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  1. LMAO Could be Barry, or he is still in pain after riding the Looping Pinfari they have there !!.
  2. Yes I sure did, on one of the occasions I went to Alien War I was at the back of our group. There was just one marine with us who was at front of the group. We had to run down a corridor which led to the exit. As I was at back I couldn’t run too fast as I would run into others in the group. Next thing I remember is an ‘Alien’ arm across my face & the other grabbing my leg. By Instinct I just elbowed the ‘Alien’, I then looked back to see the Alien just standing there. In hindsight it was awesome, but at the time I was really scared!!
  3. This is absolutely fantastic news !! I thought 'Alien War' was just fantastic & was really sad when I found it closed. I think I went to the 1 at the Trocerdero In London at least 4 or 5 times, with various mates & work colleagues. Please post some more Info as soon you/if you can. EDIT: I found some info on AW on Wikipedia Paul "Will always remember being attacked by Alien" Chapman
  4. >Run Sarcasm OMFG ! .. It travels backwards ! >End Sarcasm The bit I dont get is the air/water sprayed into your face !!
  5. I've not really thought about it that much but ... I hope to get up to 400 credits. Another trip to Spain (Seem to be a yearly thing now) , to get Furious Baco at PortAventura. Make a trip to Finland (I've said that the past 2 years )
  6. Very well done. I'm sure we all would like to see some results from the logger. You should consider selling some of these
  7. 2006 has been another busy year for me, Coaster & Theme Park wise. Paultons Park was my first park of the year way back in mid March & my last park of year was just last weekend visiting Adventure Island in Southend. I will not list every park I visited this year but will summarise some of the highlights for certain Months. March. The UK gets a half decent Intamin Launched Coaster with Stealth, I was able to get quite a few go’s on it two weekend‘s after it opened April Late April I went to Tivoli Gardens & Bakken. Tivoli is a great park to go to, the whole atmosphere of the place is fantastic. From the Scenic coaster to the B&M floorless, they have some great ride. Racing the Zierer coaster at Bakken was my 300th Coaster. May My last trip to Pleasureland at Southport, at the time we all did not know of the parks imending doom. Was a great day & with some great company also. June A week long trip to the USA. Visited Busch Gardens Europe, PKD, Hersheypark, Lake Compounce & SFNE. Also in June visited Parque de Atracciones in Madrid once again to try Abismo. Visited Tibidabo & PortAventura also. The coasters at Tibidabo are nothing special but some of the other rides there are quite unique. August Visited Phantasialand, as well as Heide Park & Movie World. Black Mamba is a great coaster & the themeing is awesome, but for me it does not beat Nemesis. September Visited Gröna Lund in Stockholm, Jetline is just brilliant!. The park got really but the park just kept adding more trains to it. At 1 point they were running 4 trains. Well enough of rambling, here are a few photo's The awesome Jetline & the average Vilda Musen at Gröna Lund Black Mamba, NOT as good as Nemesis as some people may think !! Even I did'nt go on this !! Abismo, X-car coaster at Parque de Atracciones Good bye Cyclone Tivoli, a great place Yay ! I get my 300th coaster (love the kid's expression behind me) Stealth, The UK gets a half decent Intamin launched coaster
  8. Oh that's sooo typical. Load of us go to the park on Saturday to see if anything has happend in the construction of Rage & it all arrives just 2 days later !!.
  9. Yes old news that Space Station Zero is returning to Thorpe. They started to clear away land for it towards the end of this season. It's better than X:No .... why bother .... way out
  10. They should of carried on removing rest of SOB when they were at it !! The loop was the only bit on it I almost enjoyed. Can you tell I hate this ride ?
  11. The Balder Express First & only stop will be Liseberg
  12. First of all congratualtions to you both. Just a few suggestions, I quickly thought of Cassie Charlotte Charlie Candice Farrah Faye Fiona Fleur There is some sort 'weird logic' why I chose these names . Bethany Alvey 'baby' Alvey Dallas Alvey Elissa Alvey 'baby' Alvey
  13. I doubt Ralph Firman was told what row in the queue line in had to stand in I remember reading somewhere some calling PMBO an oversized mine train coaster, they are not far from the truth there
  14. Well said & agree totally, yes it was not the worlds best wooden coaster but was a part of the UK coaster heritage. I was lucky enough to ride Texas Tornado at Morcambe & now I will just have fond memories of Cyclone also.
  15. Knowing the BPB company, there most likely going to chop it up into little pieces & sell them on ebay for £25 It's a utter disgrace that they have done this to Cyclone already
  16. Some fanastic shots there Martyn. I really dont have an opinion on Kanonen yet, as I was only able to get 1 go on it before it 'broke' for the day But with Balder right next door, your right Kanonen get's over shadowed
  17. Matthew, First of all I would like to say thanks for your quick response on all of this. I think you realise yourself albeit of any CC licenses placed on my images or any other persons photos located on flickr or from any other source – the ‘right thing’ to do would be to get permission from author of these images. I cannot & rather not comment on the ‘spam’ issue as I do not want to make dispersions on yourself or the site you run. I wish you the best with site. Paul
  18. That's absolutely terrible news in so many ways, including 1) Blackpool are removing a 'classic' log flume for what possibly could be a second hand SLC 2) 2 classic wooden coasters Cyclone & King Solomon's Mines, to go where? I'm really sad to hear this, but kinda knew it was inevitable
  19. Thank you for your help there. I will email them ASAP
  20. Parque de Atracciones in Madrid, very easy to get to. Get the Madrid Metro to a stop called Batan, 2 minute walk from there. WBMW Madrid, has it's own train station. PortAventura, Salou. Park has it's own train station, a good 5 minute walk from there. The train journey from Barcelona is at least 1 hour. Tibidabo, in the city of Barcelona, catch the city's metro (Line L7) to 'Av Tibidabo' there you catch a bus or tram up a steep hill. At the top you catch a funiclular railway further up the hill side. Sounds difficult but is not at all, part of the fun is getting there. RCDB will give links to there websites, all info can be got from there. Only Parque de Atracciones has a none emglish website as I can recall.
  21. Does anyone know anything about this website ? themeparker.com The reason I am asking is that many of my pictures of coasters etc that I have uploaded to flickr have been placed on this site with out any permission from myself. Other flickr members have also had there pictures placed on this site. I'm also letting you guys know as some of your pictures could possibly be on there also. If anyone knows who runs this site could we ask that these pictures are removed or any future pictures put on there have had permission to do so first. Thank you
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