghetto or not, Kennywood has one of the coolest park settings with an awesome atmosphere... and Phantom's Revenge!! ...staring at this! The view from the chair lift from the upper parking lots is pretty awesome! I seriously love this place! I don't care if it's located in the ghetto. So after our cold, damp, two and a half hour drive from Erie, we are finally here Kennywood... even colder, but not as damp... yet. And obviously, Robby and I missed a memo. We were to busy...
  5. Day 3, Part 1: Waldameer!! So after our long, busy day at Kings Island, we crashed at my bro's house for the night and then woke up bright and early, for we had 340 miles to cover before Waldameer opened! Having spent the entire previous day at a Cedar Fair park, we could not freakin' wait! Unfortunately, since Ohio kind of sucks, we were all sleep deprived, and could only listen to pop radio, the drive was agonizingly long. Once we finally arrived, it started to pour! Determined to ride Ravine Flyer II though, we all got out into the 60 degree, pouring rain weather and trudged our way to the entrance. Sure enough, as soon as 1 pm hit, the ride opened as scheduled! I can't lie, after getting my ass beat on Boardwalk Bullet and hearing mixed reviews from the TPR crew who had been there just a few days earlier, I wasn't really looking forward to the ride as we were going up the lift hill! I was really nervous, actually. First thoughts though... that view from the top of the lift is incredible! It's really amazing how close this ride is to the lake. The fact that we were riding it in a complete downpour made the view even cooler. However, you don't get to enjoy it for long. The ride shot down the first drop and rocketed over the bridge and through the turnaround. The ride just flew through the entire course, never seeming to lose momentum until right before you hit the brake run. It was incredible though! The ride was very smooth for a woodie and had absolutely insane pacing! The terrain really added an element and the thing was filled with strong pops of airtime! We were all VERY impressed. The rest of the park didn't disappoint. The place has this great small park feel and has quite a few unusual rides, such as the Whacky Shack dark ride (which is totally a credit) and the Pirate's Cove walk through. Check out TPR's Waldameer update for a few pictures. Unfortunately, I didn't take my camera out too often due to the rain. This place was great though and I think we all wished we had a little more time there! However, we had to get to Kennywood that night! Enjoy the pics! Kennywood is next! On the way to the 'Burgh, Robby did some interpretive dancing to Leona Lewis. Listening to pop radio for hours on end does something to you... Kennywood is next! Seriously, we had an amazing time at Waldameer! This park really blew us away with all it's little quirks and ride quality! However, it's time to leave our hearts in Erie and head to Kennywood for the night! ... and we want to make babies with most of the female ride-ops at Waldameer! Andrew looks at the one that got away. But it's OK because Ravine Flyer II is awesome... We're all from the South; we're not used to this '60 degrees in August and raining' thing. None of us really came prepared. We just assumed it would be hot as balls the entire time... We broke the ride! We got stuck "right there" for about ten minutes! Kind of an adrenaline killer. We couldn't help but wonder though, what if they had to evac us? Would we have got the credit or no? 'Cause, I mean, we rode it... just not all of it! Here's sort of an overview of the layout, but you'll notice that there aren't any cars running because... The nifty little cars that roll around this bad boy. Too bad they were only running two of them. Not that it matters, 'cause we are about to break the ride... Hooray, the last credit that we actually cared about finally opened! Comet was an old school woodie, but it was a fun little ride. Believe it or not, Waldameer actually has another cool, little wooden coaster. Dang, we can't be whores today. How was it? In all seriousness, I'm pretty sure all of us could have changed our pants after that. As if ARM towers aren't scary enough, this one had an insane view and it was raining pretty hard. We all mentioned that there was a point in the ride where we didn't think it was going to stop because the brakes hit so late. Hey Andrew, how about we go do this freefall in the steadily pouring rain. It doesn't feel THAT unstable, and I'm sure the 16 year old ride op knows what he is doing! Snap, Steel Dragon is down. We'll be back later. We have to have a hot, wet Maurer Sohne Spinning Coaster virgin three-some later. We're freezing our butts off, but it doesn't matter 'cause Ravine Flyer is freakin' awesome!!! Such an insane ride. It's raining, and about to start raining harder. This is awesome. Ravine Flyer II! This would be my first new credit of the trip. At this point, I am just hoping this isn't as much of a suck fest as its cousin in Texas. Behold! A coaster... getting rained on... hard. But wait! This is a small park! They couldn't care less that it is raining!! I'm amazed by how much that sign looks photoshopped. What do you do when your cd player is broken and you don't have a tape deck for an iPod adapter? You rock out to crappy pop music of course! As MUCH as we would love spend a second day at Kings Island, we actually have to drive 300 miles to get Waldameer. Word on the streets is they opened some new coaster this year that is decent or something.
