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  1. I think this may have been discussed before, a while ago, but how does HOS compare between the two parks? I thought I had read that BGW was looking to move more away from a family event and make it more like the Tampa event.
  2. Thanks! I'll need to put that on my bucket list. I would much rather get a bunch of scares.
  3. Glad to see construction coming along despite the recent flooding of the park.
  4. ^Every year I keep saying that I enjoy HOS more than HHN. I'm glad to see that everyone had a good time!
  5. You had me at awesome food... Oh and congrats on the first credit for your son!
  6. I couldn't remember which one I liked the best until you reminded me on NTaG! I was proud of all the bruises on my thighs after that!
  7. I love the stay and scream option. Worth waiting inside the park for an hour just so you can get everything done quickly so you aren't running around later on. Can't wait to go on Saturday.
  8. ^Speaking of scary, my dad pretty much scarred me for life on my first one. When I was 8 he told me I had to hit a button to release the parachute on our way down or we wouldn't stop. Fun times.
  9. ^I know what you mean. I use to LOVE the park and would go all the time. I still think its one of the best parks I've been to and can still have fun there but it just seems like every time I go, it just seems a bit more less appealing.
  10. ^Thanks! I didn't even realize I got that deal last night. I'll definitely be using it!
  11. ^While I am extremely jealous! I'm sure you'll survive.
  12. That looks really fun! I can't wait to check it out next year!
  13. ^I really like the electronic queue systems anyway. I think it would be easier to manage the crowds then by reserving them. I remember have a flash pass for SFMM and it was the paper tickets and there is no control over the timeframes they would arrive.
  14. Looks like East Coast Bash was a great time! I remember the TPR event in 2008. Longest day of my life but was freaking awesome.
  15. Thanks for making my expectations higher. It really does look like an awesome place to visit. I can't wait!
  16. ^That seriously sucks! Especially if you traveled so far to get somewhere.
  17. ^But at least you'd always have pretty much 0 Gs, even on the lift.
  18. I usually just hate when they make an announcement targeting someone specific and they never listen. It gets annoying to hear it over and over again because someone thinks they are above the rules.
  19. Haha, that is awesome! Surprised he doesn't want to dress up like Charlie Sheen!
  20. Wow that looks awesome and kudos to them for going so fast!
  21. ^And being that I've never been to Europa Park, I'm quite excited to visit next year since I've only heard amazing things about that place.
  22. I've never done the Serengeti and I have always wanted to so I'll really want to take advantage of this soon.
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