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  1. Ever since they took down Wet 'n' Wild there has been pretty much nowhere to go for waterparks in Las Vegas, excepting a couple YMC, and those defenitely can't beat Wet 'n' Wild, which was an awesome park.
  2. This sort of reminds me of an incident, probably a decade or more ago, when a bunch of people all went on a waterslide all at once and an entire section of the slide broke off and they all died. My father told me about this every time we went to a water park, scared the crap out of me. This looks like a mix of bad upkeep and flawed design, or maybe just flawed design altogether.
  3. I'm sort of a waterslide enthusiast and I disagree: waterslides make for good photographs.
  4. The script has been leaked: "Hi, hon!" "Hi, sweetie!" "Honey, I just had a baby." "Honey, I just put the baby in the mailbox." "Honey?" "I have to pee! I have to pee! I have to pee! The house is on fire! I have to pee!" "I'm going to go swimming." "I don't want another glass of water! I have to pee! Never mind. Where's the mop?" "Where did the ladder go? I can't get out of the pool now and I'm going to die!!!" "OH GOD THERE ARE BIRTHDAY CAKES EVERYWHERE AND NO DOORS AND THE HOUSE IS BURNING DOWN!" "OH GOD!" "OH GOD!" "OH GOD!" "OH G- *fwoomph*" "OH G- *gurgle*" I can see this winning a few awards at Cannes.
  5. So, is it replacing an area, or is it an entirely new one? It looks good in the promo art, but you have to wonder how it'll really come out.
  6. In my personal opinion of the Bat, I will say that it looks like loads of fun, and pretty wild as well, mostly because of the quick twists and turns that are practically nonstop throughout the ride. Honestly, compare this to Ninja or pretty much any "new" suspended, they're all very graceful and whatnot, while the Bat was...foom.
  7. I suppose if you were to break your leg on It's A Small World, that'd be pretty stupid.
  8. Oh, cool, a horizontal loop. Wait, that's a fancy term for "helix".
  9. Oh, cool, now the school districts have a reason to stop bullies. And he'd better not get his grubby mitts on Kraken. D:<
  10. "We love the hamster coaster we love the hamster coaster we love the hamster co-AAGH. We hate the hamster coaster we hate the hamster coaster..."
  11. Yes, but there is close dog poop, and apples that are really far away.
  12. Disney in Missouri? Cool, they can have KKK day. If another Disneyblank is to be made, it should go somewhere like Vancouver. Anywhere else is either too close to the other Disneys or too cold or just plain boring. Can you imagine "Disneyfield"?
  13. I've been on Ninja and Iron Dragon. Ninja was loads of fun, so it gets my vote. From what I know, though, PKI's Top Gun looks like it's really fantastic. Does anyone else think that this kind of ride should be brought back?
  14. Every time I see the name of the park I read it as "Gouge Lake" and have an image in my head of that part in Halloween with the knife and the death and the boobs. Can't wait to see the new ads.
  15. Voyage is a lot like a ride on The Beast circa 1980...
  16. You know, if they completely gave this ride a makeover it could be pretty good. But, you know, yeah. Also, the ride is much more interesting if you pretend it's haunted.
  17. Binaural stuff is extremely cool. If you like this, check out the "3-D Sound" version of Stephen King's The Mist, with headphones. It's insane, especially the part with the earthquake. The only issue I have with that one is that the kid's voice is extremely irritating and they have a tendancy to blatantly describe what's going on. However, the sucking sounds are fantastic.
  18. My cousin and I once managed 45 or so rides on the Giant Dipper at Belmont Park in one day.
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