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  1. ^Everyone keeps telling me I need to sign up for China. I just don't know yet... I'm sold on Italy.
  2. The Haunted Hospital was fantasic! My group started with 8 people going and then we ended with only 3 of us. Seriously, one of the creepiest things I've done. They did a great job with the atmosphere in that place.
  3. If Irene doesn't ruin my plans, then IOA this Friday for a few hours before I hit up Savannah for my birthday.
  4. Woah, that video of the ride looks pretty awesome! I would say it would be awesome but then I think of Tokyo Disneyland and think they would do it better.
  5. Awesome pics! I'm so jealous I didn't get to see you guys this year! Hopefully next year's TPR trips
  6. I remember you running up to us when this was happening. We practically ran from Broken Fantasmic to Journey to beat the crowds when we such the huge rush. We got in line at 45 minutes and that turned into an hour already for us. One of the only rides I think is actually worth the long wait.
  7. Joyopolis was such an awesome place! Prison Break goes down as the weirdest attraction ever. With that being said, it was freaking awesome!
  8. I swear that Trent and I didn't coordinate our shirts that morning. Love the shots Hanno. I miss Fuji-Q but only because its in Japan.
  9. It really is worth it. After following Robb's advise, we literally got about 4 houses done before the park opened to the GP. Plus, they worked as a front of the line pass for about 30 minutes after the parks open, so that helped out a lot! Totally worth the payment and the food!
  10. This is freaking awesome! Plus, um, yah, this doesn't seem expensive at all! I'm pretty sure I've spend way more money on my own doing the day time, plus night, plus the feast.
  11. Awesome photos of USJ! That's the one place I really wanted to do while I was in Japan. Guess that means I'll just have to sign up for all TPR Japan trips to cover the entire country.
  12. One thing I miss about Tokyo Disney was seeing the staff have queue lines appear and disappear in a matter of seconds. They are fast!
  13. Blue Fall I love that ride so much. The Judge is by far my favorite walk-thru after Haunted Hospital! I miss Japan..
  14. Why is this trip over already? First ever international trip + TPR Trip = AWESOME! Thanks R&E for another amazing vacation.
  15. Freaking awesome! Man I hope next Friday I get to Sunshine City. I really really wanted to see hell toilet!
  16. Awesome first update! I can't wait to meet up next week!
  17. I love City Museum! I swear as long as we were there, I missed half of the stuff you posted. I think I need to go back.
  18. I'm in anytime this trip happens. Seriously, my favorite TPR trip by far. Thanks Divv and yes, your ass is huge...
  19. Just got home from the event tonight at BGT! It was pretty awesome and BGT did an awesome job with everything!
  20. Man I feel REALLY bad for whoever manages the Busch Gardens Tampa Facebook page. Seriously, people on there are complaining way too much and being seriously over dramatic.
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