  6. Day Two: Kings Island! So, I really don't have much to say about this day. All it would boil down to is ranting about how Cedar Fair is ruining the place! To sum it up, it was a Saturday at a Cedar Fair park. Let your imagination run wild! In all honesty though, I actually still like this park quite a bit. It just pains me to see my home park for the last 23 years slowing getting the life sucked out of it. Enjoy! Waldameer and Kennywood are next! "Scott, as much as you are enjoying screwing around with your camera, it is 10:30 and I'm still in a Cedar Fair parking lot. We have to get up at the crack of dawn and go to really good parks tomorrow, like Waldameer and Kennywood. Get in the freakin' car," or something like that. Hope you enjoyed! We start rocking Pennsylvania in the next several updates! And in true gangsta fashion, I attempted to take semi-decent night shots with my camera. Emphasis on the "semi." Instead of burning gas while sitting in traffic for half an hour, we hung out like gangstas in the KI parking lot. We could have concluded our day with a night ride on Invertigo, but we heard that indoor coasters in Ohio are extra awesome at night, so we bypassed the credit for Robby and Andrew and closed out our day at Kings Island with a Fort Kinzel night ride. I can't lie, I love this place at night. So wait, how did you ride the entire time on SOB, Andrew? So yeah, SOB turned out to be one of the biggest disappointments of the trip, simply because we had literally gotten ourselves pumped for the ass beating we were about to receive, yet, somehow, the G-trains actually made the ride tolerable... almost fun even. Hyper coaster woodie built by a bunch of drunks with G-trains... IN OHIO! It's gotta be great!!! This has got to be some kind of money nerd shot... Top Gun *through the steel supports of Son of Beast* with Son of Beast *through Top Gun*!!! I am so getting laid. As Andrew pointed out, it looks like a bunch of drunk construction workers just took a crap ton of wooden beams and started nailing them together in random patterns. Fun fact for you: Son of Beast is the tallest and fastest wooden coaster in the world. Plus it's in Ohio, so it's pretty much the greatest wooden coaster ever built. It used to have a loopty loop, but they took it out so that they could call it a wooden coaster. And like three people fell out and died on it. Andrew and Robby are all, "It was good, but can we stop jacking around and ride Son of Beast already." Requesting permission for fly by. Anybody else think this ride is underrated? It's name really doesn't matter, according to Cedar Fair. I will praise Cedar Fair on one thing though, they did re-track the Racer so it doesn't suck again. Though when it sucked, a friend riding with me had her boobs pop out of her shirt, so in a way, the ride was still pretty good despite sucking. We eventually decided to wait out Fort Kinzel's huge line. It's worth it though, since it's far and away the best ride in the park. And it was nice to see how much Cedar Fair has bastardized the queue. I totally expect the space ship to be gone next year. Hey Andrew, you want to go on that big Drop Tower off in the distance? Heck yes! Back to those childhood memories. Andrew and Robby found it hilarious that when I was a child, I generally would cry and bury my head in my mom's lap on this ride. Hey, for a five year old, this was scary $%... unless you are KidTums, who at the age of one and a half, has a higher coaster count than I did at the age of 8. I know there are some brake run enthusiasts out there... and at least one Arrow enthusiast. Generally, if you are confident that you aren't a pansy, then you'll probably enjoy this ride. Ride in the very back and have fun on that first drop. I rode this for the first time when I was 11 years old. It scared the hell out of me, but as a kid, I felt I had become a man because I was brave enough to ride the Vortex. I bragged to my friends, because after all, you were the poop if you rode the Vortex or King Cobra. Grrrrr I'm the angry bat alien that occupies the Crypt. Grrrr, I'm angry, so go into this large empty room and let me have my way with you in the dark! Grrrrr... Here's a fun fact for you: The Beast is the #8 wooden coaster in the world! It's even better than coasters such as Troy, Ravine Flyer II, Raven, Avalanche, Balder, Kentucky Rumbler, Colossos, and Cornball Express. Not to mention, it's only 4 spots behind El Toro. This is all true, I promise. I read it in Amusement Today. Obligatory Diamondback contruction photo. And now that it's out of the way, there will be no more. I mean, it completely shatters the .35 mph speed limit... and it's in OHIO! Premier goodness! Can somebody please explain why this thing gets trashed so much? It's good fun! I'm one of those rare types that feel Firehawk beats the heck out of the Superman clones. As soon as the gates opened, we headed straight for Firehawk, where we still had to wait an hour. That bodes well for the rest of the day... Any of you who have seen the model know that Diamondback is going to be the best coaster in country. I mean, not only is it a B&M, but it's also in Ohio. And have you seen how fast that train goes over those hills? The airtime is going to make El Toro look like a kiddie coaster. [Ghost of Robby photo #1] Day 2! Kings Island! Every time I return to this place, a small part of me dies as I see my home park wither away into a Cedar Fair state.
