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  1. For me Megafobia at Oakwood, is high on list for great airtime. http://www.rcdb.com/id756.htm
  2. Corkscrew is still there, Just the new coaster "Rita" Is right next to it
  3. Look on Alton Towers Website and this page http://www.altontowers.com/resort/gethere.asp to help get info on how to get to the park. Chessington is easy to get to, Get any Train service from London Waterloo to Chessington South ( I think they run every 30 mins or so). Chessington South is the end of the line, so you cannot miss the stop (Just do NOT get off at Chessington North). Walk up the stairs on the platform and exit the station and on the road - Turn Right, as you exit the train station. Walk till you come to the main road ( 2 or 3 mins walk) then turn LEFT, cross the road at the Zebra crossing (at times its a very busy road), continue walking in the same direction, and you should see the car park, then the entrance to the park. I would say its a 10 to 15 min walk in total. Yes the drop tower that was at the Trocerdero in London is now at Hayling Island, it's not very good I hear from reports I have had from others.
  4. All I can is ask is why How many times did you get on Colossus in the 2 seasons ? 4 ? I got bored doing Nemesis Inferno 16 times in one day Paul 'Just cant see the point of doing the same coaster over & over & over again" Chapman
  5. LOL I remember that day Nick, It was not raining when got into the train, it only started to rain just as we stopped on the lift hill. We did not get too wet - I dont think, but the ride op who came up to us, had a umbrella and keeping himself dry - cheers ! :shock: A couple of the more memorable 'breakdowns' are: Last year on the opening day at Alton Towers, and also at the end of the day. We were getting our last ride of Oblivlion for the day. We got in our seat etc.and went up the lift hill as normal. We moved onto the tyre transfer part - which moves the train to the holding brake. As we were doing this, we heard "bang - hiss - thud - bang" and the train stopped. We stayed there for about 5 - 10 mins before a ride op came up to us & we were told they had to reset the ride - 5 mins later we got moving again. Instead of a 45 second ride we had a 15 min 45 second ride We had good view of the park from up there. Back in 2003, at Thorpe Park, we had just had ride on Nemesis Inferno ( I think we were in the front row). Got back to the brakes and we could see the the other train in the station. We waited 5,10 mins - they got people out of there seats on the other train. We waited some 5,10 mins more, before we were told they had to release manually from our seats. We got our ride on Nemesis Inferno and we got tickets to re-ride again via the exit. One of our mate, even managed to get one of the ride ops to take a picture of us stuck on the ride 8) Shane,Mark,Me & Cllins Stuck on Nemesis Inferno
  6. Hi Robb I hope I can help you guy's out a little bit, as I visited a few German Parks in 1 week, last September... Question #6 I have not visited Bon-Bon Land, I cannot comment on there. I have been to Hansa Park, It was the first park we visited, and as we got up around 4AM, to get to the Airport, then fly to Germany (Lubeck). We did not rush around the park. We went on a Sunday, and the park was pretty busy in places. We got there around the parks opening time & left around 4:30. The Wild Mouse coaster was the most popular of the 3 coasters there, we waited in line for about 1hr that. The Water rides were also popular. The Water Slide ride (Sorry don't know how else to explain it) had pretty long line too ( 45 mins) and the Intamin Water Shoot the Chute had a queue line of about (45mins) The park was okay & like I say we did not rush around the park. If you got just for the 3 'credits' I think 2 hours for a visit is fine. Question #8 If you get to WBMW on opening time. You should not need no more than 4 hours there. None of the coasters there are outstanding! and if your short of time, 1 or 2 rides on each coaster can be the maximum. We left there about 2:30, and that was getting all the coasters, most of the 'major rides', Having a relaxed meal there, Looking around the Movie Museum etc. We left early a) because we got bored there b) We wanted to visit another park - See later in my reply... Question #16 Bonus Parks We left WBMW to go to CentrO.Park http://www.centropark.de/ Just for Speedy http://www.rcdb.com/id1551.htm. We were there just for a couple of hours & we had lots of fun there. I forget how times we went on Speedy. There not much else there, A big Wheel, Pirate Ship etc, but we really did enjoy ourselves there. We even did a bit of shopping in the shopping centre right next to it. Also if your really 'Coaster Whoring' there is this park right next to WBMW http://www.rcdb.com/pd361.htm Hope some of this helps Paul C
  7. Yes Stunt Fall at WBMW - Madrid is the same as all the Deja-Vu 's It's reliable as Deja-Vu also
  8. I have been thinking about this the past couple of days & I have to say for me ,it's Bobbejaanland in Belgium. http://www.bobbejaanland.be/ To be honest I had not heard of this park until they announced Typhoon. http://www.rcdb.com/id2229.htm Typhoon was the major reason for our trip there & Typhoon did not disapoint us. They also have some other great rides including a great rapids, 2 log flumes (1 inside), Huss giant swing. But the biggest suprise for me was Revolution http://www.rcdb.com/id917.htm. It's not the 'best' coaster in the world, but with its 30 car trains! it's a fun & very enjoyable ride.
  9. Yeah the seats tilting forward is the best bit. The seat crushing your 'nuts' at the very sudden stop is not the best bit
  10. WOOD 1 Tonnerre De Zeus - Parc Asterix 2 Megafobia - Oakwood 3 Big Dipper - Blackpool Pleasure Beach 4 Grand National - Blackpool Pleasure Beach 5 Colossos - Heide Park STEEL 1 Millennium Force - Cedar Point 2 Goliath - Six Flags Holland 3 Expedition GeForce - Holiday Park 4 Katun - Mirabilandia 5 Nemesis - Alton Towers
  11. ^ Thanks for your reply - Q-bot gold is the best 1 to get then
  12. I live in County of Hertfordshire, UK My local park is Thorpe Park ( About 1hr to 1 1/2 hrs drive away)
  13. Apart from the price, what are the differences between Q-Bot & Q-bot Gold? Is it worth the double cost? When we are going to SF:GADV it will be during the week
  14. For me it has to be Scream at Heide Park also. A fantastic ride IMO. I had about 6 rides on it - all in one go, the ride was so empty I just stayed on and did not even unbuckle my restraint! Mystery Castle in Phantasialand is very good too & very well themed. It's more a launched upwards ride rather than a drop tower tho. I will not say anymore & it will not spoil the ride for Robb & Elissa. Robb, Elissa, are you going to Hansa Park as part of european trip? As they have the worse drop tower I've been on Drop Tower & Wild Mouse coaster at Hansa Park Scream & Schweizer Bobbahn
  15. I have the Canon Ixus 40 & highly recommend it. Only major difference is that 40 is 4 megapixels. Fits well in your jean pocket. Got it just after Christmas - all I need to do now is take it to a park !! :?
  16. No no no no don't let that coaster put you off. There is always Katun the best Inverted Coaster I have ever been on. The first drop is just amazing. The Vekoma Junior Coaster was very smooth as is the Junior Coaster at Bobbejannland (How do they do that!) !. Nick “If only Vekoma big coasters were the same as the Junior ones” Collins I agree with Nick. Even the Italian built Wild Mouse coaster was better than Sierra Tonante This coaster is not much better ^ Why Why Bother !
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