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  1. I seriously hope that it is something completely new and not related to HP. I like Universal the way it is and can't imagine that whole themed area as HP. It fits at IOA since each Island has a complete theme to it that contrasts the other. For US, it seems everything blends and flows together nicely with how they have it set up. Maybe this is the year I switch my annual pass to a platinum pass for the Busch Parks.
  2. Looks like you all had a great time! Oh and donut burger = best thing ever!
  3. This seems totally cute and adorable! I'd love to take my nephews next time they are in the area.
  4. I'm mostly for this! I'm always for some sort of new attractions, I just hope they improve on what they did in IOA, such as wider walkways! Crowds are way too insane on a normal day in WWOHP.
  5. This is awesome news! I can't wait to get back to SFOG next year to see the improvements.
  6. I went to Japan! Best idea ever! Plus, being that it was on a TPR trip meant I didn't have to worry about any logistics of getting around Japan!
  7. Heading to Santa's Enchanted Forest tonight and since it runs until January, can use that to keep me busy.
  8. I normally love this event! I haven't gone this year but I'm not entirely sure on the whole Shrek The Halls theme. Hopefully I can eventually hit it up at some point.
  9. ^Here's hoping I can get some cheap flights soon! I'm hoping to actually go to my first bash event since its a 3 day weekend.
  10. TPR Europe trip! No seriously, can't wait to visit new countries!
  11. Wow, Pompeii looks really great! I wish I could visit BGW for Christmas.
  12. I was bored at work so filmed the office dog succeeding at using the water fountain.
  13. By far the weirdest and most wtf trip report ever. Awesome update guys!
  14. Thanks for the awesome photos Chuck. I still really want to check this place out. Its not helping that every time I walk into Publix, I see tickets on sale!
  15. Tell me about it. I work on Cypress and Powerline. I'll have to see it every day.
  16. I didn't realize its almost been a year since the last post on this! Found this lovely article online. I couldn't find anything on the Fort Lauderdale City Website to confirm it but they seem to update the meeting plans a few months after it happens. Schlitterbahn Article
  17. Not only did it stop, it also tilted to the right or left a bit making it the most horrifying monorail ever.
  18. Wow, thanks for the photos. Not knowing much about this park, the hotels look really amazing.
  19. Oh man I love county fairs. I can't wait for the Broward County Super Ghetto Fair coming up and then next years Dade County Fair.
  20. This trip report really makes me want to do a cruise. I must sign up next time!
  21. Being that I just experienced my first ever visit to Tokyo Disney, I can't wait to visit Europa Park. Those construction shots are looking pretty awesome!
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