  7. Thanks! There is plenty more to come. But to answer your question, there is a narrow pedestrian bridge that goes over the road. The picture of Greezed Lightning was actually taken from the bridge. Well, when we initially planned the trip, everybody who was going had been to Holiday World in the last year, so we didn't really care to go back. Unfortunately for Andrew, we already had the trip planned when he joined so we couldn't really make room for it. Thanks for the comments. Kings Island should be up this afternoon!
  8. Day One, Part 2: SFKK! After spending the morning at Beech Bend and indulging ourselves at Culver's we headed north to SFKK! This park is seriously so messed up and the people who designed it really need to be kicked in the nuts...HARD. What moron thought it would be a good idea to have a park that is split in two by a road, and then thought it would be wise to put a water park in the center of the largest side? Not on the side or in the corner, but right in the middle! Jackassery aside, the screwy set up makes this place one of the most unique corporate parks in the country and they have done a great job with the water park in the recent years! Deluge was a lot of fun, but it was NOT the best water slide in the park. That honor went to Diminishing Falls, or as we call it, Blue Body Slide. It is simply a blue, enclosed body slide that is part of the four-slide tower complex that winds back and forth down to a splash pool. What makes this thing so great though, is that halfway through, the slide suddenly drops in the middle of an S-turn, which not only nearly flips you over, but makes you pick up CRAZY speed. You fly through the rest of the slide and then slam into the splash pool, creating a ginormous splash. It is absolutely awesome! Forget Deluge! It's all about Blue Freakin' Body Slide!! (Note: The sign for the slide has "Blue Body Slide" in larger letters than "Diminishing Falls," hence the nickname) The rest of the rides in the park leave a bit to be desired. Chang is a really good ride, but I just can't get over how much better Riddler is. There really isn't even a comparison! Though for a Six Flags park in Kentucky, I'm not going to complain. It's still a lot of fun. Thunder Run was great as always, providing some really strong airtime! Much like Chang and Riddler, I'm just so amazed by how much better Montezooma is than Greezed Lightning. If you find yourself scratching your head over that statement, then please find yourself in the backseat of Montezooma in the near future, as well. T2 might be the worst steel coaster I have ever been on. I had heard a few people say that the park had made changes to the ride which made it enjoyable. I know one person who even ranks it in their top ten (what!?)! Those people could make an excellent living in a drug cartel because they are on to something really good! That ride desperately needs to be removed. Even if they didn't replace it with anything, the park would be a better place! Who needs water boarding when we have T2!? Well, I'll let the pictures tell the rest. Enjoy! Kings Island is next! We ended the day at the water park, so I don't really have pictures from that. Deluge gets raved about, and it was fun, but it seriously was no comparison to Diminishing Falls; or as we affectionately called it, Blue Body Slide! Kings Island is up next! I think we can all say that T2 brought us closer to God. You truly feel blessed after surviving it. Nothing but Vekoma excellence! He's still alive! DUDE, DON'T LET GO OF THE BARS!!! Robby: "How was it?" Me: "Like glass!" Ride Op: "This one?" Actual conversation that happened. "Quick, slap on a smile so Robby thinks it actually wasn't that bad!" [bad Idea #2 of the trip] The ride hasn't even started and Andrew is already seeing the white light! Enough messing around though... it's time to get to the main event! Some people rank T2 in their top ten (I wish I was kidding), soME people say it's one of the worst rides on the planet... The look of total astonishment. Sadly, the Roller Skater is probably better than half the coasters at SFKK! NERDS! Time to get slutty! Robby and Andrew look a little concerned in the front seat though. All gerunds aside, this is a pretty good woodie, unlike it's bastardized "clones." I'm going to start a campaign to end the mentioning of Thunder Run as being the inspiration for the Hurler coasters... that's just not even fair. Anybody else hoping they just raze this entire area and start over from scratch? At least they are avoiding stereotypes at the Six Flags in Kentucky. Chang is good and all, but you can see the REAL reason we came here in the background! But we'll get to that later... If only it was half as good as that B&M stand up out West.... still a good ride though. This is an inclined loop. It is banked at somewhere around 150 degrees. Inversion or steep turn? Most places say it's an inversion, but maybe we should have a 20 page debate about it to get the general consensus. We had the perfect sky for taking nerd shots. Somehow, this place managed to land a massive B&M twelve years before Kings Island did. Welcome to Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, where they decided to split the park in two with a road and then stick a water park in the center of the largest side! *Not even half as good as Montezooma* Miss you Lou! This just doesn't look quite right. Something's missing but I can't put my foot on it... Actually, there are a few coasters and water slides we need to do at this place first... and KY girls! Going to the daily livestock show of course! "WTF are we doing here!?"
