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  1. What about the next coaster / ride from Nantimi After posting thought of another idea - Design the Alton Towers baby coaster
  2. McDonalds has also gone from Chessington too. Sorry to go slightly 'off topic'
  3. 15 / 20 thats the highest score I've got on these quizzes ! A few were guesses also.
  4. Please can this thread just die peacefully I cannot believe you guys are still talking about the P.O.S that is X:Nwo All these rumours of the trains being turned around etc, are just that rumours. They seem to around for as long as Alton Towers getting there infamous wooden coaster. Why would Thorpe Park / Merlin do anything with it ? With the park doing hardly anything 'new' for 2008 & the Eurofighter coming in 2009 - there investments in the park lie elsewhere. Plus It's still a popular ride - well judging by the queue length. Once I see actually something being done the X:WTF then I'll believe it.
  5. This is the kind of stuff you could'nt make up From the BBC News Website
  6. Yes I think your correct - I thought exactly the same thing. I think also the the 'Water Chute' from Rhyl is heading there.
  7. That sum's it up for me also - I think it is one of those coasters you 'love' or 'hate'. Same with Villian at GL
  8. Not quite sure why this should not be in 'Random' but there you go. The BBC news website explains the changes well.
  9. Exactly what ? I was being Ironic ! I hated Rick Astley the first time, most of the 80's music was rubbish IMHO. But Beaker doing Rick Astley is damn well genius I guess making a comment on a thread about April Fools is taken seriously
  10. I love you Rick .................. ........ Oh wait .... Did I say that out loud
  11. Robb, I prefer the left hand side. As well as the pictures being bigger they seem to clearer / in a high res. Liking the front page changes alreay - looking forward to the final design. Paul.
  12. 1. What do you find most useful about the front page? All the regular updates you put on there Robb 2. What do you find least useful about the front page? I hardly use the 'search' bar 3. Is anything on the front page confusing? Sometimes I find the the individual update boxes 'merge' making them looking cluttered to the view. Perhaps just a thicker border around each box. Thats the only thing. 4. How far do you scroll down the front page looking for updates? All depends on how long it has been since I viewed the front page & the updates posted. I look at the front page most times I visit TPR. 5. How often do you click on the "whatsnew" link? I was gonna say what "Whats new" link - but I did know it was there. Hardly ever Robb - Sorry ! 6. What would you like to see added to the front page to make your visits to TPR better? Mainly my comment on #3 7. Anything else you would like to mention? Like any thing else you would like to see us add/change/etc? Perhaps RSS feeds ? Go straight to item of interest
  13. I think DC's 'incident' was very odd indeed. For such what was seemingly a small 'off' over the kerbs it caused a major damage to car. All due to the suspension failure. In light of car being damaged badly I think the FIA's request to check the Red Bull cars are safe is a valid one. I hope all four of the Red Bull cars are able to qualify & race. I've never been a big fan of DC, but I hope he's round to race a couple more years yet. However with Vettel & Bourdais doing well (so far) for Torro Rosso, they are viable candidates to replace him in 09, especially with the talk of the Torro Rosso being sold of.
  14. Excellent - that's very good news indeed. I needed a good reason to go back Tibidabo.
  15. Tom, that's a understatement & a half !!. Definitely, the best Arrow ever made. But ... without hopefully starting a 'war of words' IMHO it's not a top 10 coaster for me. I agree with Dave, it was a very hard coaster to take pictures of .
  16. I'm not that bothered about the 'Building with the hole' However in the distance I've noticed the possible hotel for the Official TPR trip The seven star Burj Al Arab
  17. Maybe the new owners will just concentrate on the holiday homes that they have there & leave the amusement park side to the current management ? . " If it aint broke - why fix it " I think ... The park & whole place is just awesome & I really wanna go back there 1 day.
  18. Thorpe Park got 'worse' before Merlin took over - The park is just getting too popular for the amount of rides it has I think. Maybe the park is not being run as well ?. Alton Towers a few years back went thru the same 'growing pains'. No doubt it will improve in time It was £15 to get in to Thorpe Park on Saturday ...
  19. Huge congratulations to Diablo winning the Bafta for best screenplay. Bafta = UK Oscars
  20. I do hope this coaster finally gets built, from looking at the animated movie - the coaster looks really good. Also I really like Tibidabo itself. They where clearing / flattening the land for the coaster when I was there in June 2006. In a strange way, this coaster kinda reminds me of Lisebergbanan at Liseberg
  21. Hiya Lou, fantastic trip report so far mate. Looking forward to the remainder of the report. Enjoying the pictures of your 'Round the World' trip as we spoke about it when we were in Korea. I'd like to comment on how hot you were looking, but I'm worried you would never speak to me again !
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