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  1. That's actually rather disgusting. Kind of sad actually being that it is one of my favorite parks.
  2. I've always wanted to check out Emiril's in CityWalk but it was always so busy. I didn't know about this other location so maybe I'll check that out next weekend!
  3. LOL! I really want to get back to this park, simply so I can do something on the west coast. I'm thinking West Coast Bash 2012 and if not then, sometime in May before summer begins.
  4. I knew this event was actually horrifying! Especially that icon!
  5. UO + HHN on the 22nd! I'm so ready for it. Plus seeing some TPR friends is always fun!
  6. Ugh, why did I not go to this! Halloween with TPR = Looks like you guys are having a blast!
  7. It actually reminds me of one of those parking lot carnivals, just a little bit cleaner. Though it looks quite dead.
  8. I'm going to have to say WildEagle for sure. Mostly because I really want to get back to Dollywood and that is a really big incentive for me.
  9. I still have yet to ride either of those! Hopefully, if TPR goes back to Japan in September, I can go then and see their Halloween stuff. I would probably never make it to Anaheim during Halloween season.
  10. This is pretty much the first "scary" ride I ever rode. I remember my family visiting SFMM in the early 90s and my father forcing me on it! Horrifying, but it got me to love drop rides after that.
  11. Same! I've always wanted to go to Europa Park so next years trip will be awesome!
  12. Same! All these new places and coasters that have opened make me really wish I could visit everything. I'm pretty much booking a TPR trip somewhere outside the US for at least the next several years to check these places out.
  13. Those photos look awesome! I'm really excited to get back there when it opens next year!
  14. Glad to see it looks great! I can't wait to actually visit some time this year! I know my nephew is super excited to visit for his birthday.
  15. That really sucks! I'm kind of used to the event not being as great but I'm bringing some friends that have never been before so its a shame its not a great event this year.
  16. Jealous! I wish Florida had parks like this! I really would like to plan a visit up there and do some camping at some point.
  17. This looks really cool! I've only been to the Legoland in CA but hopefully before or after the Europe trip, I can try and hit up some of these other parks.
  18. I haven't been to Dollywood since the IntimidaTOUR in 2010. I'm really hoping I can plan something for the holidays so I can go during the winter festivities again. Plus, um, cinnamon bread.
  19. This is one event I really want to check out at least once! I totally want to do this if TPR goes there again.
  20. Awesome update guys! It was great following along and hopefully I'll get to see you on another trip in the future!
  21. Oh man, this looks awesome! I wish I could have gotten the time off. Orlando with TPR is one of my favorite things ever.
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