  9. So, after rocking everything from Alabama to California during our spring break, Robby (BamaRob21) and I (no Tyler this time... he did some other trip ) decided that with the little free time we had at the end of our summer, we'd conquer the other half of the country. We were just too tired of seeing everybody else joygasm on El Toro, among other rides. Joining us in place of Tyler was another familiar face on TPR, Andrew (swimace)! The game plan: Beech Bend, Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, Kings Island, Waldameer, Kennywood, Hersheypark, Knoebel's, Dorney, Six Flags Great Adventure, Rye Playland, Six Flags New England, Lake Compounce, and Kings Dominion... in 10 days, including all driving to and from Alabama! Needless to say, just like the cross-country trek, this trip was one hell of an experience. Enjoy! Day One, Part 1: Beech Bend! Day One, Part 2: Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom! Day Two: Kings Island! Day Three, Part 1: Waldameer! Day Three, Part 2: Kennywood! Day Four: Hersheypark! Day 5: Knoebel's and Dorney! Day 6: Six Flags Great Adventure! Day 7: Three Parks in One Day! After staying the night at Robby's place in Huntsvegas, we got up bright and early and began our awesome trip. Day one would consist of Beech Bend in the morning and SFKK at night. Upon arrival, my suspicions were confirmed... nobody comes to Beech Bend on week days in mid-August! We pretty much had the park to ourselves! In most cases, we interrupted the ride op's reading when we came to ride. We ended up conquering all of Beech Bend in 45 minutes and stuck around simply to get a few extra rides on Rumbler. It was definitely a good note to start the trip on! What's up Ross? T2 and blue freakin' body slide are up next!! Seeing how we were in Bowling Green, I couldn't pass up the chance to pop the guys' Culver's cherries. Robby is either working on his cultural skills in case he is ever able to do a TPR Asia trip, or he's signaling that we can peace out now that he has gotten his portable flume credit. No price can be placed on this picture. This *might* have had something to do with my decision not to ride. *Might* (Photo by Andrew) As much as I love traveling log flumes, I decided to pass on this one and document Robby and Andrew's ride. Andrew is describing: A) how awesome the Kentucky Rumbler is, or B) what he would do to those fine KY girls. Snap, the crowds are picking up! I guess I would have to say that Rumbler was a better investment than a riding lawn mower. I really do love this place and all of its permanent carnival goodness. The aneurysm came five minutes later... In one motion, describe your experience on SCAT 2. GO! Andrew, why are we doing this again? Well, since we have park ERT, let's go do SCAT 2... [Note: Bad Idea #1 of the trip] "This place is so official." Next up, Trim Brake- THE RIDE!!! 'Wild' Mouse kind of loses it's meaning when they trim you before every single turn!! I love Beech Bend's carnival feel. Notice the track right next to the stairs on the kiddie coaster? Andrew, put your thumbs down. The head trauma is getting to you! Oooohh this one has a loopty loop! It's gotta be good! I have a giant wiener on my head. Heeeeeeyyyyyyyyy! (Photo by Andrew) Rumbler successful delivered a sweet ride and I successful managed to look like a jackass. Apparently Beech Bend isn't quite a rockin' place on Friday mornings in mid-August. Bummer. We were hoping to check out those fine KY girls. Maybe SFKK will help us out later in the day... No big deal, 'cause Andrew jumped on board and relegated Robby to the back seat. Unlike his twin, Robby participated yet again in this road trip. Apparently there was some other big coaster trip going on around the same time First park of this epic summer roadie is Beech Bend!
