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  1. To be honest yes I am a bit paranoid, Southport was in a decline and wasnt really a holiday destination anymore. I will be honest, I run holiday apartments and while I dont think it will affect my business directly, I do think it will have an effect on the small businesses surrounding the park. Mainly due to a reduced number of people who will be passing through the area, and thus not spending any money in the local chip shops, rock shops, piers etc. The park does seem very good at managing the undesirables and they do a good job at keeping the place tidy. I may be in a small minorit
  2. You make a good point about cleaning up after people and it does cost. But generally most litter is from stuff purchased in the park. My main problem is that BPB carried out a similar admission charge in Southport and then closed it as they didnt get enough visitors! So are the Pleasure beach going to use this as an excuse to close the park in 2010 and sell the land to build flats on!!!!!!
  3. CHANGES TO PLEASURE BEACH PRICING STRUCTURE 2009 From the beginning of the 2009 season, Pleasure Beach, Blackpool will be operating a new entry system. Guests will be required to purchase either an Unlimited Ride Wristband or a £5 Freedom Pass to enter the park. As well as entry to the park, the Freedom Pass includes admission to 5 of Pleasure Beach’s favourite family attractions. Try not to get lost as you are challenged by the twists and turns of the Chinese Puzzle Maze. Take a leisurely ride around the park on either the Pleasure Beach Express or the Monorail. All aboard Noah’s Ark
  4. Interesting. I must admit that I didnt go on Tramatizer at Southport but when it was being constructed by 'Ride Construction' one of the workers told me that it took them 2 weeks to take down and two weeks to put back up. I then asked if he had worked in Southport dismantling it and he had. He said that it was exactly the same track that came from Southport with support modifications only. Plus the paint job. It would appear that the Log fume site is actually a fair bit longer than Infusion actually needed so if it is shorter it must be width wise that they made changes as they have the s
  5. Well Infusion is OPEN Nice short que, well it would have only been about 10mins if they hadn't had to reset it. Well I must say I was a little apprehensive due to people saying that SLC's are very bone shaking and a bit band and crash but it was smooth. I wouldnt say as smooth as silk but it was much smoother than I expected. No real jarring or banging about. This may be due to new cars? But I was very impressed at the ride. Its great, the transition between lovely blue sky and then the water below is great. The water jets didnt seem to get anyone wet but look good. In fact against the b
  6. To be honest yes they are bending the rules about highest, fastest etc but I would be very very sad if the Pleasure Beach closed down. So a bit of hype and exaggeration is not really doing any harm. I just hope we have a good Summer and the park is packed. That way they make more money and have confidence to invest more money and maybe one day they can build the massive out to sea coaster. Now that would be something to brag about I wish all theme parks round the world a great 2007 so they can keep investing.
  7. It has been on the local radio today that the press had a go, its also supposed to be on TV tonight as well. The official line is that it will be open at the weekend (5th) but I have heard that it may be open tomorrow (Wednesday). The water jets etc are still running and there are still a few photographers etc there. How did you manage to get in the park today with the press????? Looking forward to seeing some photos with people actually riding it. One bit on the radio today was a girl who had been on it and was saying that she got soaked!!! Smile So it looks like either the water
  8. Its a Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaster that was in Southport-UK and has been moved, painted, new cars and a new theme to Pleasure Beach Blackpool. It is due to open very soon, it is entirely over water and has water jets shooting up after the first drop and other jets fire up and in on a horizontal turn (sorry not really a loop). I dont think you will get wet but if its a bit windy you might. This site looks a bit naff at the moment but it seems to be a Pleasure Beach site. www.rideinfusion.com I live round the corner so I will keep trying to get on it and give an update as soon as I kn
  9. The water jets do look good. There are 2 sets of jets, I only saw 1 set running this afternoon. The second set are at the same end as the first but they are high up and point in and up on one of the horizontal loops. On another point, I spoke to a contractor who said that the press are attending Infusion on Tuesday 1st May and that he expected the ride to be open on Wednesday 2nd May!!!!!!!! Fingers crossed. I will pop round first thing Wednesday morning and give an update!!
  10. They have 2 sets of jets. One set is at the bottom of the first drop shooting up from the lake, the second set sort of squirt up and out in the middle of a horizontal loop. I dont think you will get wet but it looks close
  11. I have just popped round to the Pleasure Beach and spoke to one of Contractors and he says that the Press are due on Tuesday 1st May and the ride 'should' be open to the public on the 2nd May (Wednesday). They are currently finishing off the walkways and testing the water jets, and are filling up the water below Infusion. I for one will be there first thing on Wednesday Morning. Hope it is open. I have been looking forward to riding this since I had my last ride on the log fume the day it closed. Well at the time I didnt realise the 'new' ride was coming from Southport, but it still looks
  12. I managed to have a chat with one of the ride construction crew on Wednesday and he said that the steel work would be completed on Friday and the construction crew were off to Sweden on Saturday! He also said that the tract was exactly the same track from Southport. He said it took them 3 weeks to dismantle it at Southportand it will have taken 3 weeks to reassemble. They have had to change some of the supports but the tract is unchanged. So maybe it will be ready for Easter. I have looked closely at the artists pictures and it looks like the access to the station will be from close to t
  13. BPB seem to have dyed all the water in the park a dark blue color, so I guess they will dye the new water under Infusion.
  14. Its supposed to open at Easter, but I doubt it. Although they really have been cracking on with the actual ride placement now the foundations seem to be complete. I think they will have quite a lot of work to be done in creating the tunnel and water theme to finish it. I havent worked out how people will actually get to the station. Does anyone have any ideas. Come to think of it they did remove a stall opposite Burger King to the left of Bling. They repainted and opened a chocolate shop opposite Burger King and there is space next to that. I wonder if they will make a sort of bridge going
  15. Does anyone know why the Whip is still there? Is it listed in some way? They removed the small dodgem cars from under the Revolution but the Whip is still there. I have never seen it running. I hope they are going to refurbish it one day? Anyone know anything about it?
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