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  1. I thought the Tussauds had a big involvement with the park when it opened ?. I know John Wardley did a lot of work for the park.
  2. I voted coaster fan, got to have those 'kiddie coasters' Obviously there are other rides, I do & like to go on. If I was visiting a park then riding the coasters would come first. Some other rides have to do be done. For example when vistiting IOA, Spiderman had to be done.
  3. I think I'm right in saying here that B&M flyers have the same type of thing, where by a small platform is used in the case of a e-stop.
  4. I was gonna say Son Of Beast, but now the loop has gone I'm worryingly curious to see what it will now be like.
  5. A new update on Haunted Attractions about AW. Sounds very interesting.
  6. Very cool, I'd love to do that ... Did you have much trouble getting in/out the car ? With yourself being tall or are cars designed for any height? Manual gear change rather than automatic. Paul ' I have to say the word 'gear stick' Chapman
  7. It will probably will be a B&M flyer as the next coaster at Thorpe, but I don't rely on these 'a guy at Thorpe park told his mate who then told some one down the pub' rumours. Why would Alton Towers be putting of it's sister park from getting one? It does not make viable sense to me ? Yeah AIR has had some technical problems, but what coaster of that scale and complexity hasn't ?
  8. Apart from what seems the whole world knowing about this ages ago. Some one posted a topic about this earlier today here Various coasters from there have been moved already. E.G Flamingoland & Pleasurewood Hills.
  9. What is the name of a cocktail drink in Holland ? A Vekoma handbanger ? I tried
  10. A celebration of one of the UK's most famous TV programs have recreated one of there most memorable moments ( I certainly remember this). Way back in 1980 a group of cub scouts rode Revolution at Blackpool Pleasure Beach whilst eating there lunch Below text taken from the BBC news website Also there is a video clip too, which is here You will need realplayer to view the clip & check out the cool 80's hair styles !! Paul "Wish I could do that" Chapman
  11. Yeah right .... I'm sorry but what you say may be true about the new trains but what ever info that comes from BPB, I take with some doubt. Here's an example here
  12. I found Abismo a lot more painful than G-Force. When you are hanging upside down 120+ Feet in the air, you come out of your seat & on to the restraint. Abismo is however a better overall ride IMHO. Good Luck !
  13. Yesterday: Oblivion - Alton Towers Today: Spinball Whizzer - Alton Towers
  14. Beautiful & awesome pictures, ToT looks insane. Shame the shuttle loop was closed too. I think ToT has been closed more like 2 years or even longer. The parks website, now says it reopens in April, we will have to wait & see. I'm not going to book my flight just yet Once again, great pictures.
  15. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=33154 Already covered in this thread
  16. ^Shame you did'nt come Toby, it was a fun day. Also a couple of more things to note.. Kudos to Gerstlauer & Adventure Island in getting Rage ready & open on time plus so early in the year. I went to the park on 16th December 2006 & only the concrete foundations were there. The space they have put Rage into what was a tiny space compared to what Dollywood have for there Eurofighter. Adventure Island removed relatively small log flume for the coaster
  17. ^That's great news, thanks for the info. Perhaps we should all arrange TPR meet up's at the various locations across the world?
  18. Sorry I did not see you. As the coaster got faster during the day, I felt it got a little bumpy in the sudden changes in direction, like you said.
  19. I know Martin has done a cool Photo Trip Report of the whole park. I thought I'd just concentrate on Rage. I also went to Adventure Island yesterday for Rage's opening. It's a great coaster & very ideal for that park. It's not that intense & very re-rideable. I have no doubt it will be very popular with visitors to the park. A few pictures below
  20. I see the water rides are not open tommorow Funny that !! Paul 'Shame Nemesis Inferno is shut too' Chapman
  21. First of all, I've been on both coasters & voted for Goliath. I will also say I went on both in 2004 & have'nt since, So my opinion of them may have be 'clouded' overtime. I would also say there both awesome coasters. When I went on Goliath in 2003, it just blew me away !! for a loooong time Nemesis was my #1 coaster. I cant explain well enough why I loved Goliath. Maybe it's layout or the almost inversion (what ever its called) I just dunno. Being very honest here, I was a liitle bit disappointed with EGF .. yes it's a awesome coaster there is no denying that on my part. The first drop is just WOW! . I personally did notice the trim brakes and that may of affected my judgement of it. Seeing Robb's & Elissa's brilliant clip of Holiday World from there ACE European trip made me decide there & then I had to ride EGF. Maybe because I rode Golaith first, my expectations of EGF may of been too high ?. I certainly want to go back to both parks at some point in the future. Out of 6 of us or so who go to parks together , I'd say it's 50:50 on who prefers what coaster. If we all like the samething, this world be very boring. Thinking about this discussion a little more, to me it's like asking everyone on TPR, do you prefer Pepsi or Coke, or even Vanilla or Chocolate Icecream. Paul C
  22. This thread made me remember that I had a photo from Alien War. One time they had the Queen Alien inside the attraction & the next time you could have your picture taken with it. Sorry for the poor scan, I had to re-size it to get it under the 140K limit. I'm on the right & Mr Cllinns on the left, I've also scanned in 3 ticket stubs. Paul C PS Sorry Nick for showing everyone the semi-embarrassing photo Alien Queen, my pet
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