  10. I don't know about everybody else, but I've never had a contact fall out on me, and I can rub my eyes if I have to. Even on Kingda Ka, where you're dealing with 130 mph winds, I had no problem whatsoever. The only kind of contacts I can recommend though is Acuvue Oasis. They are the only ones I've been able to tolerate. Everything else I have ever worn has felt like I was sticking toe-nail clippings in my eyes. With that said though, I often forget I am even wearing contacts when I'm wearing Acuvue Oasis. The only downside I've found with contacts is they are a pain to wear at water parks and pools, but glasses won't fix that.
  11. My old roommate was a substitute teacher following his freshman year of college and one weekend, he went to a party with some friends from high school and ended up making out with some chick. Then, the next week, he was called in to sub and the girl was in his class. That's not awkward or anything. To answer the question though, I have to follow Hector's answer. Never an actual teach, but I've had some really hot subs, student teachers, and TAs.
  12. Ok, is it just me or does that freaky chicken head piece not look exactly like E.T. when you look at it like the right side is the mouth? These trip updates have been awesome! This trip definitely looks like one hell of a culture experience, to say the least. See what I mean? Hidden E.T.
  13. If the FIA does not reverse this decision, I will not watch another F1 race for the rest of the year and will probably lose almost all of my interest in the series; not that the FIA cares if an American won't watch an F1 race. But seriously, when you have three-time world champ, Niki Lauda, chastising the organization and saying that it is the worst decision in F1 history, you know they screwed up.
  14. With the election right around the corner, push is coming to shove, so I just have to show my support for the PMW Party presidential candidate, BeemerBoy. Seeing how the PMW Party is relatively new, I recognize some of ya'll might not be completely familiar. Well, the PMW Party is a political group that bases their positions on the teachings of hip hop prophet, Lil' Wayne. Ever since Master Wayne stated "listening to my music is like reading the Bible," the PMW Movement has thrust into prominence. BeemerBoy's political positions in his "Get High Rule The World '08" presidential campaign are heavily influenced by recent works of Tha Carter, himself. BeemerBoy promises the American people that he will greatly change and revolutionize our great country. He shouts to the people, "Feel me now if you let me, you won't regret me, $%#* if you let me, you won't forget me." His plan for the next four years guarantees to get the U.S. of A. out of the debt that the Bush Administration has left us in. When asked what he plans to do to help jack the economy, he spoke straight from the teachings of The Carter III and said, "My seconds, minutes, hours go to the all mighty dollar." He certainly has unparalleled dedication to our nation's economy. The events that occurred on that fateful September day in 2001 still hits the presidential hopeful hard. When asked about his plan for the ongoing War in Iraq, BeemerBoy showed that he plans to overtake it on a very personal level when he stated, "It ain't a war thang, it's a %$ me, %$ ya'll thang." Judging by that remark, it is obvious that Al-qaeda is in deep $%! This candidate is not messing around. While many call BeemerBoy's 'lack of experience' into question, he asserts that his time on da streetz and the teachings from the P.M.W. movement have him more prepared than the other candidates will ever be. When Democratic candidate Barack Obama asked him why he thought he was more qualified than the Illinois senator, BeemerBoy simply responded, "My criteria compared to your career... this isn't fair." Senator Obama had no comeback. And when Senator McCain questioned the PMW candidate's ability while on the Ellen Degeneres Show, BeemerBoy retorted, "Look homie, you not even on my level." In my eyes, Senator Obama and Senator McCain are clearly outclassed by BeemerBoy. What does everybody else think? PMW 4 LIFE For more info, contact the PMW Headquarters in Austell, GA. Artwork by PMW ballin' running mate, Wes (-41190).
  15. Because people make it so far with GEDs. Seriously dude, I know you're 16 and each day feels like eternity, but it's what, two years? As Tyler said, suck it up and deal with it. You'll thank yourself years down the road.
