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  1. Awesome photos! I can't wait to check out this park next year!
  2. ^That's sad. I loved being able to run by there if I got bored. I'm not even sure if its worth to even move to the Miami Zoo.
  3. 1 - Blue Fall was amazing! When the car dropped and you saw it shaking violently on the way down, made it even scarier. 2 - The splash boats were okay. The end was effin terrifying though with the boat rocking back and forth!
  4. So I finally went on Saturday and had very low expectations from previous reports. I did have a good time but it all seemed like it was stuff redone for the most part. What shocked me the most was the wait times. I was expecting the waits to be at least 90 minutes so I had an express pass anyway. The highest wait I saw was for 60 minutes but that didn't last too long. The event was not crowded at all. On average, the waits for the houses seemed to average about 20 minutes. Not what I expected at all on a Saturday.
  5. Looks like a great start to the trip! I really need to do a cruise one day!
  6. I need to visit this place one day! Its just breathtaking.
  7. I'm surprised they have the waterball attraction. There's been a lot of saftey concerns and controversies with those. Doesn't mean I don't want to try it out though.
  8. Awesome news about the Fastpass system! Don't know how I missed that one. I'm hoping they put the drop into the mouth for next year. Would be awesome to ride it how its supposed to be.
  9. Yeah, obviously I understand the reasoning behind the permanent change, it still sucks. It does remove one of the unique aspects of the ride.
  10. I love Fascination! I never heard about it until Elissa introduced us to it on the MIdWest trip.
  11. This almost makes me want to do the Italy trip too. Looks fantastic.
  12. Thanks for making me hungry! You really are making me obsess over planning a trip here again; hopefully for Christmas!
  13. ^You are correct! Which is why I'm pretty much stalking trip reports like these.
  14. I'm pretty sure The Judge was one of the most awesome experiences ever! Oh that and the random zodiac game that made no sense!
  15. This park looks so awesome. Thanks for the updates! I can't wait to visit next year.
  16. ^That or you could be like me and just run past that area in general because there is nothing on that part of the park that interests me any longer.
  17. That's looking better and better! Can't wait for more!
  18. Me too! I love that stuff. We have a small bakery here that makes some. We bought a loaf left it on the kitchen counter and went out to dinner. When we came home all we found was the empty wrapper and two dogs that looked very guilty. Please remind me not to read this while I'm AT work! I'm already starving now.
  19. That blows! I was planning on making reservations there on Saturday when I go up there. Oh well. I'll just eat at the hotel!
  20. Awesome! I can totally use this thread plus the park index to plan a trip soon!
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