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  1. Thanks for the update Dane. From the pictures I have seen of Tornado, I could not figure out where in the park the coaster was being built. On seeing your pictures & the one of the 'Water Scooters' ride (Sorry I forget it's name ) in the foreground I now know exactly where it is situated.
  2. I was also at the park today. To be honest the day pretty turned out as expected. As last years February half term event was exactly the same. So my expectations were pretty low ... You got to consider that it was discounted entry cost during this half term event, but thats not really an excuse on how many intended rides were either not open at all or broke down. I headed for Inferno first of all & found it closed due the temperature being too low . The ride was covered in frost, so there was no way they could of run it until it defrosted. Had quick go on detonator, the headed for X:NWO - which broke down 1 train away from us getting on it - after 20 /30 minutes we were told ride would not open & was given passes ae we exited. Yes the queue for Inferno was long - when it finally opened, but they operated it with 2 trains & the queue went pretty quickly. Stayed on Inferno for most of the day - queue got down to 5 mins & virtually walk on at times. Pizza Hut / KFC were open & were fine ! The day started off poorly, but with Inferno behaving itself most of the time & getting quite a few go's on it, soon made the day OK.
  3. I was also at the Thorpe Park today. They started tested Saw around 2 PM - I think. They continued to test the ride faultlessly & also with 2 cars at one point until I left at 5 PM. Was running better, than the other coasters at the park today !
  4. I think it's a shame that this park has closed. I know it was not one of the world greatest parks, but I always enjoyed my visits there. It could be called 'tacky' but some of the rides there were pretty good fun, such as Knightmare & the petrol / gas powered coaster I hope Knightmare can be saved & hopefully relocated somewhere else in the UK. Like others have said, it was not too suprising that park has finally closed & with the current financial market I'm sure did not help the park to stay open. I sad the park has had to shut
  5. I'll bet £0.01 / $0.01 / €0.01 it will be from Gerstlauer. Like a previous post mentioned Tussauds / Merlin have seemed to of got some of there coasters in pairs. Ones I can easiler relate like this are Air - Alton Towers & Nemesis Inferno - Thorpe Park Spinball Whizzer - Alton Towers & Dragon's Fury - Chessington Rita - Alton Towers & Stealth - Thorpe Park I know there not coasters, but in a simular vain the 2 S&S rides at Thorpe Park. Paul 'Wishes its a Togo' Chapman
  6. Just want to be side of caution here, Alton Towers have in the past submitted plans for coasters / attractions that were just ideas. As an example does anyone remember the plans for Vekoma launched coaster in the woods close to Duel ? I'm not saying these new plans are not the new coaster, but just wanted to say don't be surprised if it turns out to be something else. Whatever it maybe, I look forward to it & seeing it's construction.
  7. Loading condorcounter.com in my browser right now .... oh wait If it existed I'd actually would do that !
  8. Here is my 2008 list. Sorted in alphabetical order. Adventure Island - Southend x2 Alton Towers x3 Barry Island Pleasure Park Carowinds Cedar Point Cedar Point - Coastermania Chessington World Of Adventures Dollywood Dorney Park Drayton Manor Flamingo Land Theme Park & Zoo Hersheypark Holiday World Kennywood Knoebels Amusement Park Lakemont Park Legoland windsor Lightwater Valley x2 Morey's Piers NASCAR SpeedPark Oakwood Parque de Atracciones Madrid Parque Warner Madrid Pleasure Beach, Blackpool Six Flags America Six Flags Great Adventure Terra Mitica Thorpe Park x4 I don't think I did too badly.
  9. I voted for TPR TV. Sounds far more 'professional'. Also I think it integrates better with rest of the site.
  10. The park have stated that the Corkscrew will be scrapped, but the Corkscrew inversions will be kept as some sort of monument
  11. The Ultimate at Lightwater Valley, on the last train of the day.
  12. Personally, Corkscrew is a coaster you 'love to hate'. But I always try to get a couple of go's on it everytime I go to Alton Towers. Yes it's a pretty bad coaster compared to the other coasters at the park but I will kind of be sad to see it go. It's part of UK's coaster history & I'm sure it will not be forgotten. It has got a lot slower over the years & with the Vekoma trains rather than it's original Arrow trains it got a lot rougher too. I'll miss the werrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr clunk noise of the chain lift motor too !. Now the interesting part will be is what Alton Towers does with the space after Corky has gone & has been turned into Coke cans Maybe finally the park will get a wooden coaster ? But I'm thinking it will be Eurofighter !?!
  13. ^ If you had checked just one page back, you would of noticed someone had already posted the link to the second clip. Personally I think these clips a waste of time, I just want to know what it's called & when it is gonna open. Knowing Thorpe Park, the name will be pointless .... Also I doubt they will put a single rider queue in !!
  14. Me too, then followed by Dragon Khan at PortAventura. Before Colossus arrived DK held the 'record' for most inversions with 8. Loop Dive Loop Zero−G Roll Cobra Roll Loop Interlocking Corkscrews
  15. With out a doubt for me it is Expedition Everest. I know the theming is amazing & makes a large part of the ride experiance. However for it's 'technology' of the ride i.e the reversing part & it's smooth ride make it my favourite. I would say in second place, it Stunt Fall at WBMW Madrid / Parque Warner
  16. I'm going to take random / wild guess and say it's the Wooden coaster for Alton Towers !! or SF:MM
  17. Thanks for the update - Likewise here I'm glad the return of Alien War is still in the pipeline. I was only thinking this past week or so, of it's progress. Please do keep us all informed !
  18. I'm sure thats just the date the ride is announced or something lucklustre like that. Let the over hype begin.
  19. I wonder what credit #666 will be I hope it's devilishy good Great TR from the trip , Big Mike !!
  20. Could be a 'Splash Battle' type of ride ? Every other park seems to have one these days
  21. 5 of my pictures chosen at random & taken over the past year or so. SheiKra @ sunset Speed Monster Jet Star Nemesis @ night Fantasia Special
  22. The Great Nor'Easter at Morey's Piers has the new design trains. They were added new for this season. I rode Great Nor'Easter a few weeks ago. I would'nt call the ride rough or glass smooth for that matter. The train shimmered side to side, if you have been on a few SLC's you know what I mean there. However the restraint itself is very comfortable and kinda odd to not have the head or ear bang against the restraint. Which I'm sure would of happend if it was running still with the old trains.
  23. Lou, Glad you like the pic. Well you did have quite the worldwide trip, perhaps it was just travel weariness ?. Mate, you should of asked for that costume after all you had plenty of luggage space
  24. Ahhhh Lou, I didn't realise you were that homesick. If I did I would of tried to help the situation a bit. Albeit I've never been to Japan I can still understand your analogy of comparing "Disney to Uncle Bernies" Do you remember going on the spinning ride at Tongdo Fantasia ? Look forward to the remainder of the Korea report & wish I saw 'Fluffy Gloria' now Paul spinning ride at Tongdo Fantasia
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