  16. This is a tough one. I disagree with multiple stances by each candidate. In the end though, I think I can overlook my opposing views on B&M hyper restraints and the 3 Point Challenge and give my vote to BeemerBoy. He's the only candidate that takes a strong stance in support of the PMW lifestyle.
  17. Yeah, that doesn't really surprise me. Seeing how much trouble they had with the ride valleying in the morning May/June temperatures, I'm sure it would be damn near impossible to get the thing to complete a circuit during a cold October morning.
  18. Dammit Hector! You beat me to the punch! As far as chains go, I'm always up for some Steak-n-Shake.
  19. That's good to hear. The seats at the Dome were really my only complaint. They are absolutely horrible; rock hard, way too small, with a terrible contour. Ditto.
  20. I thought it was already pretty obvious that Gravity Group is doing this project? From the blog post on 8/13: "So if you see a 'yellow shirt' out in the park this weekend and call out, "Excuse me--" just meaning to ask the location of the closest Pepsi Oasis, please don't be offended if the response is, 'I can't tell you! I simply can't tell anyone!'" THEN, the blog post on 8/14 was titled "Designer Hint" and featured pictures of Korey, a designer for Gravity Group, wearing a yellow Voyage shirt? I'm calling a launched woodie.
  21. ^Not to respond for him, but I think you were right the first time, since he mentioned that he thinks SFOG's Goliath has the most, but "not a lot."
  22. Since I feel I largely started the "bitching".... I made a disclaimer stating that I was just making an observation about the trends in B&M's design in recent years. I was simply trying provoke serious thought out of it and maybe start a constructive, separate discussion. Never did I say that the ride wasn't going to be good. I guess that was too nerdy of me. Yes, I have a sense of humor. I understand what you guys are doing. Maybe the jokes aren't directed towards me. Maybe I just tried to start the conversation in the wrong place. I wasn't "bitching," though, but just attempting to have a simple, normal discussion. Anyway, I just had to say that. My bad.
  23. Personally, my point was just that the elements and layouts bear a striking resemblance. I agree, they are quality rides that are very popular and low-maintenance, so they are doing there job, but they use to be a little more original. For example, the first three hypers they did were Raging Bull, Apollo, and Nitro. To me, all three of those are very different from each other in flow and layout. Then you look at the recent designs like this and Behemoth, and there flow and layouts really aren't that different from each other. Again, I'm not complaining about the quality. I'm not saying it doesn't make business sense. I'm saying that I'm noticing a trend.
  24. WARNING: Serious coaster-nerd moment featuring conversational critique/debate about recent coaster design, as well as the direction of Bolliger & Mabillard. This is not specific criticism for Diamondback. While I am pretty excited about this ride, I can't help but wonder if Walter and Claude are simply losing their motivation. It's been no secret that many people feel that B&M are losing their touch, and I'm one of them. They just seem to make no effort to create a truly unique ride anymore. More and more, their creations seem to have a strikingly familiar flow, particularly in the hyper department. It's almost as if they have their own short set of pre-designed elements like in NoLimits and they just change the size percentage to fit the specified height and layout. For example, the entire flow and order of Diamondback bears a striking resemblance to Nitro. Furthermore, the first drop and following camel back is essentially a tweaked version of the same elements on Behemoth and Goliath (SFOG). The second camel back is essentially a tweaked version of the same element on Goliath (SFOG), Nitro, or any other B&M camel back. The turn-around is essentially the same as that of Behemoth, Nitro, and moderately Silver Star and Hollywood Dream. After which, there is the generic camel back, followed by an uphill turn onto the mid-course. The mid-course is followed by the exact same over-sized bunny hills that is seen following a mid-course on every single B&M hyper. The end of Diamondback features the exact same turn found on Behemoth in the far right of this picture, followed by a splashdown. Again, I'm not saying that Diamondback is going to suck. This is not a criticism of Diamondback. It just seems that B&M is losing their drive or imagination. They rarely branch out to try and create a truly unique design. There have been a few spots of uniqueness in recent years, such as Tatsu, Hydra, and Hollywood Dream, but the majority of their coasters seem to follow a similar format within their respective ride style. So, have they lost their drive, is this just what parks are asking for, or have they simply discovered that they don't have to put much effort into their layout designs in order to get a park to purchase from them? Who knows. Sorry, I had to dork out. Again, I'm not trying to pick a fight about Diamondback, but simply questioning B&M's business progression.
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